SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: ATR in Queens Treated Like A Child

Monday, June 15, 2015

ATR in Queens Treated Like A Child

This is yet another story from the files of "You Can't Make This Sh** Up!" A continuing series of the most boneheaded moves from NYCDOE upper echelon.

Today's story is another in the long line of ATR abuse. The ATR (Absent Teacher Reserve) in question is of course a veteran teacher, The Crack Team believes she is over 40, and just wants to do her job. The story is in her words and comments are added by The Crack Team.

The story revolves around how this ATR was late twice by late than 30 minutes and the principal at the school had decided not to just deduct the time from her CAR but rather give her two unexcused absences with the subsequent 2 says of docked pay.

Principal says she has to call legal about my being late 2x payroll Secy put it in as unauthorized absence 29 minutes and says I'm being docked I called the school each time said I was stuck in a construction area on union tpke she not only didn't give me any transportation delay form to fill out she didn't even put it in my car as late instead put it in unauthorized because if you're under 30 minutes total lateness you're okay so I explained this to the principal who said she's calling legal for two lastenesses under 30 minutes and I called she said she wants phone records from me to prove it.......prove this.

 Hasn't there been quite a bit of construction on Union Tpke in Kew Gardens near the Van Wyck of late?

Why not give the transportation delay form? What's the big deal?  But phone records? Why not get the phone records of the school. Surely their bill has numbers of who is calling in. 

I told the principal I would look up my cell phone record..I asked them for the dates..I have one date and the call..the other one I"m not so sure..and I also never knew about a 'transportation delay form'..but if they want to go 'legal' go right ahead. Both latenesses were under 30 minutes.

 These people don't want anyone to know of the OP201 form.

Payroll secretary lambasted me in front of the staff in the office again..screaming..Everyday it's something else with you..I'm really need to chill out..I"m asking you about my put in 29 minutes as 'unauthorized' absence on my CAR..I showed her the print out..and it blew her feeble mind apart.

Yeah chill out! Here's the thing. The secretaries take on the personality of  the principals. Of course if you come to a school for 5 days you are not into the flow of things there and need to go to the one other person besides the custodian who knows what is happening in the school. 

But how is 29 minutes get you docked for the day??

 But why not got to the CL of the building? Some comments of the CL from time spent in the building.

union rep who I reported to the UFT office for telling me that I'm a 'guest' at his school and he 'doesn't have to represent me'

I had already been ranked out by the UFT chapter chair in the school earlier.

No wonder ATR's need their own chapter. ATR's, reach out to James Eterno for advice and assistance. He is an ATR, ran for delegate at the school he was assigned to and won! He is fighting for the ATR's to have their own functional chapter. He's a real mensch and it'll be good to talk to someone.
This stuff has got to stop. The union and it's leadership is enabling this crap.  


Anonymous said...

It is only going to get worse as age discrimination runs rampant.

Anonymous said...

whomever that principal is and the secretary as well a message for ya...karma is watching and soon you will be facing the realities of karma which can be a cruel fate for some who think they are the end all be all on earth but the word states do not think of yourself as all mighty as their is only one and those who think of themselves as all mighty be aware of whomever you are watch it.

Polo Colon said...

I told y'all since 2006 when Klein and Randi were in charge. It seems they still are! You'r right: the Union is an enabler of their crap and offers no opposition on behalf of their dues-paying members. I told the UFT's Executive Board once at their meeting that the Union is only as strong as their weakest link, which is us ATRs! I also said there and then that I call for a UFT Chapter for the displaced ATRs. I told them as well that I know of an ATR who died because of the UFT not representing him (Ron Mortenson, r.i.p.) that the Union allowed his placement at the Chapel Street rubber room which led to his death by car there. I told them that I attended his funeral upstate and that they were directly responsible for this. Additionally, I told them that they are in bed with the the DOE and that I fully expected Randi Weingarten to speak, but immediately leave out the back door in order to avoid speaking to those union members there to address their concerns. I was correct on all counts.

Anonymous said...

Every ATR has at least a dozen horror stories of what has happened to us at some these hellholes. Some places you get terrible administration, others terrible students and worst of all is when you get both.

Polo Colon said...

I concur with Anonymous' claim that every ATR must have a dozen horror stories about working as an ATR substitute teacher. A great idea is to chronicle just those stories, from the mundane minutiae to the outrageous experiences of the persona non gratas known as the Teacher Absence Reserves.

The ATR phenomena is rarely noted to be a creation of Obamaland, Chicago's failed systems that is churning out the highest murder rates in the entire nation. There is nothing but denial and lies coming out of that entire sphere of influence and their lies just keep on coming!

I call on all ATRs to submit their accounts of the indignities, disrespect and outright hostilities encountered from the outset of their becoming ATRs! Send them to ATR CONNECT at NYC Rubber Room Reporter or to this site right here.