SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Formal Observations Pre-Determined by Principal Alison Coviello PS 154 Bronx

Monday, October 6, 2014

Formal Observations Pre-Determined by Principal Alison Coviello PS 154 Bronx

Remember the PreCogs in the movie Minority Report? They were able to predict a murder before it happened. DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal of PS 154 and her BFF AP Jessica Cruz canpredict how many formal observations a teacher will have before that teacher as their first one.

When we last left our intrepid conspirators on these pages last month it was shared how on August 24, 2012  BFF AP Jessica Cruz emailed DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal on proper English language use on the upcoming (PreCog abilities again?) write-ups for my file.

This email by BFF AP Jessica Cruz was in response to the email from DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal on how DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal  can find me incompetent in August, 10 days before the school year even started.

So it becomes even curiouser that before I had even my first formal observation of the 2012-2013 school year I was scheduled for two formal observations on a schedule that DR Alison Coviello Ed.D and Principal and BFF AP Jessica Cruz shared only amongst themselves (And assuming AP Rajendra Jimenez-Jailall) which came out in November. Take a look.

Now of course names of other teachers are redacted. Those redacted names with a (2) next to them are non-tenured and marked accordingly, and those non-tenured are marked and so on (All redactions and whether or not tenured or non-tenured added by The Crack Team).That is all except one.

As you can see the week of December 3rd, under then AP Rajendra Jimenez-Jailall observations is a tenured teacher. This tenured teacher was to have a a second observation, scheduled before even the first one was complete, to be observed by BFF AP Jessica Cruz the week of March 4.

I was scheduled to have my first observation in the presence of DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal the week of December 3. But AP Rajendra Jimenez-Jailall was supposed to observe my second observation the week of January 28 but he didn't, but did informally observe me on January 30 and only judged me on my "learning environment," not my pedagogy.

DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal did email me and share with me on February 17 that I was on the schedule for an pre-observation for me on February 21and the observation for me for February 22. This during the abbreviated February break of 2013.

See the fix was in, not only for me, but for others as well (In a way).

Coviello that year did not let anyone take advantage of Part A of the formal observation;
 The first model, known as Annual Performance Options (Component A), offers an individual teacher, in consultation with his/her supervisor, the opportunity to set yearly goals and objectives and to choose the met hods for demonstrating professional growth.
But as with me and one other staff member she decided that even before our first observations we were to have two.

Now I have always been under the impression that a tenured teacher, though can be informally observed as often as an administrator wishes, received only 1 formal observation, unless that observation was a U. And that once having a U, they can be formally observed 2 more times.

Even if I am wrong, why then were most of the tenured teachers (Other tenured teachers received more than one observation) not made to be observed a 2nd time? Was DR Alison Coviello's; Ed.D and Principal mind made up in November 2012 who was to receive or not receive a U rating in June of 2013, which was more than six months away?

Moreover, did I and others, have the same opportunity, the same chances to succeed as other teachers had? Were we all at the same starting line or did some have to start from the back of the pack? What other teachers and staff have fallen out of favor with DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal and how were they then treated? What about those who consider themselves safe for the are favorites. Surely they are aware how easily they can go from being a favorite to an enemy of DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal.

Bigger question. Has  DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal acted in a ethical and professional manner engaging in what appears to be an alleged conspiracy to ruin my career as well as others? If no, should there be any repercussions?

When does this behavior end? 


Anonymous said...

Read §100.2(o) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education very carefully:

A school district's professional performance review plan must exist and be made available to anyone who wishes to review it.

Anonymous said...

A witch hunt at it's finest! Keep fighting Peter!