Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NYC TEACHER ADVISORY: Have No Dealings With Former OSI Investigator Iuliana Celik

Think about this. You need a criminal defense attorney. The best ones out there seem to be those that previously had worked in a district attorney's office. You have a tax problem you find someone who worked at the IRS. Need a security consultant you go with an ex-cop. Makes sense, huh?

So if you're investigated by OSI wouldn't it be best to have someone who was a former OSI investigator who can help you with the ins and outs of dealing with OSI?

It might be a dream too good to be true.

The other day a comment was left on this blog post directing readers to the Facebook page (I deleted the link. You will see why in just a bit) of former OSI investigator Iuliana Celik.

Celik left this on

I am a former OSI Investigator and Supervisor, former
Hearing representative and former law enforcement investigator with over
10 years of investigative experience.
I provide consulting services to teachers, guidance counseled, principals
and other NYC school staff who are or believe they are being investigated
by OSI. I bring a wealth of inside expertise and techniques that can help
you successfully navigate your case with OSI.
Do not hesitate to contact me should you need my services and check out
my page for more useful information!

WOW! I thought to myself. This must be really great. Finally, teachers can get int of the brains of OSI.

I immediately called Chaz the Blogger to share this with him and see what he thought.

He was quite skeptical. Chaz thought that even with all that knowledge to share how do you get around the fact that if you are on principal's good side the investigation goes nowhere and you aren't you are screwed. I tried bringing up the fact that according to Celik's OSI Consultation Facebook page she can be an expert witness in your 3020-a hearings and help your defense as well.

I kinda had blinders on but Chaz was making sense. I guess a little voice in my head was saying the same thing since even before I had called Chaz I was planning on calling Celik to find out more before I would post about her service.

I told Chaz I was going to give her a call and Chaz said one important thing. He told me to ask her how to get around that principal thing. If she had plausible  answer to that he would be more receptive to finding out more.

I called Celik. She answered the phone. I said, "Hi I am Peter Zucker. The reason I am calling is that you left a link in the comments section of a post on my blog, South Bronx School."

She replied, "Yes."

I told her that I wanted to find out more about the services she was offering so that when I share her info on these pages so my writing can be better informed.

Her response, and are you ready for this???

"I only speak to paid clients."

Say what? You are starting a brand new consultative business and you want to be silent? You don't want to get the word out?  She can't be shy. Heck, she has photos of herself all over her Facebook page. I decided to try a different tact.

I told her that I was planning to write about her services and this would be a great way to get clients. I told her teachers should be knocking down her door.

At this point she told me she no long wishes to discuss this and at this point hung up.

Something smells rotten.

After consultation with The Crack Team we here at SBSB are suggesting to all teachers and educators within the NYCDOE to NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS AT ALL WITH FORMER OSI INVESTIGATOR IULIANA CELIK UNTIL SHE IS WILLING TO BE MORE FORTHCOMING!

Think about this. How can someone, someone that is just starting a business not want to get word out to the very constituency it wants to cultivate? This is why I am writing this post, not because I am feel I was slighted but rather at the strangeness and evasiveness of Celik's responses which totally go against the grain.

But upon further investigation by The Crack Team there were other red flags found. Like here, where Celik is advertising to be a dog walker and this misleading line...

I am an animal lover who has left a high paying law career to start a dog walking and pet sitting business in Westchester.

We here at SBSB did not know that being an OSI investigator was such a high paying career and by "law career" it might make one seem that Celik was an attorney. The Crack Team just to be sure searched and found nothing.

I want to believe that Celik's venture is a noble one. I want to believe that Celik saw the light and having knowledge of the damage that OSI has done had decided to use her powers for good and not evil.

On these pages I have touted the fine legal work of Bryan Glass. There have been readers that have reached out to him. Heck, Portelos has done the same regarding Bryan on his many forums and many readers have reached out to Bryan as well. If there is someone out there who is on the side of teachers positive word of mouth spreads fast. Using Bryan Glass as an example, look at him. He is like Ringo in A Hard Day's Night. Being chased everywhere for his services.

Iuliana, or is it Julie, if you want to do this than you need to be more forthcoming, more transparent. Too many teachers have been burned by too many promising the moon.

If teacher's are going to spend money on the services of Ms Cerlik than teachers have a right to know more. Simple as that.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Open Blog Post for SiriusXM's Michelangelo Signorile

It used to be that on my way home I would turn on WFAN and listen to the bloviating of His
Popeness, Mike Francesa. Hasn't been that way for a few months now.

I have found a new voice to listen to, that of Michelangelo Signorile on SiriusXM Progressive Channel 127. I have to tell you, I am hooked. Heck, I don't even listen to Sternthology in the afternoon.

Michelangelo has had me mesmerized with his take on the entire 2016 election and it's aftermath. The way he has deconstructed Trump's petty excuse of living has me on the edge of my seat as I drive up the Major Deegan in the afternoon. His progressive agenda, his realistic look at the world has let know that I, and others who feel the same, or not alone in the screwed up, messed up, crazy country we live in nowadays.

Michelangelo is a true defender of those who need defending. Whether they be of the LGBTQ community, African-American, Hispanic, Asian-Americans, Jews, women, or just anyone in need, and anyone being shat upon by those with the privilege to be in power. Death

Listening to him mock Steve Bannon, the Alt-Right, Trump, Christie, Palin, Guiliani, and all the other Trump hangers on and sycophants have left me in stitches so often I have almost driven off the Sprain!

But, and I say this with a heavy heart, Michelangelo has disappointed me in one regard. His silence and lack of understanding on Herr Trump's stance on education.

Right after the election I got a phone call from a friend of The Crack Team who happened to be in a panic. She was convinced that Reichsführer Trump will annihilate education in this country, sending billions of dollars away from public education and in the process putting the final nail in the coffin of teachers unions and urban education.

I did my best to reassure her that it won't happen, that Trump is all talk and he will never shut down the Department of Education and besides she, as well as myself, have just over 4 years till retirement and hopefully we'll be out before the proverbial doody hits the proverbial fan.

So back on November 10 I decided to call into Michelangelo's show and share with him what teachers are thinking and how horrible a Trump presidency will be to education in this country. I felt the need to do this due to the fact that of all the things that Trump is for not once had I heard Michelangelo bring up Trump's threat to education.

So Mike, I hope you are reading this. You took my call during the 5 o'clock hour. I told you I was Pete from White Plains and that I am a NYC teacher. I told you about Trump's plan and how teachers are scared. I told you how he will be wanting to take monies away from public education and put those monies into charter schools and vouchers for parochial and private schools as well as into homeschooling. Oh, and I shared how with being able to fill Scalia's seat teachers run the risk of Friedrich's being reheard and losing our right to organize. I will give you credit. You heard me. But you did not listen.

All I got from you Mike was, and I am paraphrasing, "Don't worry, your unions are too strong to allow this to happen." Say what? I tried to get in a word but you just kept talking over me.

Guess what? Our unions are not strong enough to fight back. Have you seen what has happened alone in New York State with education? With the testing, the BS evaluations, junk science, etc...? Who do we have to thank for this? The United Federation of Teachers. OUR UNION!!! That of course acts this way due to the directing of the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS!!!

Have you noticed a trend across the country? In Wisconsin, North Carolina, California? Where have you been?

Where were you when Eva Moskowitz's name was being floated as Education Secretary? Do you know about Eva? Just in case you don't, check this out! Were you appalled that Princess Trump visited her Success Academy 1 School to tout her as an innovative educator  whilst ignoring the GREAT WORK of the teachers in the same building who teach our most needy students?

Where were you when Michelle Rhee was floated as Education Secretary? Yeah, that Michelle Rhee who I wrote about on the Huff Post in 2010, you know, about duct taping her student's mouths shut.

And guess who enabled the Moskowitz's, the Rhees, and the countless education deformers of the world? The DEMOCRATS! Yeah, without the Democrats, we never get NCLB and Race to the Top. If Democrats can't stop Republicans, or at the very least roll over for the Republicans, how can Trump be stopped?

How can Trump and the Republican controlled Congress be stopped when our unions have been rolling over, throwing teachers under the bus for 15 years?

Hey Mike, how about putting up that same fight for our children, the communities, our unions, and teachers that you put up for everyone else?

I know you can, and I know you are a good person that can make a change.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

NYCDOE Consultant Michael Agona's Big Money

Previously on Hill Street...wait. Let's start again.

Previously on the South Bronx School (that's better!).....

We shared Michael Agona's love of money emanating from the NYCDOE. But guess what? There's more. And more, and more, and more.

Michael Agona retired from the DOE in 2001. So did a very close family of mine. My close family member spent most of their post retirement years seeking the betterment of the teaching profession by being a adjunct professor at a teacher's college hoping to mold a new generation of teachers to do good.

Michael Agona on the other hand decided, from what we have been able to ascertain to spend some, if not most, of his post retirement years suckling on the teet of the NYCDOE extracting money, and as you will soon see a shit load, so he can damage the careers and lives of teachers by working on the Chancellor's Committee and covertly going behind teachers backs to make sure they get U ratings.

Why would Agona lead a path of using his vast knowledge of NYCDOE for evil and not for goodness? We do not know. All we do know is that the reason must be a very sad one, a reason that deep inside Michael Agona there might be some hatred to teachers and education. Or maybe, he doesn't like himself and perhaps he has low self-esteem? Who knows?

But we digress.

But back to Michael Agona and money. The Crack Team has come across a redacted list of monies paid to Michael Agona whilst he was a vendor of the NYCDOE from October 28, 2003 to December 8, 2014. For those counting at home that is just over 11 years of raking in those big NYCDOE bucks.

Let's have a looksee...
   AGONA Redacted by Popeye2112 on Scribd

That are a lot of payouts over the years to Michael Agona there. But we shall only concentrate, for now, on 2012, the year that Michael Agona came into my life without me knowing it and without the decency to even observe my teaching.

The Crack Team totaled the payments to Michael Agona for the calendar year 2012 as coming out to a grand total of $59,317.50! Let's a lot of NYCDOE scratch.

Now according to a previous post Michael Agona was approved to make about $40k in August 2011 to consult for the Labor Support Unit and one can reasonably assume he got about the same the following year in the same role. So that leaves another $20k in question as to it's provenance.

How much of it came from Michael Agona's work on the Chancellor's Committee? Again, was there a quid pro quo? If Agona did his job well, did it lead to more NYCDOE bucks as a consultant for the Labor Support Unit? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

What is this thirst Michael Agona has for sucking up all the money around him? In 2012 he was bringing home a nice chunk of change through his pension.

It seem that all Michael Agona is The Big Money.

Sometimes pushing people around
Sometimes pulling out the rug
Sometimes pushing all the buttons
Sometimes pulling out the plug
It's the power and the glory...

Lock you underground
It's that old-time religion
It's the kingdom they would rule

Monday, October 31, 2016

Michael Agona and His Constant Need for NYCDOE Money

For those that missed it, you can check out my interview concerning Michael Agona with Neil Haley here

As for Michael Agona, there were a few things that I didn't mention Wednesday night with Neil that The Crack Team has come across vis-à-vis Michael Agona and his insatiable appetite to rake in money suckling on the teets of the NYCDOE. And not to mention as well as being there at the forefront of ruining the careers of teachers city wide.

Let's find out more!

The following 27 page Excel spreadsheet came across the news desk of The Crack Team recently showing expenditures to a multitude of NYCDOE vendors for the Fiscal Year 2015. Let's have a look.

Finished reading it yet? Yeah, there a lot of money being spent that fiscal year and guess who received some of $25,000 of NYCDOE bucks (CLICK TO ENLARGE!!!)?

Yep, it's our old pal Michael Agona. Now for those who wonder what all those codes are we give you a guide. From left to right it will be Agency Short Name, Transaction Code, Vendor Legal Name, Contract Purpose, Contract Registration Date, Award Method Code, Award Method Description, Award Level, Contract Type, Contract Type Description, Contract Category Code, Contract Category Description, Contract Start Date, and Contract End Date.

For instance Michael Agona for Transaction Code as a CT! which is....
...a document is used for transactions where the City is required to make a payment, i.e., expense contracts , capital and mixed or split funded contracts.
We are in the process of finding out the meaning of the other codes and whatnot so stay tuned!

So why is this important?  Two reasons.

One, is that we, myself, my legal team, and The Crack Team have been told that Michael Agona no longer has anything to do with the NYCDOE anymore. Now, from what The Crack Team has been able to ascertain to the best of their knowledge is that Agona is no longer a Labor Support Unit consultant, we do not yet know for sure whether or not Michael Agona is still with the Chancellor's Committee overseeing the destruction of teachers careers and lives.

Second, and this could be more troubling, assuming that Agona is no longer a consultant and just doing dirty work on the Chancellor's Committee, is he still with the Committee as a reward for the "execution style hit jobs" he performed on teachers as a consultant? If you look at the information about Agona on the spreadsheet his $25k was not put out for competitive bid. Is there, and this is a pertinent question, a quid pro quo? What's meant by this is did he do a good enough job as a consultant, filling up the quota, ruining enough lives, to be rewarded with a no bid contract? Inquiring minds want to know.

This would be so much easier to answer the many questions and inquiries if Michael Agona bothered to turn over documents. For some reason, Agona is failing to turn over the documents we have requested must believe, at least in some opinions, to be above it all. That's too bad. One would figure that Agona could be a man about this.

My faith in my lawyer and my God keep me content with this. One wonders if Agona can look himself in the mirror and if he has acted in a way that honors God.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I am Live Tomorrow Night Discussing Defendant Michael Agona and My Lawsuit

Tomorrow night, October 26 at 11 PM I will be live being interviewed by famed Internet radio host and podcaster Neil Haley.

For those interested in listening as I discuss with Neil that status of my lawsuit, click here or call in at 805-285-9736.

This from the Neil's Blogtalkradio site:

Peter Zucker, discusses the manipulations and corruption of NYCDOE consultant Michael Agona..."

Peter Zucker author of one of the most popular education blogs in the United States joins us Wednesday night to talk about his struggle against outside forces trying to bring him down as a teacher. Listen as Peter shares how one man, Michael Agona, a NYCDOE consultant was behind the conspiracy to ruin Peter's career.

And for those who wish to know more about Neil check this out! He has really come a long way...
Every week, approximately two million listeners tune into The Total Radio Network in more than 180 countries. The Total Radio Network is syndicated on more than 120 stations and markets, including: iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, Blogtalkradio, IHeartradio, AMFM247, BBS Radio, 92.1 FM Tampa, 1630 AM Tampa, 99.5 FM Las Vegas, 1520 AM Las Vegas, 90.3 FM; Milwaukee, WI, 87.9 FM Macon, GA, 810 AM Macon, GA, 102.1 Lancaster PA, 1640 AM Lancaster PA, 96.3 FM Boulder, CO, 94.7 FM Pittsburgh Pa, 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, 101.5 Long Beach, CA, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Detroit, MI, St. Petersburg, FL, Portland, OR, Minnesota, Seattle,WA, and New York, NY. International markets include Berlin, Germany; Montreal, CA; London, UK, and Korea.
So if you miss the show tomorrow night there are plenty of places you can listen at your own leisure.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

BREAKING NEWS!! I Settled My Lawsuit vs. NYCDOE (One Down One to Go)

It's over. My long national nightmare has come to an end.

I have settled the part of my lawsuit with just the the DOE and any and all of it's employees. It has been a long, long, journey to get to this point. I didn't get everything I wanted but I am happy.

This lawsuit was filed back in August of 2014 and for all intents and purposes had it's origins in September of 2012. It's been over four years of a struggle as well as an education into the machinations of the DOE and the world of law.

Most importantly, I learned a lot about myself and many, many people who have supported me through all this.

Other than my wife the most important person in all of this has been my lawyer Bryan Glass. Bryan is an amazing lawyer. His base of knowledge when it comes to employment law, especially, when it comes to dealing with the NYCDOE is unmatched. Bryan has been there thought thick and thin, through my worst days and through my best days. Bryan is a lawyer that stands by his clients. Just look at his track record. My life is fuller having had Bryan Glass come into it.

But to paraphrase Genesis' 1978 album, and then there was one. The one being NYCDOE consultant and Chancellor's Committee member, Michael Agona (Read here, here, here, here, and here).

The feeling I have gotten from Agona is that he thinks he is Teflon. Why should he be bothered with this? He had no part, "he was just doing his job." When have we heard this before? Wink Wink!!

Agona was served papers in August 2014. For months and months we failed to hear nary a word from Agona. In fact, the process server had to leave the summons in Agona's mailbox because he could not be a man and answer the door.

Finally, in January of 2015 we had to file default papers against Agona. Again, when served the papers to appear in court Agona again could not be a man and answer the door. This time the papers were taped to his door.

When Agona finally appeared in state court to answer the default summons he treated it like going to small claims court. He appeared along without a lawyer even asking the clerk if he could represent himself. This showed a complete lack of respect to the process, the court, and to me.

The whole time in court that day he was kvetching that the City should represent him, that he worked for the City for "35 years" and was shocked at the inactions of the City.

What he did not understand that he is an independent contractor. In essence, he had his own business, but did not have the foresight to form an LLC like his brethren Myron Rock (Another hack who does principals dirty work).

We served interrogatories and discovery on Agona in around November of 2015 and what did we get back? Either, "Don't remember," "Don't recall," or  nothing. No documents, no nothing. Bupkus. This is a man who basically runs a business and has no email records nor paper records. My father ran a business, a consulting business out of the basement for years and kept records up the ying-yang. Agona had nothing? Yeah, and I got a bridge to sell you.

In February of this year we served a 2nd set of interrogatories and discovery upon Agona and guess what? Nothing. By nothing I mean Agona did not even lift a finger to respond. Months and months went by and we heard nor saw nothing. Meanwhile I got deposed by Agona's lawyer. I do my part. I am man enough to do what is right.

Now we are back where we were. Again we sent out a 3rd set, but without interrogatories. They have two weeks left. Agona wants us to go into deposition without documents. Let's see what happens. Agona is supposed to be deposed on or before November 11.

What is Agona hiding? That is a big question that remains to be answered.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Exclusive, Michael Moore Exposed!!!! Why He Will Never Lift a Finger for the State of Education in the U.S.!

As many of you know, or might know, I am a major fan of Rush bordering on the cusp of fanboi status. I've
seen the band about 20 times in my life. My journey has included seeing the band during their Exit Stage Left tour at the Meadowlands in December 1981 through to their R40 tour last year at the Prudential Center.

So why am I sharing this?

For the last week or so, every time I log onto Facebook I am inundated with some ad for Michael Moore. What does Michael Moore have to do with Rush? Read on. Bear with me. Your jaw will drop when I get to the end!

So when I went to see Rush last year, my friend and I got to our seats about 30 minutes before the show. By the way, the seats were great! I had managed to finagle (Our original seats were in the 300 section of The Rock. I have my methods and they always work!) ourselves right next to the stage on Alex Lifeson's side. Check it out:
So we are talking with the people around us and who do I see being escorted on the floor by Rush's longtime manager Ray Daniels but none other than Michael Moore.

WOW! I thought to myself. How many teachers have been hoping, praying, willing to give up a child so that Michael Moore, the bane of the 1% and all that is bullshit, would take on our cause? Heck, back in 2010 after discussing this hope with an SBSB groupie I reached out by phone to one of Mike's producers, Rod Birleson, asking him, nay, imploring him, to let Mike know that all the stakeholders of education in the United States need Mike's involvement. Desperately.

So I decided not to pass up an opportunity.

I raced down, went up to Michael Moore and shared with him that I am a NYC teacher and that we in NYC, New York State, and across the country are hurting, that our students are hurting, and that our communities are hurting. Basically I was Princess Leia telling Obi-Wan that he was our only hope.

Mike listened and told me to get in contact with him. When I asked him how he told me through his agency, CAA. I thought fine, I can be tenacious at times. What harm can it do? But I was walking on air. I got to meet Michael Moore and it seemed that I had planted a seed in his head. He even agreed to a selfie with me (Shitty photo of me).

I said thank you and watched Mike go to his front row, or was it second row, seat. I went back to my seat and enjoyed 3 hours of Rush, perhaps seeing them for the last time ever (At the end of the tour Neil Peart more or less said he is retired from touring).

So later that week I decided to call CAA. It took me a few run arounds to find out who exactly represents Mike so I can leave a message with the right person (like a secretary). But eventually I found out who is agent is and when I did I knew I was lied to and I lost all respect for Michael Moore.

Michael Moore's agent is none other than Ari Emanuel. Yep, that Ari Emanuel, the brother of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. I knew then that Michael Moore doing anything for education is this country was never, ever, going to happen.

He is a man that has taken on General Motors, the NRA, health care, 9/11 and the Iraq war, the defense industry, and capitalism. He is, or appears to be, a man that has no fear at exposing those that are corrupt and in power. Heck, he is even taking on Donald Trump and don't be surprised if he comes out with a documentary about the 2016 elections.

But he will never take on nor expose how the powerful and Wall Street have corrupted education. Why? Because in this country the story how Wall Street and the politicians have screwed education starts at, and must include, Chicago and there is no way in hell that Michael Moore with do anything to make Ari's brother look like an incompetent putz.

This is the same reason why Michael Moore will not even touch Black Lives Matter, the use of force by police, or inner cities. Any reporting, any documentary must include the incompetence of Rahm Emanuel.

Michael Moore is nothing but a two bit, self serving con artist. Whatever is good for Michael Moore, to put him in the best light and to protect his friends his the direction Michael Moore follows.

In my heart of hearts I believe that Michael Moore has no core belief system and does come from the same mold has people like Donald Trump.

We as educators and community members need to stop hoping that Michael Moore gives a rat's ass. he does not and will not. Ever.

Michael Moore a man of the people? I laugh. If he were a man of the people he would have bought his seats  for Rush off of Stub Hub or bought seats in the 300 section and did what I had done.