SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Unity Picks Three Good People to Run in Election

Monday, January 21, 2019

Unity Picks Three Good People to Run in Election

As was previously speculated  on these pages, and confirmed all within the last week (here, here, here,and here) Arthur Goldstein and Mike Schirtzer are running with the Unity slate for HS executive board. But that's not all. There's more exciting news!

The intrepid Crack Team has also found out that Mindy Rosier is also running on the Unity slate for the elementary executive board. What you may ask does all three have in common? Yes, they were all members of what remains of the MORE Caucus, with Arthur and Mike currently on the exec board as part of the MORE/New Action Slate.

Know what this reminds me of?  Way back in the 70's when Charlie Finley, the owner of the Oakland A's, was too cheap and stupid to keep Reggie Jackson, Joe Rudi, and Gene Tenance and thought that replacing them with Mitchell Paige, Wayne Gross, and Jim Tyrone would suffice.

I have no qualms nor apprehensions about the kind of job or impact that Arthur, Mike, and Mindy can and will do. Ethically they are above reproach. Do not think for one minute they are selling out. All three have said (And I know this to be true) that they will retain their independence. I am grateful that Arthur will still be there to record and share what happens during each executive board meeting, that Mike will hold Unity's feet to the proverbial fire, and that Mindy will work her ass off like no one for the rank and file morning, noon, and night.

I was planning on boycotting this year's UFT elections. I am unable to vote for Arthur and Mike, but able to for Mindy. Mindy has my vote. And seeing who New Action runs, thus far Mindy has my only vote.

The Crack Team and myself wholeheartedly endorse Arthur, Mike, and Mindy.


Anonymous said...

Why are you unable to vote for Arthur and Mike, if you are endorsing them and planning on voting for Mindy?

Pete Zucker said...

Arthur and Mike are running for HS exec board. I’m in Elementary.