SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Blood Will Soon Be on De Blasio's Hands

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Blood Will Soon Be on De Blasio's Hands

My dad always said that pharmacists know more than doctors. I do know that my pharmacist is on the ball. 

Early this year, or late last year I had a conversation with him on when we will see this COVID crap end. He basically explained the virus has to run its course. The worst of the virus killed and with the dead the
virus was buried as well. Soon the virus has to find a new host but with most people being vaccinated the virus has to go elsewhere. To the unvaccinated. And who are mostly unvaccinated? The children. And that is where it is winding up.

He and I had the same conversation about a week or so ago but he added something. Winter hasn't come yet. 

Here are the numbers thus far:

 Yeah, winter isn't here yet, and these numbers aren't good. I know of several schools in my district haven't shared one iota of any information concerning class closures. Heck, have parents of these schools been notified?

But why hasn't staff been notified? How do we know if a class closure is due to a student or a staff member? Of course if it is a student in a single elementary class most of the teachers in the school have probably yet to have contact with that student. What if it is a teacher? Staff members interact, should not all staff be made aware? Hey, what about cluster teachers? Shouldn't they know? Anyway, the ENTIRE school community should know! WHY AREN'T STAFF MEMBERS BEING INFORMED OF CLASS CLOSURES???

This mayor is wreaking havoc with the lives of students, the community, and staff members. All he cares about his keeping the perception of him being in charge and not caving into the UFT and the communities of NYC. He is pandering to the UWS and Brooklyn whitey white parents. Why? He needs their money and support for when he runs for governor next year. 

But meanwhile students and staff members are going to get sick and some are going to die. Worse, people in the communities of the students and the staff members will get sick, and some are going to die. Mayor De Blasio will have blood on his hands. 

A teacher without knowing there is an outbreak in their school can get infected if vaccinated. That infection can be asymptomatic or not. That same teacher can bring the infection into their home and into their community. Infecting people who are not vaccinated and people who are vaccinated and/or have suppressed immune systems. 

To the best of my knowledge, there is zero (None, nada, bupkus!) 3 feet distancing whether in the hallways or in the classrooms. To the best of my knowledge, there are class sizes with 36 students, 34 students and many others that size. To the best of my knowledge, the schools are not being cleaned with the same rigor and attention they were before the summer.

What is the UFT going to do about this? The time for a job action is now. How about this? All teachers gather outside the school 45 minutes before arrival and pass out informational literature concerning our incompetent mayor. Then to top it off, we all walk in 5 minutes before our contractual time. I'm just spitballing here, OK?

Something must be done on UFT's part. 

As for De Blasio. There will be a death. I hope I am wrong. The blood will be on his hands. Sadly, he won't give a shit.

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