SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Going Down The Quality Review Tubes at PS 154x

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Going Down The Quality Review Tubes at PS 154x

In 1974, or maybe 1973, Senator Howard Baker then the ranking minority member of the then Senate Watergate Committee asked this famous question during the Watergate hearings;
"What did the President know and when did he know it?"
Well we here at SBSB are asking the same question of Yolanda Torres, Superintendent of District 7 in regard to PS 154 being put on the closure list,
"What did Yolanda Torres know and when did she know it?"
What has Yolanda Torres known of the downhill spiral of PS 154 and when did she know this? Obviously, she knew about it in late April when the principal was removed, but when did she know of the downward spiral? Or was she complicit in the downward spiral?

Something is amiss here. While up to 50% of the staff, maybe more, are in danger of losing their positions at PS 154 if the school is indeed closed, where are the ramifications for those at the top, such as Yolanda Torres, Maverick, or whichever cluster (God it is so confusing!)? If memory serves, Uncle Mike talked about ACCOUNTABILITY in 2002!

So, not to change subjects, but it will be changed. In May of this year, PS 154 had a state quality review performed for two days. For the first time publicly, the results of the quality review are being published.

Decipher and analyze for yourself. We are sure there are bigger and brighter minds out there. One comment really stood out from the QR that The Crack Team wishes to share;
The school has changed ELA programs several times over the last five years without evaluation of the effectiveness of each program.
Again, who is accountable for this mess? The parents and community of PS 154 have a right to know and a right to have answers.


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