SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Martin Burney and PS 154 in the Bronx

Monday, April 22, 2013

Martin Burney and PS 154 in the Bronx

What was it with that movie, "Sleeping with the Enemy?" Every girl, including my girlfriend at the time, wanted to see that movie. Not the best movie, but definitely creepy, and who can forget Patrick Bergin as Julia Robert's husband Martin Burney? Certainly not the staff of PS 154.

Remember Martin? He of the anal retentive, OCD, perfectionist, micro managing, control freak,
patronizing, condescending, and smarter (so Martin Burney believed) than everyone else type? One must wonder. Did Martin Burney met his demise in the movie? Maybe not. For he has been seen at PS 154 in the Bronx.

Remember how Martin was so fastidious in his insistence that all the cans in the cupboard were facing the same way with the label out? Well, Martin Burney at PS 154 has no labels to insist upon facing label, but does insist that all bulletin boards are the same all over the school. There is to be no deviation from this. If there is, instead of the physical beating that Julia Roberts got, staff instead is subject to a written beating in the form of a 300 page treatise criticizing you in the most raw form imaginable. This treatise oozes with venom, sarcasm, and worse type of condescension possible.

Recall how Martin Burney, after a night of beating Julia Roberts said, "Oh, how I hate it when we quarrel?" Seems the same thing happens at PS 154. But after a beating of hearing how horrible you are as a teacher, 154's Martin Burney will act concerned and claim that the abuse is only to help you grow as a teacher.

Oh, how about this? When Martin Burney beat up Julia Roberts because he thought she was checking out their neighbor? Martin Burney at PS 154 does the same. Only just a verbal beat down when one shows a modicum of independent thought.

So what is it with Martin Burney? What makes Martin Burney such a anal retentive, OCD, perfectionist, micro managing, control freak, patronizing, condescending, and smarter (so Martin Bruney believed) than everyone else type?

We here at SBSB asked back Dr Hans von Schlaggel from Vienna, Austria. Dr von Schlaggel is currently the director of the Institut für schweren psychiatrischen Erkrankungen, or in English, Institute of Severe Psychiatric Disorders. For those that might have forgotten, Dr von Schlaggel discussed malignant narcissism back in 2009.

So we here at SBSB turn it over to Dr von Schlaggel.

Danke, Herr Teacher in the Bronx, and guten tag to all the loyal followers of this blog. I hope this evening finds you well.

So, vhat ve vant to know is vhy someone such as Martin Burney is a control freak, or as we say in Vienna, "Ein total verrückter geistige Arbeit"

Oh Dies ist so einfach, er, I meant, this is so simple. A control freak is a perfectionist, or in German, a perfektionistisch. This person sinks that;
Control freaks are often perfectionists defending themselves against their own inner vulnerabilities in the belief that if they are not in total control they risk exposing themselves once more to childhood angst

If we read the DSMR-V control freakishness is a diagnosis and eet iz caused by childhood traumas. Now in dee case of Martin Burney they are perfectionists as adults because they feelt that they did not get love from their daddy. In der minds they felt that nothing they did was ever guden for daddy.

Ah, but there is more;
Such persons manipulate and pressure others to change so as to avoid having to change themselves, and use power over others to escape an inner emptiness.

Oh my! Such Menschen are, how you say in English? Ah, yes, miserable, so they must make others miserable as well and make others conform to they own version of perfection. But such people have an inner emptiness. Like they are missing zomething in their lives. Perhaps neglecting close loved ones.
Control freaks appear to have some similarities to codependents, in the sense that the latter's  fear of abandonment leads to attempts to control those they are dependent on
See, like the Frau already mentioned, Martin Burney has a feeling that Vater will say Auf Wiedersehen to his kleines Mädchen, er, I forgot  I am not in Vienna, his little Martin Burney, but the little Martin Burney feels if Martin Burney is perfect Vater will stay.

Ja, it iz very complex, but a control freak is very insecure and iz that way from child hood trauma caused by daddy.

Ein thing I would like to add. Control freaks, or perfectionists, love the John Lennon song, Instant Karma. 

 As we say at the strudel shoppe in Vienna, "That Martin Burney is one fucked up person!"

Thank you so much Dr von Schlaggel. We here at SBSB look forward to you joining us again and let's hope and pray it will be real soon, not another 4 years.

Martin Burney is nuts. Martin Burney needs to go to Vienna.

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I noticed that... said...

There are so many Martin Burney in this school system. Many Martins were enrolled in the Leadershit Academy and one of the sessions was to ensure that their OCD is palpable during QR. Another session for the future anal retentive administrator(ARA)is to write up as many teachers as possible so they look incompetent and the ARA looks perfect.

Yes, there are many Martins in the school system and the DoE has allowed to be control freaks.