SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: New Action Caucus Contract Proposal

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New Action Caucus Contract Proposal

On Sunday the readers of this blog were blessed to read MORE's contract demands. This was done as a public service for all NYC DOE teachers. We here at SBSB decided that there would be no commentary nor editorializing concerning the demands of MORE. This decision was made with the reader in mind. That we here knew that the NYCDOE teacher will be able to make up their own discerning mind and be able to comment or study the demands on their own time.

Thanks to the hard work of The Crack Team we are presenting the New Action Caucus contract proposal.

New Action has seats on the UFT's High School Executive board along with such stalwart's Arthur Goldstein and Mike Schirtzer. New Action is primarily made up of grown ups, veteran teachers, who know what the priorities of a caucus are and serve the rank and file, and not the collective, in the best way they can.

Plesae take your time reading New Actions proposal. Come to your own decision.

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Anonymous said...

No editorializing must be an alternative fact. But I hope anyone unhappy with their current caucus will join one that is more to their liking.

Anonymous said...

sounds like the nutty lefty commenter wants you out too