SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: A Notice of Claim Has Been Filed Against the NYC DOE

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Notice of Claim Has Been Filed Against the NYC DOE

The deed has been done. I had until December 3, 2013 to do it and I did it. I filed a Notice of Claim against;

NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, its agents, servants, employees and/or licensees.

For the claims;
To recover money damages for infringement and violation of United States Constitutional First Amendment rights and rights of Due Process rights infringement of first amendment rights, pain and suffering and related damages incurred by and on behalf of claimant myself by reason of the negligence, malfeasance, willful, recklessness and carelessness...
And in a Dr Evil moment asking for the sum of; 

has suffered damages in the sum of TEN MILLION DOLLARS ($10,000,000.00).
 Of course, the little finger never came up to the corner of my mouth.

 This really is just to cover myself. I believe that this will never see the light of day in state court but will be heard in Federal Court. So be it.

Imagine, how much money the DOE spend on lawyers to wipe out teachers careers, fighting these teachers in 3020a hearings, and going to court. No wonder the DOE has no money for schools.

I am facing charges for two reasons. One, this blog. I have known for sometime that Yolanda Torres, Superintendent of District 7 has not liked this blog and has called me unpredictable.

The other is that I truly believe, as I have stated many times on these pages, that DR Alison Coviello, Ph.D and Principal has been involved in a vast conspiracy to rate me unsatisfactory last school year, that all my observations would be found unsatisfactory, and resort to lies, half truths, out of context situations to fill my file with specious disciplinary letters to the file. Oh, and lest we forget my own Serpico moment. I believe that the truth is out there and that with my faith in God the truth will come out. 

I think in my heart of hearts that this conspiracy will lead to Tweed and go very high up the food chain. But the opposite is true. It can go down the food chain as well. Not all involved in the conspiracy are administrators. Learning from another blogger and one in 3020a proceedings right now, that person, ......................, decided to jump on the "let's do him in bandwagon" by blatantly defaming me.

God knows the truth. God will show the truth.


Anonymous said...

Good luck South Bronx! I like to think we still have First Amendment rights in this country.

Polo Colon said...

It is shameful (for them) that they have no shortage of people that want to get back at them for the atrocious conduct of vilification of teachers in order to promote their agenda of intimidation of teachers to get them to participate in the scapegoating of teachers in their strategy to remove the attention off of their own abject incompetence. Remain undaunted, education warrior!