SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Special South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Special South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast!!!

There will be special Internet radiocast Thursday night August 26 at 10 PM EDT.

United Teachers of Los Angeles President AJ Duffy will be the guest as we discuss the ramifications of the August 15 story in the LA Times damning and outing teachers using value added assessment.

Call in # is (917) 932-8721


Pissed Off said...

Arthur really hit some good points on last night's broadcast. Too bad Obama and company didn't hear it.

Queens Teacher said...

Here's a question: think Mike Mulgrew will be listening?

Pissed Off said...

No one can fix education. It is easy to blame the teachers for all the ills, otherwise these government officials and people like Bill Gates will have to admit defeat. We are the scapegoats.