SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Philip Oliveri and Internet Decorum

Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Philip Oliveri and Internet Decorum

I think the first lesson one gets in Internet 101 is don't post anything on the Internet that you wouldn't want anyone else to see.

Which brings us to Little Philip Oliveri. Seems Little Philip's Friendster page shows us what Little Philip thinks of himself and others. Let's take a look at it:

As one can see, Philip obviously sees people with weight problems as some kind of comic relief, people to be mocked. Obviously he looks down on people with weight problems. Does this mean that as an attorney he is biased? What would happen if he had a client who was overweight? Would Little Philip represent this person to the fullest? Would he snicker behind such a person's back? This is so not right on Little Philip's part. Shame on you Little Philip.

But wait, look right under the link, what do you see? A word spelled out to be "PIMP." According to Webster's a pimp is defined as: " a man who solicits clients for a prostitute." Is this a night job Philip has, or is it some type of misogynistic view he has of women? Look under the photo, Little Philip says he likes a "nice pair of bitch tits." Is this what Little Philip thinks of women, as bitches?

But wait, there is more!

Little Philip lists his affiliations as "The Smut Hut." What is the Smut Hut? Obviously he is into pornography since he lists Playboy After Dark as one of his favorite TV shows and wishes to meet Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks. Not to mention that he claims that he is a "skin flick director" as an occupation. Just so sickening, so unprofessional.

But this quote seems to sum up Little Philip the best: "Really, almost anyone...but if you think (or people tell you) that you are an anusface, dingleberry, or turdcutter, don't waste my time."

Hey Little Philip, that is real professional. How quick would you use any of the above information against a teacher? In a nanosecond! Wait, you mean it is taken all out of context? Think about it when you prosecute teachers.

One last thing. Under hobbies, Little Philip lists Dungeons and Dragons (D & D). Explains a lot!


Anonymous said...

I am astonished by the extent that you will go to smear a good man's name. You even resort to surfing the Internet for old postings to use against him. If you question Mr. Oliveri's legal prowess, then watch him in action. In doing so, everyone soon realizes what an intelligent, quick-witted and resourceful man he is. The DOE is lucky to have him.



"Anonymous July 29, 2009 10:27 AM"

"If you question Mr. Oliveri's legal prowess, then watch him in action. In doing so, everyone soon realizes what an intelligent, quick-witted and resourceful man he is. The DOE is lucky to have him."

Well, well well ! As I live and breathe. I suppose if one lives long enough, he or she will eventually hear Everything.

Actually I did do exactly what the above poster recommends- I watched Mr. Oliveri in action.

During a Hearing for David Pakter, a former "Teacher of the Year" decorated by Mayor Rudy Giuliani in City Hall, Mr. Oliveri presented what he no doubt imagined would be a "Star Witness" against Mr. Pakter.

This individual, by the name of Ms. Olivia Severs Poor, who had never met Mr. Pakter in her life, Swore Under Oath, on July 22, 2009, that an individual she knew, had approached her and made a number of highly damaging (if true) allegations against Mr. Pakter.

The very next day on July 23, 2009, during a subsequent Hearing, Mr. Oliveri presented his next "Star Witness", an individual by the name of Mr. Wilson Sia, who one would assume Oliveri would have interviewed at length before the Hearing to ascertain the nature of the information in Mr. Sia's possession.

But Mr. Oliveri's Second Witness, Testifying Under Sworn Oath, completely contradicted Oliveri's previous Witness, Ms. Olivia Severs Poor, on virtually every detail and fact she had stated Under Sworn Oath, for the Record.

Amazingly, D.O.E. prosecuting Attorney Oliveri did not "bat an eyelash" during this most astounding event, in which his Second Witness essentialy demonstrated Under Sworn Oath, before a room full of people that Oliveri's previous Witness had knowingly and with foresight and malice, committed Perjury.

Coming from a long and illustrious line of Lawyers, I was somewhat amazed that a Member of the Bar could be so incompetent, meanspirited and reckless as to allow one of his Witnesses to knowingly commit Perjury and in so doing viciously and vindictively slander Mr. Pakter's good name in an Open Public Proceeding.

Indeed attorney Oliveri's clear obsession to "win" a conviction, at any cost and by any means necessary, was all too obvious to all in the Hearing Room to make it necessary for me to add further comment on this subject.

The Witness presented by D.O.E. Attorney Oliveri, who committed Perjury will be dealt with in the proper venue at the proper time.

The question of whether Mr. Oliveri knew before hand, or should have known, that the allegations of his First Witness were curiously and clearly suspect (as corroborated by his very own Second Witness), is a question that will also need to be addressed in the proper Forum at the proper time.

Members of the Public who may wish to be front row witnesses to additional "feats" of "Legal Prowess" on the part of this up and coming NYC Dept of Education Prosecuting attorney are cordially invited to attend the next two Hearings on Wed and Thurs, August 5and 6.

At these Hearings, no doubt Mr. Oliveri wlll continue in his efforts to end an innocent man's highly Decorated career as payback for his having been a Whistle-blower.

It is believed that Mr. Oliveri will be presenting at least two additional Witnesses who no doubt will go far in sealing the Fate of Mr. Oliveri's "reputation" as a pillar of Society for his committment to upholding the Laws of the Land, - at any cost.

The NY State 3020a Teacher Hearings
of DAVID PAKTER, August 5, Wed. and August 6, Thursday at 49 Chambers Street, 6 th Floor at 10 AM sharp.

Request Hearing Room of the Hon. Douglas J. Bantle, Esq.

Brooklyn Bridge train Station in Manhattan. Opposite The Tweed Courthouse.


Anonymous said...

When I clicked on the "Friendster page" link, I was taken to a webpage stating:

"This user's profile is not available."

What in the world is going on?

Such mystery and intrigue!

Does Mike Best know about this?



To: Anonymous, July 29, 10:11 PM

Regarding your questions, please see below:

1) "What in the world is going on?"

Response: It is called attempting to cover one's tracks and hide one's past activities, especially when they could prove embarassing.

2) "Such mystery and intrigue!"

Response: No big mystery-see previous response to 1) above.

3)"Does Mike Best know about this?"

Response: If you are referring to Michael Best, Esq., the General Counsel for the NYC Dept of Education and Chancellor Klein's ever ready, first line of Defense in any and all matters pertaining to what transpires inside The Tweed Courthouse, the answer is: "what difference would it make?"

Mr. Oliveri's sole function is to carry out the mandate/s handed down from Joel Klein, Esq. to Michael Best, Esq. to Theresa Europe, Esq. to all the NYC DOE 3020a "attorneys", whose job is to axe/terminate, as many NYC Teachers as possible in any given year and by employing "whatever means" are deemed "necessary".

Mr. Oliveri is now the 4 th (fourth) Attorney assigned to terminate this writer. He will be no more successful than the "attorneys" who came before him. He no doubt took over this case fully believing this would be a slam dunk for him that would add some type of stripe to his Broad Street sleeves.

Sadly for Mr. Oliveri who strode into the first week of Hearings with such a self assured swagger, tone and manner, he will in time exit the last and final Hearing cut down to size and find himself limping away with his tail between his legs.

No worries Mr. Oliveri. You can always return full time to your desk on Broad Street after your expected stunning and totally humiliating Defeat in the case of NYC DOE versus David Pakter.

You will not be the first "attorney", Mr. Oliveri, and most assuredly, you will not be the last, to attempt to besmirch my highly Decorated career and slander my Good name, simply because I became a Whistle-blower.

Pete Zucker said...

If Little Philip is so good why did he blow last week's direct questioning of witnesses? Why did knowingly allow perjured testimony? Why did the defense attorney chew him up and spit him out?

Anonymous said...


Apparently the DOE believes there is no downside to presenting a witness to commit "deliberate misstatements of materiel fact under oath".

Of course, your NYSUT attorney could immediately move to strike all the statements from the witness in question as clear perjury. And make a fuss about it...ON THE RECORD NOT IN SIDEBAR Even if it is denied it will nonetheless put the arbitrator on notice.

NYSUT attorneys, I must warn you, tend to play footsie with DOE attorneys and do not hold them accountable for their professional misconduct.

At the same time, if the witness was a DOE employee, an official complaint - even in the form of a letter to Mr. Klein - should be forthcoming. From Mr. Sandner to DOE's senior attorney. CC'd to Weingarten and Klein. And entered into the record during your defense portion. Again, NYSUT does play footsie so I have my doubts. Just as they urge secretiveness upon respondents, the NYSUT attorneys tend to be passive in their responses to DOE misconduct during 3020a testimony. This enables future misconduct, of course.

Best of luck. I do think you are in good hands with your counsel.

Anonymous said...

My prediction:

If the web page has been removed than Mr. Olivieri has been removed from the case. This is the happiest I have been about a false 3020a case in a whole.

Pete Zucker said...

One thing I want to add. In the profile is "Smut Shack." Remember, there is nothing wrong with looking at porn or waxing the carrot. If this makes one happy go for it, just don't list it on a Friendster page when you are an officer of the court.



Re the following comment by a previous poster:

"Remember, there is nothing wrong with looking at porn or waxing the carrot. If this makes one happy go for it, just don't list it on a Friendster page when you are an officer of the court".

It may interest readers to learn that the NYC Dept of Ed as well as the OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL COMMISSIONER OF INVESTIGATIONS and OSI, (all of which are joined at the hip and work together behind the scenes while pretending to be "independent"), routinely use and focus in on every opportunity to smear classroom Teachers with charges "involving pornography".

Charges of "alleged viewing of pornography" were used against one Whistle-blower teacher, in particular, that the DOE had decided had to be removed from the system at all costs, and who it was feared would survive his First 3020a Trial.

Five months after the Teacher was removed on trumped up bogus charges, and had been sitting in the Chapel Street Rubber Room for almost half a year, the Teacher's former AP claimed that she had "discovered" obscene images on a student use computer in the Teacher's former classroom.

When she demanded that SCI Investigators visit the school, despite the fact that said Investigators hated this Teacher's guts and had long been personally "gunning" for him, even SCI was forced to concede that what ends up in "Open Access 24/7" student computers can no more be linked to a Teacher than the "Man on the Moon"".

Nevertheless five months after SCI threw out the AP's allegations that attempted to link a Teacher to one of the student computers, the school used the refuted allegation to force the Teacher to appear at the 65 Court Street DOE Medical Office.

Naturally the quack doctors working for the NYC DOE, Railroaded the totally innocent Teacher with a knowingly false Claim that the Teacher had neen found "not fit for Duty" based on doctored Reports after the teacher's real medical reports had been suppressed.

The Railroaded Teacher was immediately taken off Salary and became the first NYC Teacher in history to go through his entire NY State 3020a Trial while barred from receiving any salary.

Despite all Laws pertaining to a Teacher's Medical rights, it took the Teacher a full year to finally win the Right to Final Binding Medical Arbitration.

Although the DOE insisted they alone would select the Medical Arbitrator, fully expecting he would "Rubber Stamp" the "not fit for Duty" charge, their hired lapdog was outmaneuvered when the Teacher in question appeared at the Final Binding Arbitration Interview with the renowned NYU Professor of Psychiatry who also happens to be the Chairman of the Ethics Committee for Psychiatry, NY, NJ.

The DOE Medical Arbitrator was well aware that any further "hanky panky" and shanannigans could prove risky for his License.

Although the DOE picked Medical Arbitrator illegally sat on his Decision vindicating the perfectly "fit for Duty" Teacher for almost half a year, eventually the DOE Medical Director was forced to recant her knowingly False Claims against the Teacher and order him returned to proper salary and active Duty.

Although the Teacher was rewarded a year of Salary plus Interest and returned to service, after just 19 days at a new school he was Railroaded back into the Rubber Room system all over again.

Once the DOE goes after a Teacher they never give up.

But that Teacher is an individual who never retreats from a battle where principles are concerned.

See you in Federal Court, Mr. Klein, along with your 14 other Co-DEFENDANTS.

You can run but you cannot hide, any more than you can prevent the Sun from rising.

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