SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: $949,181 Is Paid to Five People in Carranza's Office!

Monday, June 1, 2020

$949,181 Is Paid to Five People in Carranza's Office!

So the Richard Carranza is claiming there isn't any more fat to trim from the budget.
Meanwhile, schools might have to go without art, music, supplies, and teachers.

But let's just look at the Office of the Chancellor. Carranza has a chief of staff, assistant chief of staff, two special assistants, and an executive assistant.

Carranza has we know pulls in the big bucks at $352,763. Think he can take a $150k pay cut? Yeah, probably won't cause much of a dent in the budget but at least it'll look good.

Carranza's chief of staff, Edie Sharp has a sweet gig. According to SeethroughNY she brings in $187,028. Edie has zero background in education.

Next up is Mary Wall. She is deputy chief of staff. According to SeethroughNY she brings in $166,156. Read about Mary here.

So now that we are done with the worthy chiefs of staff let's move on. Next up are the "special assistants." Ooh, sounds important.

Chantell Griffith is special assistant #1. He brings home $118,345. What does a #1 special assistant actually do? Seems that Chantell came over from the city's Department of Records and Information Services (She's number 66 under that named department.) What that has to do with education The Crack Team is trying to figure out.

Special assistant #2 is Juan Rosales, who according to SeethroughNY lists him as an  Administrative Educational Analysis and $125,017. But elsewhere he is listed as special assistant. Let's learn more about Juan here, and we can see he is, but of course, a lawyer, or at least graduated from law school.

I'm leaving off two names who I believe are secretaries, therefore union workers, work for a living and besides, they're innocents.

So the five names mentioned here make a combined $949,181. That's five people. 1-2-3-4-5.Five is half of 10, one third of 15. How many books can $949,181 buy? Pencils? Real PD? Why aren't any of the above mentioned offering to take a pay cut?

Why isn't the UFT listing all non-union personal's titles and pay?

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