SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Hey Harrison NY! I'm Opting Out My Son and So Can You!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hey Harrison NY! I'm Opting Out My Son and So Can You!

This can be done. This should be done. Parents of Harrison NY, Westchester County, and NYC,
please read. This is important. You can take back control of your child's education.

I have been wanting to opt out my son of the NYS exams for a number of years. Actually every year since he started testing. He is in 7th grade now and I have finally decided that enough is enough. This year he is not wasting his time taking the state ELA and math exams.

The people it took the most convincing to opt him out have been my wife and my step-mother, a retired (13 years now) AP in the Bronx. For those who are of the Jewish persuasion you know with Jewish mothers you kinda don't have much of a say at times. But I digress.

After last years ELA debacle in which not one student in his class finished the exam on any of the 3 days testing a stand had to be made.

Both my wife and step-mother had serious preconceptions to what not taking the exams meant. One argument from both of them was that this would be a great way for him to learn and feel comfortable taking tests when he gets into high school.  Of course the NYS Regents exams and the SAT's are two totally different beasts compared to these so called tests. My wife and I, and certainly my step mother, never took high stakes tests such as these and we, well maybe I should say just they, did fine in high school exams. As for me, well, I took my PSAT's and then lost interest.

But of course my son over the years, and even now in 7th grade, has had to take tests in class. Wouldn't these tests which are teacher created better and more relevant to what he is actually learning? So I think he is pretty comfortable with test taking and at the age of nearly 13 (in June) I am confident that he can take a #2 pencil to a little circle and fill it in properly, which actually is the only skill one gets from standardized exams.

Another reason that my wife and step-mother gave for him taking the exams is that he not only would be ostracized by the other students and friends in his grade, but he will feel singled out being on the outside looking in.

On Thursday night I decided that a scientific experiment was in order to test the above hypotheses. I called him into the bedroom while my wife and I were watching the NCAA's. I asked him would he feel bad if he didn't take the exams and would the other kids make fun of him. His reaction was that he would not feel bad and that the other kids would want to know where they can sign up to miss the exams. In fact as this is being written he is texting his friends telling them he is not taking the exams. His friends are way jel.

My wife and step-mother also claimed that the tests are used to place my son in the proper classes next year in 8th grade. Immediately, I cried bullocks.

My son has consistently made honor roll (Not being a braggart here). Besides, if the teachers and guidance counselors in his middle school don't know where to place him next year, well, they ain't doing their jobs.

Now my wife brings up an interesting point. She (and remember the all encomposing Jewish neurosis) claims that the administration will seek revenge on my son and keep him from participating in school events or make him stay in at lunch and other kinds of punitive measures.

I can't believe for a second that any administrator in Harrison NY will ever stoop this low. Maybe in cities with over 1 million in population, but not Harrison.

And my wife is concerned with what the teachers will think. So am I. That's another reason why I am opting my son out. I will not allow my son to be used as a pawn to damage or end a teacher's career.

Think about it. Our children, the very same children that Governor Andy claims he is the chief lobbyist, are pawns used by politicians and the Corporatists, and the testing companies such as Pearson.Why? So someone can pocket some cash, make up for some Freudian physical shortcoming, and to screw and privatize a noble profession. That's it and nothing more.

It's time parents of New York State fight back against the Corporatists and their pawn Governor Andy and what has been done to education in this country.

For those that want more information, follow NYS Allies for Education for how the "How to Opt Out" primer. It can be done, it should be done!


Francesco Portelos said...

I opted both my kids out. They are 2 and 3. They will never take a standardized test.

Anonymous said...

There must have been something wrong with me, but I loved taking standardized tests when I was a student! Whether they were considered high-stakes, low-stakes, or something in between didn't matter to me.

Here are some of my favorites:

Metropolitan Achievements Tests

Iowa Skills Tests

Citywide Exams

Regents Exams


the SAT

SAT Subject Tests

Advanced Placement Exams

And what style of testing was my favorite?


Is there anyone else out there who enjoyed taking standardized tests?

Anonymous said...

Metropolitan Achievement* Tests

technoteacher said...

I'm a Harrison parent and my son did not take the 7th grade exams last year and he will not take them this year. Last year, he read To Kill A Mockingbird instead of taking the is too short to waste time on filling in bubbles based on meaningless excerpts. I'd rather read the full thing.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with your reasoning for opting your son out of testing, the repercussions of doing so is what scares me. Recently in Chicago a group of parents opted their kids out of standardized testing and as a result their kids where subjected to intimidating questioning by CPS investigators and lawyers without their parents being aware this was happening. Here's a link to an article regarding this issue.

I think that if you as a parent choose to opt your kids out of testing, prepare them ahead of time for what could happen as a result. Granted, this probably wouldn't happen everywhere, but you never know.

Anonymous said...

Hi, good for you! More parents must opt out. There is going to be a national anti-Common Core speaker on the UWS in two weeks, June 17 at 11 am. Dr Duke Pesta has testfied against Common Core in 20 states. He'll be at Church of St Paul and St Andrew, 263 West 86th Street. Dr Pesta speaks about the bribery involved by the Gates Foundation, OBE, CC double-speak, how CC is against our Constitution, how CC only readies kids for tech and community colleges by pushing math back, product placement in the tests, data mining, privacy violations.

Common Core is the federal takeover of our education system. I saw Dr Pesta speak in Pomona, NY last month. It was eye opening! Come see Dr Pesta June 17th at St Paul and St Andrew.