Monday, November 11, 2019

All Hail the New MORE Steering Committee

MORE or what is left of it, has elected in a supposed democratic manner, a new steering committee. We here at SBSB wish share with the masses who is now representing the followers.

Peter Lamphere: Peter Lamphere is a 17-year bilingual math and technology teacher and chapter leader at Gregorio Luperon HS in Washington Heights. As a founding member of MORE, he has tried to keep the organization focused on building a grassroots base of educators in the UFT by combining social justice demands with workplace organizing. We have to stay focused on connecting with our coworkers while we take on citywide issues alongside parent and student allies.

I got a soft spot for Peter. He did help me when I was suspended however I am not happy with what he has become. I do believe he led the coup that led to the Purge of 2018. Having said that, his bio that he is focused on building a grassroots base of educators and connecting co-workers only means that like minded as Peter is all that matters. Dissenting voices need not apply. Remember, Peter does not like winning which makes it al the more puzzling that he won an election to be on the steering committee. 

D Myrie: MORE is the social justice caucus within the United Federation of Teachers and  I, Myrie take great pride to participate as a potential member of our steering committee.  I am running because it shows that democracy is alive and well within our caucus with a systemic  rotation of leadership. I am running because I have been an active member of MORE with a shared vision based on UCORE's principles.

Come on Dermott! You can't be serious about, "I am running because it shows that democracy is alive and well within our caucus." Do you not have any introspection, any ability to look within one's self and see the hypocrisy of your words here? Must you be reminded (here, here, and here.) The lack of self awareness you show Dermott is shocking. But I look forward to your comical declarations for resolutions at future Delegate Assemblies. 

Kevin Prosen: Kevin has been a chapter leader or delegate at I.S. 230 in Jackson Heights for the past eight years.  He has organized his staff in grievance campaigns and to fight for working conditions as well as activating his staff and school community around social justice concerns like immigration rights.  He writes occasionally about the politics of teachers unions for a variety of progressive outlets. He has served on MORE steering committee many times in the past.

What a guy! Curses out old ladies at MORE meetings at storms out like Joan Collins did in Dynasty. 

Aixa Rodriguez: I am running for steering of MORE, the social justice caucus within the United Federation of  Teachers to keep the energy and momentum of what MORE has been fighting for going.  I have been an active member of MORE and hope to help shepherd it to grow and firm up our relationships with allies, and host events to educate and empower members. I am an ESL teacher and see how intersectional problems manifest in public education, impacting our careers and quality of life. I believe that social justice issues are education issues and MORE should be in the position of being the conscience of our union. Parental leave, integration, gentrification, teacher evaluations, school closures, professional autonomy and paperwork, racial justice issues and more interweave and interact to impact our students and us. You may be a member of one of my facebook groups, or seen me at a PEP meeting or at a rally. Maybe you hear me and Myrie on WBAI on La Voz Latina. Now I am building a voice on a small BronxNet show called InformNation tackling community issues and public education.  I am running for steering because I believe when one member steps back, another must step forward.

Hmmm. First Solidarity, than MORE, then fangirl of Dermott, then token person of color running with MORE in UFT elections, then thinks she is Oprah because 5 people watch her TV show and 2 listen to her on the radio. Oh let's not forget she is the champion of minorities unless you are Dominican and she refers to you as trash on her Facebook group.  Shall we have a look (Click to enlarge)? ADASA trash?

The Crack Team also believe that Aixa has plenty to answer for concerning her puppet, Chris Vasquez' actions and behavior of late. Aixa never misses and opportunity to be an opportunist. 

Kit Wainer: I was a teacher for 31 years and a UFT chapter leader for 21 years. I want to help MORE develop deeper roots within the schools, among members who want to organize their co-workers to defend their rights. A stronger base among school-based activists will better enable us to effectively promote our vision of rank and file militance, union democracy, and solidarity with other workers and social movements.

Again, union democracy Kit when you can't even practice it yourself? 

And the one loser, well actually a winner, is none other than MORE's very own answer to Animal House's Greg Marmalard, (CLICK HERE!!!)...

Mike Stivers: I'm a high school special education teacher in Park Slope. I currently serve on the steering committee and want to continue to build on our work this year and provide continuity to the group in the transition. I would like to help MORE develop a stronger focus on helping UFT members, MORE members and not, build strong chapters at school that can meaningfully address the issues that we confront day to day. I would also like to contribute to the administrative side of our caucus - especially by launching a new dues drive in 2020 to create more long term financial stability for us and our campaigns. 

Mike rocks!! He lost!! Mazel Tov!! He followed the MORE playbook to the letter. Why win an election when you can lose an election and not look like a winner or someone that cares? We here applaud Mike Stivers and his losing ways. Mike, you are a true member of MORE now. The Crack Team wishes to award you it's Fickle Finger of Fate award and have a dinner in your honor. Please reach out The Crack Team awards committee ASAP so we can make proper arrangements.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of those soon to be steering meetings. Pure. Comedy. Gold.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The New York Post Yet Again Defiles Teachers

Oh, the New York Post is at it again blaming and shaming teachers for the ills of the NYC
educational system. In the minds of the Post, "If only those gosh darn fucktard teachers will all drop dead the students of New York will learn." To which one can respond, "Fuck you Post!"

This past Sunday, the Post had its second hit piece on teachers in three weeks. It must have been a slow couple of weeks at the Post. One can hazard to guess there were no stories about how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uses only one ply bathroom tissue or that she puts mayo on a brisket sandwich. Heaven forbid!!

No, but let's denigrate teachers some more thinks the Post. And especially naughty, dirty teachers who went through the process and an arbitrator found (They kept their jobs) in the favor.

I am not going to comment on these teachers cases nor post their names. They had their day in Kangaroo Court and the city fucked up the cases or didn't do their due diligence.

Let's have a look...

But blundering educrats called investigators too late

The alleged victim recanted,

The DOE did not appeal the decision in court.

Why not take the DOE to task? If one goes to a restaurant and the food sucks, does one blame the waiters or the person who selected the ingredients and cooked the food?

Back on October 19 the Post had it's 345,988th article that basically said the same thing...

"ATRs suck, ATRs are costing the city gazillions of dollars, all ATRs should be banished to an uninhabited island, start a new culture, and kill themselves off like they did in Lord of the Flies, yada, yada..." 

Yeah, we know the story. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Ok? We get it already!!

And to top it off, the Post interviews the Clown from Solidarity (See! I am not mentioning his name!!!) that has never met a camera, video, or recorder in which he can't blabber about himself. And he can't even get the quote right.

Hey, I am happy for the Clown from Solidarity in getting a full time gig. All the more power to him. But he just couldn't help making his quote all about himself instead of saying something like...

"While I am fortunate that I have been able to leave the ATR pool, I will not rest until all my ATR brothers and sisters find a permanent home and teachers across the city are treated as professionals and adults." 

But that is just a fantasy I have. It'll never happen. But a leopard will never change its spots.

Why doesn't the Post do an expose on all the incompetent and corrupt principals across the city who instead of being terminated are instead whisked off to the safety of Tweed or 65 Court St after they are caught cheating, advocating pot smoking, cooking the books, stealing, banging their secretaries or so many other misdeeds? And the funny thing is that these cushy gigs these principals get aren't vacancies. These gigs are created! Like, "Director of InterBorough School Book Distribution," or "Executive Superintendent for Pre-3 College Readiness."

Nah, it'll never happen.

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Time is Now for Transparency at the UFT Delegate Assembly

I have been a UFT delegate for about a year now. In fact my first meeting was the
"emergency meeting" that was held when the new contract was agreed upon. I think I went to that a little headstrong and spoke when I should've listened, but everything is a learning curve.

But one thing I would like to see is the Delegate Assembly meetings become much, much, more transparent to the rank and file. The DA is for all intents and purposes is like Congress, right? Wait, bad example. Is like the New England Town meeting? Help.

Yes, any rank and file member off the street can come to a DA meeting and observe. But one can only observe in an inhospitable room on the 19th floor with through closed circuit TV, with a grainy analog picture. In this day and age should there not be at least a clear digital picture?

Why isn't the Delegate Assembly streamed live? The UFT website and app, Facebook, Periscope, and Twitter (Am I leaving anything out?), can all be used to show the UFT in action but more importantly get more teachers involved in the process as well as giving the rank and file more ownership. Where would we be as citizens without C-Span if Congress was allowed to operate without cameras? Yeah, poor example.

The voting process can use tweaking. When a resolution is voted on delegates hold aloft their voting cards. Nothing is counted. That's hard. What's easy is to say something passes by proclamation by just seeing a lot of cards being held up.

The UFT has an app. Can there not be a delegates only section on the app? And in this delegates only section delegates would be able to vote yay or nay on any resolution? This can be done. Heck, I have seen it done with lesser technology. This way, each vote would be secret as well as have an accurate count.

Lastly, why do I as a delegate get an advanced copy of the topics of each Delegate Assembly? Why must the rank and file be in the dark? Again, the outlets for the UFT to share the DA agenda with the rank and file are limitless. It's time this agenda was shared ahead of time (Click to enlarge if need be).

Yeah, it's nice to support the Hurricane Dorian victims and to raise the awareness of the 2020 census. I get it. I have no problem with the resolution supporting the UAW in their strike. But again, the point is being missed.

Where are the bread and butter issues and issues that effect the communities? What's going on with hiring ATRs permanently? What about abusive administrators? Useless chapter leaders? Lack of school nurses? Bus issues? Gifted and Talented? Specialized high schools? Retaining UFT members (I know I am leaving plenty off)? If there were a clothing drive for Dorian victims I would do what I could. If someone was needed to go door to door to raise awareness of the census, I would. But first things must be first. And that is simply our teachers, our communities, and our union and other unions.

The UFT has been taking baby steps. First with the app, and of course, with the concierge service. Let's have full transparency. It's time.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Music Teacher Can't Teach Music Out of Shit Served

Arthur Goldstein wrote an interesting piece today about overcrowded music classes in I
would assume his school, Francis Lewis HS. I was not aware that HS music could have 50 students in one class. I have always been aware (and I could be wrong) that even in elementary, Phys. Ed could have 50 students with one teacher.

Which brings me to elementary music or the appearance of it in one Bronx elementary school. Two years ago I wrote about Aaron, a teacher that was written up for bullshit and a failed attempt (gratefully) at suicide during his 3020-a hearing.

Aaron was the music teacher in his school at the time of his troubles.  In fact, Aaron was in my school for a year as an ATR music teacher about ten years ago. In that one school year at my school he put in a grant in and received about a dozen keyboards. The kids loved Aaron and loved going to his class. Sadly, when the year ended Aaron was not kept on.

At the school he was at when I came across him in my ATR travels and as of the basis of the writings above Aaron was yet again the music teacher and no longer an ATR. The school was damn lucky to have him. He gave of himself, going above and beyond constantly. The Christmas Spectaculars he put on were the talk of the community. Sadly, his principal did not care for him and wanted him out.

If Aaron Judge comes up to the plate without a bat, he won't get a hit, correct? Well, Aaron's principal decided not to supply him with the necessary accoutrements for him to succeed as a music teacher. Namely, he was not supplied with any musical instruments at all. Nada. Bupkus. Nichts.

What did Aaron have? He had iPads. What was on the iPads? Garage Band. That's it. No YouTube. No nothing else. How is a music teacher supposed to introduce and teach the appreciation of music with just an app? Why didn't the principal supply Aaron with the materials that would give him, not only the chance to succeed and shine, but to stimulate the minds of the students? The students were to learn keyboarding and whatever else, on an iPad.

I am all for integrating technology into the curriculum. But there has to be training. Aaron had ZERO chances or offers of professional development. Aaron was set up to fail.

Aaron is a professional musician. He has played on Broadway countless times and has played in several prominent jazz bands. Aaron as a deep love and historical knowledge of music, though I am perplexed at his lack of knowledge of Rush. Aaron is without a doubt a principal's dream to have on staff as a music teacher.

But the principal didn't care for Aaron. He wasn't part of the "cool kids" clique. Aaron had to be brought down at the expense of the students.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Christopher Vasquez Hates the UFT. Or He Loves the UFT? But He Seemingly Wants to Violate Me in a Vile Manner.

We here at SBSB wish to thank Chris Vasquez, formerly of Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation and Mount Vernon High School, for the shitloads of quality material he is supplying. As was mentioned at The Crack Team's last meeting, "Keep it up, Chris! There is gold in your little mind!"

Why not write about Chris? Here is failed (Terminated twice!) teacher that has no qualms violating teachers privacy, while scaring and intimidating a mostly female Facebook teacher's group. On top of that he is nothing but an outsider, looking in for eternity, while bashing my union. Want to bash the UFT, be a UFT member, not some outside inane drone.

Last night, Chris tweeted this(click to enlarge)...

So Chris is saving something for the next UFT election? Could it be invitations to his next birthday party? Or does he, along with his Patrón, have some secret method or formula to wrest control from Unity in the next UFT election in 2022? Good luck to that. It ain't happening. New Action/MORE had the best chance to build momentum from 2016 and we see how well that went. Chris' Patrón saw how low MORE sunk so let Chris keep rubbing one out in the corner while he fantasizes.

But he is bartering his ceasing to "overthrow" the UFT he claims that he left a clue or something for him to cease. Thanks to hard work from The Crack Team, it is now known what Chris left them.

All UFT members at the borough offices and 52 Broadway please pay attention.

Next month on specially branded King Vitamin cereal boxes there will be a treasure map on the back. Inside all boxes will be special "decoder glasses." Put the glasses on and look at the map. Doing this will lead you to where Chris left the "means." We here at SBSB salute Chris and his feeble ingenuity.

But we here at SBSB are confused. Whilst Chris obviously loathes the UFT, he just can't seem to let the UFT be a memory in his rear view memory (click to enlarge).

So Chris seems confused.Chris comes across has someone hurt by the UFT and has some bad feelings. Yet, in looking out for Chris he'll overlook everything if he gets a contract to work for the UFT. Doing what exactly? Maybe Chris can be a concierge? If Chris can promise me two tickets for the Nets-Heat game on January 10, I will welcome him with open arms at the UFT Welcome Center.

But it seems yet again that Chris is misplacing, or at least ignoring, his principles for personal gain. Why not? Chris learned well from his Patrón.

But most disturbingly is (click to enlarge)...

Seems Chris not only wants to shag me, but actually rape me in a church basement.

It is a compliment that at my age anyone finds me sexy, so thank you Chris. I try to do my best.

But it's not that I don't want to believe the data. I don't want to believe Chris' convoluted per-determined data that emanates from Chris' feeble brain.

On the other hand, I think Chris is a sick fuck to not only joke about rape but the fact that Chris has ideations of rape should preclude him from not only ever being employed by the United Federation of Employees but any public school system in New York State and/or the United States.

Women are raped day in and day out, and Chris Vasquez thinks nothing better than to joke about rape? Or maybe he is not joking at all?

Chris has apparently crossed the event horizon and is out of control. Chris seemingly shows that he is all about himself and for himself. That his needs alone are all that matters.

Chris it's time. It's not to late. Break free from the shackles that your Patrón has put you in. It is time to no longer be emasculated.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Former Wildlife Teacher Christopher Vasquez is a Sellout and It Appears, a Blackmailer

As previously mentioned here and here former Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation and Mount Vernon High School teacher Christopher Vasquez appears to come off as a teacher of principle. What would it take for Chris to stop harassing teachers?

The Crack Team engaged in an emergency meeting to discuss what kind of offer it can
make to Chris. Some of the ideas consisted of...

A gumball and gift certificate to Bennigan's.

2020 opening day tickets for the Hudson Valley Renegades.

Tickets for the Danbury Hat Tricks of the Federal Hockey League.

Those were just a few. But The Crack Team soon realized that the above was too little for Chris. Chris is a man of huge ideas, so the offer to him must be huge.

And what to offer him? The Crack Team decided to use Chris' own words...

So, what to do? A Gofundme page for Chris?

So what do these students of Wildlife and MVHS really mean to Chris? Nothing! Bupkus! As long as Chris gets what he wants, and an ounce of blood from Domincan administrators which Chris and his enabling, pulling his strings patrón seem to have issues with with of color Dominican administrators.

Chris got either discontinued or was denied tenure at Wildlife. What to do than to take is ire out on ADASA (Association of Dominican-American Administrators) whilst having his patrón whisper in his ear how racist and self-loathing this types are.

But yet Chris refuses to look in the proverbial mirror.

But The Crack Team surely thought that Chris was a man. A man of values and principles. A man that, at least from outward appearances, would stick up for the downtrodden, the abused, the outliers.

Sadly, it seems that Chris does have a price to forget these people and it is so easily divisible by three. But The Crack Team did bring up a good point.

This does not seem like a settlement nor an offer of one. There can't be, because for all his bluster and threats Chris has never filed a lawsuit. There doesn't seem a whole lot of there there.

What Chris has done, I am not an attorney, is make a good case for extortion. But I, nor anyone here at SBSB, believe that he should be prosecuted for this clown like attempt at extortion. He is too feeble minded and easily led by others to do such a thing consciously.

But remember, the real Chris Vasquez has no problem throwing those he claims he is fighting for under the bus. And he has no problems throwing teachers under the bus.

His patrón should reevaluate their relationship with Chris.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Christopher Vasquez Former Teacher at Mount Vernon HS Enters the Rabbit Hole

On top of yesterday;s blog post concerning former Mount Vernon High School teacher
Christopher Vasquez some more news about him came into the SBSB newsroom.

The Crack Team has confirmed that Chris was a teacher at Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx. Chris denied tenure before he went on to Mount Vernon High School.

At the time of Chris' problems at Wildlife, he was introduced to several members of UFT Solidarity by another NYCDOE teacher who at the time was close with Solidarity but no longer is. This teacher ran with MORE in this year's UFT elections, and it has been speculated by some, yet not confirmed, that this teacher is enabling Chris by passing along information as well as helping him violate teachers Facebook privacy.

Another News12 Westchester story also came across the SBSB news desk today as well. This time, Chris bantered with reporter Rebecca Solomon in his backyard.

Accordinng to News12, "The district won't comment on personnel matters, but Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Hamilton ordered a lockout at all schools Tuesday because of a "disgruntled employee."

Yes, a disgruntled employee, not just of Mount Vernon, but the Bronx as well. But think, Chris caused a lockout of the entire Mount Vernon City School District. That's 15 schools in total!!! Chris disrupted the lives of so many children that he professes to care about.  

"He says a tenured teacher has been illegally selling food to students, but News 12 received an anonymous tip saying Vasquez orchestrated the cellphone videos of students to incriminate teachers."

NO! Christopher Vasquez is manipulating data to fit his warped sense of self as well as his warped sense of reality? The Crack Team is aghast. 

 "News 12 was told that Vasquez brought box cutters to school, but he explained that he brought them in one time to prep lab equipment."

Box cutters in a school? To prep lab equipment? Come on. 

In the video, Chris claims that he made videos of "students talking about school corruption" and then posting these videos on YouTube. But here is the question. Did the students know they were being filmed? Did the students give Chris permission? As we can see from Chris' track record, we don't discount the students were either lied to, not told, or were manipulated.

According to the video, the cell phone videos he took of students were manipulated specifically to incriminate teachers. 

Chris in the video also claims, "that other teachers have reached out to me" about corruption in the school, yet not one teacher has seem to have his back.

Chris denies at the end of the video that he was fired from the NYC DOE but rather states...
“I didn't like where the narrative at the school was heading, and what the new principal was doing so I left.”
Yeah, sure. 

Chris also claims that he is going to take legal action but as of this writing there is no evidence is has.

Again, we see Chris has no problem living in a special fantastical world and throwing other teachers under the bus.

Chris, get help. You're heading down a not good path.