SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Where is the Bronx District Attorney When You Need Him?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Where is the Bronx District Attorney When You Need Him?

Lots going on lately. Too much baseball.

Time to start opening up here. Lots of information soon to be published here. Scandalous is to say the least. For example this true story.

Remember, this shit can't be made up!

I can't name the DOE district that this happened. I can say it is in the Bronx, and it is one of the most dysfunctional districts in that borough.

I can't name the superintendent, the two school administrators involved, or the school.

But everything is true. Everything happened. Everything was covered up.

An assistant administrator at a school, which happens to be neither a elementary or a high school, put in "long hours" at home doing the scheduling. I mean really really long hours.

There were no time cards to be punched nor signed. The administrator of the assistant administrator did not have enough money to pay per session so the pay was in comp time.

There was shit loads of comp time involved. Remember, all unverified.

The assistant administrator took vacations with this comp time. All during instructional time for weeks at a time.

Countries and cities of a far off continent were visited all while the students of this school were busy this assistant administrator was off gallivanting around.

Meanwhile the school is going into the crapper.

Somehow the Commissioner of Special Investigations office got wind of this. Praise be to God! We all know how CSI can be when going after those who misrepresent time taken off and defrauding the DOE claiming they worked while in reality they did not.

Just ask Matthew Kaye aka Matt Striker or Lynn Stewart's daughter. We know how seriously CSI takes this stuff.

This is where that superintendent comes in.

CSI, the bastion of all keeping all that is correct in the NYC DOE drops the ball!!!!!!

There was proof up the ying yang!!

They kick it back to the superintendent for the discipline phase.

The administrator is buds with the superintendent.

The assistant administrator gets a letter in the file!

Imagine if a teacher had done this??? OH baby!

Of course the assistant administrator could not have done this without being enabled by the administrator.

I might not be a lawyer, but dang, if this doesn't seem like fraud, larceny, conspiracy, and a few other felonies, then I mock my SUNY education.

Why hasn't Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson been notified of this?

But he is a dolt. How about US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara?

It has been said, and by very reliable sources, that the assistant administrator had much more than a professional relationship with the administrator. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Know what I mean? Know what I mean?

So this happens and teachers all across the city, and the country are getting crapped on.

Why? Where is the logic behind this.

It is not us running the schools. We just work there.

Maybe it is time to go after the schmucks in charge? 
Yeah, this shit can't be made up!!!


Anonymous said...

I am old so my frame of reference is always the way it was in the old days. We used to pay a teacher eight hours per session to create a school program (schedule) and two hours to 'tweak' the schedule a few times a year when required. I know that today's administrators aren't half as talented as old time teachers, but anybody who claimed more than 16 hours (two work days for an administrator) to create a school program is committing fraud, and everyone who supports that claim including the Principal and OSI is engaged in a conspiracy to defraud the Department of Education. Bloomberg has created a culture of corruption in the DOE where everybody Bloomberg bestows with a title thinks that they are entitled to more than their salary. "Bloomerg's Wall Street crony consultants steal, so why shouldn't we?"

Anonymous said...

POP...goes the weasel

Anonymous said...

yeah 8 hours if you use a computer...not if you do it by hand with a bunch of magnets on the who do I screw this year board.

Anonymous said...

Old teacher back to say that Some things still shock me. I worked with more than a dozen Principals from 1965 to my retirement in 2001 creating school programs. While almost all Principals wanted to create programs that gave an easier schedule to key employees, I never had a Principal who wanted to use the program to punish teachers and I don't see how that could be done without hurting students and the school. Maybe the corporate crap and backstabbing that this 'Leadership Academy' taught is hurting students more than anyone ever suspected. In that case, we will need some 'reeducation' for those 'academy' leaders.

I don't mind a little humor about age, but don't throw old teachers and their opinions on the scrap heap. When we worked in schools, schools worked.