SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: A Teacher Puts His Faith in Betsy Combier

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Teacher Puts His Faith in Betsy Combier

This is a true, sad, and disturbing story.

Whilst I was in the Rubber Room during the 2014-2015 school year there were three "inmates" in there facing 3020-a charges. I recommended Bryan Glass and Jordan Harlow to all three of them. I gave all three Bryan and Jordan's contact info and and two called.

The two that called had Jordan represent them in their hearings. Neither went to trial. Both settled their cases and both kept their jobs. Both went into the ATR pool, with one retiring about 10 months later.

The one who did not contact Jordan or Bryan decided to use a NYSUT attorney at first. He was offered a deal of a $6500 fine and becoming an ATR. He turned it down and the day before his hearing was to start fired the NYSUT attorney and took out a pension loan and hired a private attorney for $12k. After the first day of the hearing he was unhappy with the private attorney and subsequently fired him.

He decided to go pro se. And who was with him, assisting him the entire time at his hearing? Betsy Combier.

What was the outcome of this case? He was fined $7500 and became an ATR. That was in addition to the $12k he was out for retaining the private attorney.

Now, the entire time, from when he first met with his NYSUT attorney to when he went pro se he was in contact with Betsy. When I would talk to him about his NYSUT attorney he seemed to be parroting what Betsy has said to be concerning NYSUT attorneys "NYSUT attorneys are no good," "they are in bed with the DOE," and stuff like that. This seems to contradict a commenter in my post previous post who said (concerning Betsy);
...She seems to believe that NYSUT lawyers are best over private lawyers due the fact that NYSUT lawyers "know" all the players involved in 3020a hearings.
The Crack Team is plotzing over this contradiction.

But there is one more curious thing here.

When I asked my friend why he had not hired, or at least looked into Jordan, he responded with statements that seemed quite familiar...
"I heard that Bryan and Jordan are in bed with the DOE."
When I asked him where is his proof or who shared this with him there was no answer. He had never met with either Bryan or Jordan nor do I believe had contact with anyone, other than the other two Rubber Room "inmates" that hired Jordan, concerning Bryan and Jordan. I know for a fact that the other two once their cases were resolved and before they were released spoke glowingly of Jordan and both said it was "best money" they had ever spent.

For anyone to ever insinuate that Bryan Glass or Jordan Harlow are in bed with the NYCDOE goes beyond common decency. To make a comment like that without an iota of evidence is just plain wrong and irresponsible and downright unethical.

Oh, by the way, my friend also hired Betsy for his Article 75. Let's see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

Curious: What is a ball park figure for the cost of someone like Bryan Glass in a 3020A hearing?

Anonymous said...

She bad talks all NYSUT lawyers so she can get business....and NO she does not always help teachers to win, as she will claim that she does....all self promoting BS....Be very careful with this woman, as she is vindictive and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

May I add, she bad talks anyone who is not one of the lawyers whom she works with.....Do your own research before trusting this individual with your livelihood and future.

Anonymous said...

Another question: How long does a teacher usually have to "prepare" for a 3020a hearing once charges are brought against him or her?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this post is all about 2nd and 3rd party hearsay -
(He said/She said, and the writer's personal vendetta/anger/opinion).
(A personal witch hunt against Betsy because the writer is angry about something she did which has nothing to do with him...)
Really not anything worth writing about...Kind of like, get a shovel and let's dig for scraps.
I know for a fact that there are claims made in this article that are completely not true. Very childish writing!
I'm very disappointed in the writer for stooping this low.

Anonymous said...

What is the writer's intent?

Anonymous said...

This is all interesting. I thought Peter was in love with Betsy. Is Betsy going to replace Portelos?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I would trust anyone Portelos, Betsy or Peter. Their claim to fame are their blogs and "the exposure of DOE corruption." As far as I can tell, Betsy, Peter, and Portelos haven't stopped the corruption and they never will. Anyone that reads their blogs are filling up their egos.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I would NOT trust Portelos, Betsy, or Peter

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in speaking to Bryan Glass or Jordan Harlow, you can go to their website