SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Cathie Black's Choice Of Birth Control

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cathie Black's Choice Of Birth Control

I am a prophet. A soothsayer. A fortune teller. I am Oz. On December 4, 2010 it was predicted in regards to The Talking Cathie Doll,
"You have no perspective, you have no clue. You will fail. You will have a complete fail by the summer of 2011. How is this known? Your mouth. You just can't keep stupid things coming out of the hole under your nose."
It all came true on January 13, 2011.

Now I have predicted a major fail by the summer. I still stick to that, However, fellow blogger, Accountable Talk is predicting a major fail of The Talking Cathy Doll by April 1. I suggest we start some kind of pool to see when the fail comes. Mr Talk, let's go mano a mano in our predictions for the fail that is to come.

What gibberish spewed out of The Talking Cathie Doll's mouth? According to today's Daily News, two dumb comments. First, in a discussion with parents about overcrowding The Talking Cathie Doll sayeth;
"Could we just have some birth control for a while?" "It would really help us."
Gee, why stop at at birth control? What happens if there is a family opposed to birth control? Why not suggest that all male children of parents at PS 234 drown their sons in the Hudson River? Or better, why not have all parents, other than the ones at PS 234, post spring lamb's blood on their doors as the spirit of Mayor Bloomberg passes over. This will certainly relieve the overcrowding situation at PS 234, and what a perfect way to discuss her next stupid comment.

In the same meeting The Talking Cathie Doll claimed that weighing the needs of different schools reflected a "Sophie's Choice." Let me see if I understand this. The Talking Cathie Doll is comparing situations at different schools and how decisions are made to each school to a story about a mother who during WW II had to decide which daughter of hers to allow the Nazis to kill. This would make a very interesting venn diagram to use in a classroom, or perhaps on a state ELA exam. See? The Talking Cathie Doll is already contributing to education. And to believe there were people out there who said that she would bring nothing to the education table.

But to give The Talking Cathie Doll a break, she said she was only "joking." Yes, I believe she was joking. It was an insensitive comment, and showed a lack of empathy to the parents. But, as Mr Spock once said, "One usually makes jokes about one's anxieties and insecurities." This was said in an outtake of "Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home," in which Captain Kirk ran into Shecky Greene and needed to learn about 20th Century humor. One can wonder what The Talking Cathie Doll really says at those Upper East Side cocktail parties once she has a few 7&7's inside of her.

But there is something even more disturbing. The fact that she compared the atrocities of the Nazis and the pain of a mother must make under unspeakable conditions. Yes, "Sophie's Choice" is fiction, but it is metaphorical of what Jews had to live through and face every single day of WW II. With a workforce that I still think, if not is predominantly Jewish, but still a goodly amount, with strong roots in the Jewish community, this was a not just a poor choice of words, but a horrifying choice of words as well. Yeah, her boss is Jewish. But, Bloomberg is a self loathing Jew who still feels that he is needs the acceptance of the well heeled, upper class gentile types.

For a person who lost a family member in the Holocaust, one of the greatest Polish-Jewish artists of his time, Maurycy Trębacz, who died a horrible death in the Łódź Ghetto in 1941 I truly am offended and quite concerned that the chancellor of the New York City Department of Education would make such a remark. If The Talking Cathie Doll is able to denigrate Jews and the memories of the Holocaust, what other ethnic groups does she make sly, snarky comments about at those exclusive cocktail parties? Think about it. Think about it all.

But not to fret, today, Tweed's Minister of Propaganda, Natalie Ravitz, put out a release that said in regards to the birth control joke by The Talking Cathie Doll,
"...regrets if she left a different impression by making and off-handed joke in the course of that conversation."
Unfortunately, not a mention was made of her "Sophie's Choice" comment.


Unknown said...

Excellent analysis! Pls keep informing us!
Thank you!

Polo Colon said...

I also predicted failure from day one. I guess this was a no-brainer. But what jumps out is the continuation of the failure of the experiment of having non-educators run the DOE.

So now that it is known that Cathie Black is as stupid as Klein and Bloomberg, do they opt for another incompetent with credentials, like Michelle Rhee? Don't put it past the monkeys who run the show!

Pete Zucker said...

Good points, but we all know we can go to the Bronx Zoo, walk into the monkey exhibit and just get any monkey to do a better job than those three.

Mr. Talk said...

I have to admit, you were way ahead of the curve on this one. I fear that Cathie may be on her way out and that we'll all have to start looking for new material for our blogs.

Oh well. There's always the upcoming contract, if any!

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