SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Stephaine Edmonds of Bronx Law and Finance HS Trivializes The Holocaust and the Suffering of Jews

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Stephaine Edmonds of Bronx Law and Finance HS Trivializes The Holocaust and the Suffering of Jews

To give or not to give Stephanie Edmonds of Bronx Law and Finance High School attention? She craves it. Kind of the way Newcomers seek the drug Jabroka. 
(The painting, which I am not sure of the title, was by my great great Uncle Maurycy Trebaçz from 1898. Maurycy, his wife, and two children all starved to death in the Lødz Ghetto in 1941 for being Jewish. Maurycy was one of the most famous Jewish-Polish artists of his time) 

But I thought what the hell. Sometimes someone that seeks attention needs to be exposed for all to see. 

Last week we shared on these pages what Stephanie Edmonds really thinks of unions and her fellow UFT brothers and sisters. This week we will see what Stephanie Edmonds thinks of the Holocaust and Jews. 

I first wish to qualify that yes, it has been extremely tough on students the last 10 months. I feel for them immensely. I feel for their parents. In fact, I feel for everyone that has been affected by COVID in one way or another. Mistakes and missteps have been made. But neither do I trust the NYCDOE, DeBlasio, or Cuomo one bit in their plan(s) or guess work.  I have not been happy with the way the UFT has handled things, but at the end of the day I am sticking with my union and my colleagues. 

This tweet is from Stephanie (@classdisrupti0n) from early December (CLICK TO ENLARGE): 




Let's just sit back a moment and let this all sink in. I'll wait. 

OK? Done?

Before getting into the obvious issues with this series of tweets, let's focus on the first line where Stephanie proclaims that she is "standing for all Americans." This little pissant fart in the wind is going to stand for all Americans? With only 1,293 followers on Twitter? Kim Kardashian has 68.6 million. As much as I think Kim is useless and would listen and follow her way before Stephanie. Is Stephanie being hyperbolic or does she have some deranged sense of self?I shan't comment and will leave it for the mental health professionals and those in the psycho-pharmaceutical field to determine. 


Maybe Stephanie does not realize that over 6 million Jews were murdered during World War II for nothing other than being Jewish (yeah, I know that there were the disabled, gypsies, and gay and lesbians killed but I wish to just focus on what hits home to me).

What is your problem Stephanie? How dare you trivialize the Holocaust! How dare you use what Jews have gone through to advance your politics. You're not even Jewish! Do you know what it is like to be a Jew? Do you know what it is like to know the history of Jews and the Holocaust? Have you lost any family members to the Holocaust? 

Yeah, what the students are going though sucks. But this is the best we got. People are afraid. Parents are afraid. We have a disease that is out of control. I know people that have died. That have been sick. But people, meaning teachers, are making the best out of a shitty situation and people like you are not helping! You have all this time to tweet, to have a You Tube channel, Instagram, and now, a website that sells merch (CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE)!  Every social media site is dedicated to one thing and one thing only. Yourself and your "brand" You don't give one damn shit about the kids. Think I am wrong? Then stop showing yourself off especially when you are handing out donations and freebies. 

The students that are learning remote, in NYC (except for middle schools and high schools right now), are remote because their parents/guardians decided that's how they want their children educated. Stay the fuck out of their business. Focus on your job, not yourself. 

To compare students who are learning remote to the Holocaust? Are students being thrown into ovens? Are their parents? Are the students being used for medical experiments? Are the students being ripped away from their parents? What kind of sick person makes this comparison? 

What Stephanie wrote is beyond the pale. And if you notice the 3rd tweet when given a chance to walk it make she just doubles down. It's all about Stephanie.

But I am willing to give Stephanie a chance. Stephanie, feel free to email anytime you want. We can have a Zoom or Google Meets meeting. I will bring along several Holocaust Survivors. If you are the person that you claim to be, you won't have a problem sharing with these Survivors what you are comparing the Holocaust to. Or you are more than welcome to speak through Zoom at Shabbas services at my step-mother's synagogue. Probably won't be any Survivors but I am pretty sure that everyone at the service has at least one family member that was killed in the Holocaust. 

Own your words. Put money where mouth is. And while your contemplating your decision Stephanie, have a look at this Auschwitz video.


W said...

Thank you. My mother is a survivor.

Anonymous said...

You’re outraged solely because you detest her. You are using the Holocaust to further your own objective in continually vilifying her. You, Peter, are guilty of what you are accusing her of. Don’t bother to say I’m hiding under anonymity. This is another prime example of why no one who disagrees with you should list their name - you always engage in a personal and highly public infantile vendetta. Grow the fuck up.

Pete Zucker said...

I detest her? Wow. Amazing how you live in my mind. I'm outraged at the Holocaust being used as a tool to vilify teachers. I think any Jew or any human would.

What's your definition for villify? You keep on egging me on to villify Mulgrew. That's seems to be fine by you. I'm confused. Can you show me an example of whom I have villified? I wasn't happy with Sue Edelman back in November did I villify her?

But if yoou will like to share with me how and what I should blog in the future please feel free to share with me your guidelines. I will look forward to implemeting them.

Anonymous said...

Certainly, and thanks for asking so civilly. First Mulgrew, who has consistently and unrelenting shat on every teacher in the DOE that isn’t personally beholden to him and his Unity party. Next should be DeBlasio, a monstrous creature that has wiped out NYC more effectively than Godzilla did to Tokyo. Then there’s all the left over crap from Bloomberg, like fair student funding, leadership principals and their teachers as slaves management style. Then Eva and her charter school empire. Then Carranza and his hundreds of money sucking bureaucrats. Then Tier 6 and how it screws every new teacher. Then the tremendous paperwork. That should keep you busy.
You know the definition of vilify as well as I do. How many posts on this girl now? Three. Your a good writer. These personal vendettas, against a fellow teachers, diminish you as a person and writer.

Pete Zucker said...

You won't get any argument from me about the UFT, DeB, the DOE, or Bloomberg. Yes, I know I have toned it down with my criticism of the UFT and I have my reasons. Don't think for a moment I am some "union shill."

As for Stephanie. Actually, it's 2 1/2 posts. I didn't name her in my first one and that probably would have been it. But I tend to take umbrage at some newb calling her fellow teachers "union elitists." She continuously rips her fellow NYC teachers on Twitter. In my book, she's a scab. The lowest life form on earth. Other than a used car salesman. I don't know how long you've been reading my blog but go back and see what I have written about the E4E gang.

As for my vilification, I thought it was pretty toned down. Yes, I am snarky and sarcastic but compared to how I was 10 years ago it was mild.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this civil discourse. You’ll regain your trademark ‘S’ qualities when Mulgrew and friends don’t come through with whatever it is they alluded to or outright promised. Probably ATR Chapter Leader? Chaz was quietly poked and probed for that a few years back. They sought to blind his critical lens and voice. It didn’t work, of course. With whatever it is, I strongly suspect they’d like to do the same with you, especially with what’s to come. I’m sure they are overjoyed you have discovered Stephanie. Good luck, Peter.

Sarah James said...

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Anonymous said...

She actually is Jewish. Edmonds was her married name. Doesn't excuse what she said but please get your facts straight. - Former co worker

Steve said...

I think this article is a bit of a stretch Peter. I can agree with article about the union bashing but this is a bit much. She IS Jewish herself and teaches history. To me it looks like she was just saying that you need to stand up before it's too late while trying to use history. I don't think this was a good example though for her to use. Not by any means.

Anonymous said...

Also, this is the wrong school in the article. Peter, you really need to work on fact checking your information...