SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Open Apology to Dan Alicea

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Open Apology to Dan Alicea

 I owe Daniel Alicea a HUGE apology. 

There is a teacher in trouble. This teacher supposedly is being railroaded by the administration at this teacher's school. Every day is a supposed struggle for this teacher. I turned to Daniel hoping to get this
teacher on his radio show

I thought to my struggles and how I went on Howard 101 and my four month stint of Tuesday mornings on WFAS. I believed then and still believe that it helped me. I figured it would help this teacher. 

At the time I felt Dan was moving away from the issues that the everyday rank and file are concerned with and moving the show in a different direction. I compared him to how Howard Stern went from putting the focus on Eric the Actor, High Pitched Erik, and having Sarah Silverman smell Richard Christy's to what Howard is now. A hack who needs to genuflect for three hours over an overrated, no talented Bruce Springsteen. Give me Eric the Actor any day. 

For this accusation Dan, I apologize profusely. Dan, you are a class act. I have had nothing but positive interactions with you. What I said was unfair. Keep doing what you are doing the way you are doing it. 

This teacher conned me. This teacher threatened me. This teacher pulled the wool over my eyes. And this teacher would have done the same to all of Dan's listeners. Dan, I believe somehow, someway, you had the foresight to  have known this. Thank you Dan. 

Dan, you are at the forefront of all that is good about unionism. Thank you for your hard work and your sacrifice. It is much appreciated. 


Anonymous said...

Damn you’re such a douche bag it’s not even funny.

Unknown said...

OK, anonymous keyboard warrior, why am I a douche?

Anonymous said...

I guess that was a little harsh, sorry. It’s just that everything you write is in glorification of yourself, even an apology.

Anonymous said...

At least he was MAN enough to apologize! Seriously, you damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Also,
Why hide behind a keyboard if that’s what you really feel?!

Anonymous said...

I guess I’d say that’s not really an apology, in any true sense of the word. The picture of the kitten was stomach turning in its attempt at attention.
Why would I open myself up to incredibly vicious attacks by someone who thrives on them, if there is an option to comment anonymously? Disagree if you like, but trying to elicit my identity? If you knew that there’d be fifty entries on here blaming me for everything from global warming to the end of Medicare for UFT retirees.

Pete Zucker said...

Dear Troll:

ROTFLMFAO! Thanks for the laugh. It's much appreciated.

I like kittens. I have posted photos of kittens, as well as my own cats, many a time on this blog. The kitten in question is cute. But, you were not the subject of this blog post. Dan Alicea is and he seems to have no problem with that.

As for my vicious attacks? Whom? Give me an example. Or two.

Peter Zucker said...

I hear crickets

Anonymous said...

Just go through your search bar. I’d need half a day to list all the names. ✌🏿

Pete Zucker said...

Give me ONE blog post. Time to put up.

Anonymous said...

Pete Zucker said...

OK, I give up. What am I missing?