SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Beware the Testpocolypse in New York State on August 7, 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beware the Testpocolypse in New York State on August 7, 2013

As the clock is ticking down to when all mayhem is about to take place across the State of New York, we here in the suburbs seems rather calm, as I am sure the rest of the state is.

Of course the rest of the state are not the 5 boroughs of New York City in which we have been told that the sky is about to fall and soon rioting will commence throughout the Empire State?

What is causing all this? Of course it is the release of the state exam scores 4 months after they were administered and 3 1/2 weeks before school begins, tomorrow, August 7.

John King, Grand Poobah of the NYSED said;
“Scores are expected to be significantly lower than the 2011-’12 scores,” he wrote, adding that principals should use the scores “judiciously” when making decisions about whether to fire teachers.
An unnamed putz at Tweed shared; 
“People are freaking out at Tweed,” said the agency official, who asked to remain anonymous. “They’re trying to find a way to spin the scores so it doesn’t look so bad.”
 Lauren Passalacqua, a mindless Uncle Mike mouthpiece blabbered;
“Tests have gotten tougher and scores will reflect that,”
And Bloomberg boy puppet Walcott was allowed to say;
"...scores in reading and math will show a sharp drop because the difficulty of the test increased in 2012."
 So what is the point I am getting at?

Why isn't Louis N.Wool, Superintendent of Harrison Central School District sounding the alarm? Why isn't Dr Lauren Allan of the Ardsley Union Free School District sounding the alarm? Or Scarsdale, or Corning, or Elmira, or Patchouge, or Hudson, or Rosco, or wherever?

Why? Cause it is all a scam. The NYCDOE screwed up. The got what they wished for and now it is coming to bite them in the ass by way of unrealistic exams and standards. Uncle Mikey got caught with his knickers down.

The DOE was unprepared. They didn't get the necessary materials and training into the schools, they money that should have been flowing into the schools has been going to charters, and there are too many incompetent school leaders with the stupid CURRICULI (sarcasm, OK?). And mind you, the bottom of the barrel of reasons has yet to be scratched.

I expect the scores in the other districts I mentioned to dip a bit, but it will be no big deal. There won't be mass hysteria or mass blame, or worse, mass spinning of chicken shit into chicken salad.

In reality what Uncle Mikey and his lackies are saying is that "We fucked up. We have no idea what we are doing so just deal with it." Like, the Mets putting a good spin for their fans year in and year out.

Shouldn't these tests that get students career and college ready be prevalent for students of high school, not little 9 year old boys and girls in 3rd grade?

Parents of NYC, you are all being played!

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Anonymous said...

Whatever the value of test scores, those who put faith in them have a perfect opportunity to judge Bloomberg's 'reforms' when these scores are released. We have many urban school districts in New York State, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester and Yonkers among them, which are cocmparable to NYC. Let's not let Bloomberg' arrogance let him slither away again from accountability for schools. If New York City does not measure up to comparable districts in the state, we should be shouting that from the mountaintops.