SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal of PS 154 Channels Super Villain Bane

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal of PS 154 Channels Super Villain Bane

A very wise man within the realm of the NYC DOE once paid me a great compliment, "You're the Howard Stern of education bloggers." I loved it! I shan't name him, but I have the utmost of respect for him and I know of some female bloggers, one an SBSB groupie, that have a wild crush on him.

One thing I guess that I'm like Howard is that I won't hold anything back about myself. And this is a
time I need to share some information.

On September 3, our first day back at 10:05 AM during PD I was summoned to the office. I knew right away why. When I arrived there was a man there to have me sign 3020a papers. DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal couldn't wait. In fact it was done in such a classless way. She knew this was coming. She could have had me wait in the office or wait until the break that was due in 10 minutes. But, she had to humiliate me there. In the office.

I had left personal belongings in the library and went back to retrieve them. Immediately I was surrounded by two of the biggest School Safety officers I have ever seen. These two weren't even assigned to PS 154, but my guess is they were sent there for me. 

They told me I had to vacate the building. When I explained I left personal effects in the library they allowed me to proceed but walked on either side of me as I walked. When I got to the library the entire staff saw that I was accompanied by School Safety and I was degraded again. I got my stuff and left.

I was on to 49-51 Chambers St, 12th Floor. That is the DOE's processing place for teacher jail. Much like Fishkill Correctional is the processing for New York State prisoners. I was told that there was no place at Fordham Plaza, no room at the in at the CFN on Zerega Ave, and was places at PS 48 at 186th St and Broadway at the local CFN offices.

Two things I do not understand. One, two other teachers, damn good teachers from 154, are in the same predicament as me and have been allowed to stay in the school. What else is curious is that if I am such a danger to the students, why then am I parked in a school?

I know what it is. I am being isolated. I am being kept away from infecting anyone else. I am in effect a political prisoner. Though I have been allowed to keep my shoelaces and belt.

That is now 3 teachers from 154 being brought up on bogus 3020a charges. Like Bane did in "The Dark Knight Returns," when he needed to make an example of those 3 commandos, we are being made an example by PS 154's Bane, DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal. That is not counting the 5 other teachers that received U's. One teacher left to another school and one teacher was discontinued.

Bane, er, DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal has made it clear. She will rule through fear. Those who question her, think independently of her, think differently, will look at the 3 examples she has set forth, as did Bane, for the all the school to see.

And those that do not question, think independently or differently, that drink the Kool-Aid when and how she serves it, must think that they are on top of the mountain and have it made. But they forget, Bane turned on his allies as did the Joker.

Fear will rule at 154. It's turned into one big Collectivist school. The nail that stick up will get hammered down. The Bane playbook is in effect.

I will not give up the fight. Again, I believe in my heart of hearts that DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal conspired against me and set me up last year. I believe that God will see what is right and be sure that the truth is seen.


Anonymous said...

Peter, I don't really understand why Dr. Coviello would arrange for charges to be filed against you. Are you going to share the specific charges with your readership? Were the charges restricted to alleged occurrences within the school, or did they include references to statements that you made on the blog?

If you don't already own the following book, be sure to obtain a copy:

Anonymous said...

Daaaam! What did she charge you with? Does she know for a fact about your blog? Can she prove it? You are the new Portellos! Make us proud and fight the good fight. (Bring some classic Clash tunes to your political prisoner cell and make us proud!)

Pissedoffteacher said...

Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Pete Zucker said...

Charges referred to only school stuff, nothing about the blog.

She knows about the blog, though claims never read it. Though that does not preclude someone from reading it to her or telling her what was written.

I don't like the Clash, I'm a Rush fan.

Anonymous said...

Bring 2012 with you. That's when they were starting their miserable case.

Anonymous said...

My heart is heavy upon reading how yet again, another teacher's voice is being squashed. Keep up the faith and fight on. Right is on your side!

Pete Zucker said...

@anonymous 8:01 PM.

Do share more.

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed that you haven't gotten more support on your blog for the unfair treatment you were given at your school. You have so many people reading your blog. At the very least they can write a little blur to show you that they are their for you.....

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher from Florida via New York (upstate), and have found your blog interesting, to say the least, but true no matter where one teaches. I can soooo identify with some of your angst, been there, and can only say, it is a huge mountain to fight. Political systems, like the one in which we work, is a who you know NOT what you advice: you ARE a talented guy, take your talents and move on because THE SYSTEM, will eat you up and you will have lost valuable time sharing/developing your talents. I wish you the best and will continue to read your blog...blessings.