SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: E4E's Eric Cartman Goes Silent on The Crack Team

Sunday, December 2, 2012

E4E's Eric Cartman Goes Silent on The Crack Team

The Crack Team at SBSB would like to thank the gracious hosts of Educators4Excellence for the comedy and the coffee and Dunkin' Munchkins that were generously given at today's youth rally at City Hall park in support of the new evaluation system that is being advocated.

As we know, 40% of a teacher's evaluation will be based on tests. Twenty percent on normal standardized tests and the other 20% on God knows what.

Sadly, that first 20% will be using the convoluted algorithm of Value Added Measurement.

The Crack Team wished to ask some of the E4E followers if they can explain what exactly VAM is and how what exactly is the algorithm formula. Fortunately we came across someone that is shy and did not wish to give his name. For the purpose of professional bloggerism that is so rampant here at SBSB we have decided to call this person, Eric Cartman.

As one can see, he is rather confused by the question. Or, it could be that might be an Ellen Jamesian and acts as if his tongue has been surgically removed. The Crack Team though has ascertained that his independent thought process has been surgically removed and we are sure that it can be had back one day if he asks nicely.

But a good time was had by all the subversives today. There is more to come on today's rally.


Anonymous said...

MALCO 'Facilitator' says:

If you are gonna "Wave a Flag" ya better have answer as to WHY you are waving it!

"Parroting" is a Cardinal Offense!

(see what I did there???)

reality-based educator said...

Brilliant - the perfect emblem of the Asshats4Educators. Can't explain VAM, won't take up the challenge of telling the audience why VAM and test-based evaluations are so great, but boy does he look fab-o in his asshat.

The crack team at SBS has outdone themselves this time.

Leonie Haimson said...

They have hats similar to SFER ones! Who bought those hats I wonder, and whose idea was that?