SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Principal Kristine Mustillo Worst Person In The World

Friday, September 3, 2010

Principal Kristine Mustillo Worst Person In The World

How can this be? On March 18, 2010 it was reported here how Principal Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio has single handily went our of her way to destroy, not ruin, not hurt, but destroy a teacher's career over a teeny, tiny mistake that hurt no one. A miscommunication. The worse part is that Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio was directly responsible due to her irresponsibility in the matter. This all came out in the teacher's 3020a hearing. A quivering Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio finally having her actions, her nastiness thrown back in her that horseface she has in common with Celine Dion.

What has us here at the SBSB newsroom so perturbed? Besides the fact that Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio is the worst person in the world (more on that in a bit)? Is that for some reason, unbeknownst to the human race that Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio lives amongst, she was honored by State Senator Carl Kruger (D) Brooklyn.

Senator Kruger found it fitting to honor her for reasons such as;
she applied and was accepted to the first class of the New York City Leadership Academy where she honed her skills as a school leader, developing a commitment to school capaci ty building through the collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders;quickly recognized for her obvious talent carrying out new instructional initiatives in the school, Kristine Mustillo transferred to P.S. 32 in Carroll Gardens as a Master Teacher providing ongoing professional development in Balanced Literacy and other instruc tional programs; As Principal of Public School 97, the Highlawn School, in Brooklyn, she has worked with the entire school community to produce three consecutive years of progress as noted in the Department of Educa tion Progress Report with scores of 62, 74, and 79 respectively;
There is more. Read it. Get upset. Leave a comment.

Kristine Mustillo you are the worst person not only in education, but one of the worst to grace our planet. How dare you not only attempt to destroy one's career, but one's identity, one's sense of self, one's good work.

You are nothing but some slime that slithered out of the Leadership Academy. You know you don't have the skills to lead a school, much less the night shift at McDonald's so the only way you can feed into whatever lack of self adulation that you so desperately seek you must find it in hurting others. Like a child pulling the wings off a fly you are just as sadistic to others.

You are far from a leader. You are nothing but some sycophantic follower without a thought of your own.


Anonymous said...

Geezus, even sounds like my principal from hell!

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Anonymous said...

I had a daughter in that class. She went there from p-k to the first grade. I had to pull her out when she was entering the second grade. I couldn't take all the bullshit!! The staff and schools sucks.Thats the best thing i ever did!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no i have to register my two children for kindergarten.Is she really that wicked? It's going to be really hard to keep a straight face talking to MR ED THE TALKING HORSE.Do you remember that show? I have two twin boys. They are pretty hyper I hope the horse can handle it.