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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, I Need, I Need.

After a prolific January of posting, I am finally getting to my first blog post for the month of February and in two weeks!

So much has been on my mind of late. One thing that has sat on the front of my brain for some time is the guest blog post by the Original NYCDoenuts written on January 19, 2014. There is so much I want to share to what DOEnuts wrote, so much about what he had written that hits home in so many ways. The best way I can share and expand on what he wrote is in my own special way.

From day 1 in this business I was told not to trust anyone. Me being cynical as it is, I have no problem not trusting people. It's what I do.

On the other hand I am loyal to people. I won't go behind someone's back, I am there for a friend if needed, and I will support friends, and especially teacher's to the nth degree.

Which is all the more painful for we see it in this business day after day after day.

It's the taker. The fair weather friend. The friend who unloads all their tsuris (Yiddish for heartburn) on you and when it is time for that person to come through for you, well they disappear, not showing an ounce of concern for you, not lifting a finger to listen to you or to take the time for you the way you did for them. This type of person takes, they need, it's all "gimmee, gimmee."

I have no problem helping teachers. There are plenty of teachers out there that have been through or are going through what I currently going through and I have, and will continue, to do whatever I can and must do for them. I'm not going to name names, but some of these teachers have not only given me invaluable technical advice, but emotional advice as well, and I will be forever indebted to them.

Maybe I shouldn't look at others, whether they are there for me or not through the prism of my values, my life experiences, the accepted social morés of the day. Perhaps it is time that I stop this idealizing and accept the vapid self obsessed for what they truly are. Set my expectations so low that it shan't bother me when I hear the, "mine, mine, mine." Or, "It's mine, all mine," 

Now mind you, I would rather deal with this type of person any day over someone who attempts to seperate you from your direct deposit, otherwise known as a rat. But this will be explored in the next blog post.

But I guess that is par for the course in this business. We live, we learn, we get burned. But I won't stop helping or doing whatever I can.

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