SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: PS 154 in the Bronx; Violence Free Since the Week Before Last!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

PS 154 in the Bronx; Violence Free Since the Week Before Last!

Yes, it's true! PS 154 in the Bronx has gone a full SEVEN DAYS without violence from December 6 thru December 16, 2013.

Every day I get in the queue (Too much, the Peace Bus)

What does this mean? It means hat day, or some special goofy wearing thing day is about to happen and the marker on the Peace Bus moves up!

To get on the bus that takes me to it (Too much, the Peace Bus)

So for those keeping score at home, PS 154 has had 1 day straight without violence in October, 5 days straight at the end of October, 5 days straight around Thanksgiving, and now 6 days straight. The Crack Team is hard at work to see if the Peace Bus crashes or moves past 6 days.

I'm so nervous, I just sit and smile (Too much, the Peace Bus)

Funny, shouldn't there be no days at all without violence? Or better yet, why are days celebrated with a negative connotation instead of a positive one such as, "Six days straight of tranquility." Not only will something positive be celebrated, but a students will learn and new word, it's meaning, projects, writing, can be used with tranquility. The list is endless. Instead the students get, "VIOLENCE."

The house is only another mile (Too much, the Peace Bus)

Seriously,  Peace Bus? You think the 5th graders care about the cute little bus? LAME. Yeah, Peace Bus works for the little ones, but the 5th grade? Isn't it bad enough that the 5th grade has to have time out chairs, or whatever euphemism their called, just like the Kindergartners?

Thank you, driver, for getting me here (Too much, the Magic Bus)

So with silly hat day or favorite hat day is this something to have fun with or, as usual, is the fun ruined by forcing students to write about their hats?  What about the kids who don't have hats?

There'll be an inspector, have no fear (Too much, the Peace Bus)

Yeah, as everything is at 154 spontaneity is controlled and planned.

I don't want to cause no fuss (Too much, the Magic Bus)

 But a fuss must be caused for there is still violence and the problem is not solved by sugar coating it with celebratory hat day, or Save Hat Day, or the Peace Bus, or Magic Bus Day, or bring your pet to school day. Because in the real world, there are no celebratory days for doing what you should be doing. I mean, if the Common Core is around so we can get our students ready for he real world, shan't we a true discipline code that gets the students ready for the real world?

More important, shouldn't the parents of the PS 154 community know that there children are safe each and every day of the school year?

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Anonymous said...

Diane Ravitch posted an insider essay on her blog showing how bad the Klein/Black/Walcott education policies were in New York City