SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: NYPD Perk That Should Be Taken Away for Healthcare Savings

Sunday, February 26, 2023

NYPD Perk That Should Be Taken Away for Healthcare Savings

With all the healthcare savings we are being threatened with and/or forced upon us, I have heard nary a peep from anyone about a great deal the cops have. Yes, he doesn't have to do with healthcare, it is
something that they have collectively bargained. But while the rest of us (including the cops) are being told none to little raises until this healthcare "issue" is fixed. This one provision agreed to with the NYC seems off the table.

If you are a cop and slip in your bathtub and get injured, or have your appendix removed and have to recover, or have liposuction, or take a dump and get hemorrhoids or any injury on your own time. If any of that happens and you are out that cop will get PAID IN FULL for the time it takes that cop to recover. Yes, you read that right.

The Crack Team knows of one cop who benefits from this fantastic deal.

This cop (XXXXX XXXXX) injured his knee back in the EIGHTIES! While in college he was playing football, no, ice hockey, no, football, no ice hockey, no football, probably just was drunk and slipped and fell. But I digress. Any way this cop has been having knee issues (I guess sitting at a desk for the last ten years tends to make a knee flair up) off and on since the eighties and will soon be having the knee fixed. Said cop will be recovering from 3-4 months. Getting FULL PAY for that time. 

This same cop several years back was trying to clean out his ears or locate a brain and punctured his ear drum. This also caused some equilibrium issues. Missed a lot of time. And guess what? This cop (XXXXX XXXXX) got PAID IN FULL for the weeks and weeks of work sitting behind a desk that he missed. 

Of course(XXXXX XXXXX) or any other cop will need verification and continue to be monitored by an NYPD physician. But boy, what a deal!

Hey, I have no problem with cops that get injured on the job to take all the time they need to recover. But this perk, get injured off the job and get PAID IN FULL, is just too much.

I tore the labrum in my shoulder in 1987. I had total shoulder replacement in December 2019. I missed about a month of school. I had to use my CAR days (And praise be the Lord I had enough) as well as time the surgery around Christmas break.

What about the teacher that is in a horrific car accident and doesn't have enough days in their CAR? Or the same with a teacher that has a heart attack? Why can't we have this perk? Why must we always give back or not get?

Why can't UFT members have this perk? Or better yet, why won't Mayor Adams rail against this perk and demand that it be given back? 

I know why. We have Mikey Mulgrew. The cops have Patrick Lynch. 


Anonymous said...

Bravo! With you all the way, except that we should all have this perk. If we had a healthcare system like those in the rest of the so called First Nations, this wouldn’t be an issue.
No, not like NYHA, that wants to undermine traditional Medicare by using CMS funding to pay for a NYS Medicare Advantage plan. Like NYS can do anything right? How bout we take Holchul’s Buffalo Stadium money that she’s got all lined up to feed her husband’s concession stand business.

Anonymous said...

I know several teachers that got assaulted in the classroom and had to go into their sick bank. One actually also got charged and ended up in the rubber room (for being a boring teacher) that caused the student to snap. He was untenured and let go at the end of the year. Teachers who are spit on get nothing and the students are not charged. It’s considered an assault if you’re a cop or transit worker (they then get two months off with pay). The teacher gets no time off and very little recourse other that charging a desk ticket for harassment.

Anonymous said...

If they end this perk, maybe it would translate into savings. All healthcare problems would not be resolved, but it would help!