SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity: The Grand Illusion of Francesco Portelos

Thursday, November 5, 2015

UFT Solidarity: The Grand Illusion of Francesco Portelos

Dang, just when we here at SBSB thought we have seen it all along come Francisco Portelos with a treatise masked in martyrdom, untruths, and narcissism.

Martyrdom, untruths, and narcissism associated with Portelos you ask? Of course. But seeing is believing and one must read it all.

And one must read the SBSB analysis of the gibberish.

Welcome to the grand illusion/Come on in and see what's happening/Pay the price, get your tickets for the show

Our grassroots support is ever growing. We are in schools in every district, from early childhood to high school and gaining more and more retiree supporters daily.

No it's not. We here at SBSB call bullocks! Schools in every district? So what? Big deal.Hmm, let us see. There are about 33 districts or so multiply it by one school in each district and you have....33.

But to be fair, as Portelos was quoted as saying,  
" was too early to quantify the slate’s support, but counted about 100 active members, a number that he said sounded low, but was high compared to other groups."
We apologize for claiming 1 member in each district. There are 3.03 members in each district. 

The stage is set, the band starts playing

Please excuse my language, but our sources are telling us our “campaign is scaring the sh*t out of people.”

Yes, your campaign is scaring the shit out of people but not for the reasons you create on your mind. 

To make matters worse, UFT leadership’s own Unity caucus members are joining our group UFT Solidarity.  

Name them. 

Others are silent supporters who want to keep their job’s at the UFT central and district offices. Unity members do not have to leave Unity to support Solidarity. We will not be cleaning house of the many good reps that are out there.

 Wow, these people must feel so relieved. They must be sleeping well now. 

Tonight was the UFT Executive Board meeting. It takes place two Mondays a month, is comprised of about 100 members and has a lavish buffet that sets the UFT back about $12,000 a meeting.

$12,000 a meeting for a buffet for 100 people? That is $120 per head. Do you have proof of this? Or is this a number that is just pulled out of some orifice? 

We here at SBSB fact checked this and at most the spread is about $3k. Yes, even that is too much money. We here at SBSB think a shitload of pizzas will do or some six foot wedges along with cole slaw and stuff or even ordering out for wings, but please, get facts straight. 

Suddenly your heart is pounding

We are dealing with wannabe bullies here.

Whatcha talking about Willis? Actually some people are not wannabe bullies but true bullies. **cough cough** **wink wink** **nudge nudge** Know what I mean, know what I mean? 

You're wishing secretly you were a star

Once I spoke and Exec Board member XXXXX informed me after that he found Mulgrew standing alone in the next room where the buffet was listening during my speech.

 Maybe he was adjusting himself. Or just wanted to laugh his ass off in private.

Upon my return VP of Non-DOE members Anne Goldman was on the mic.  She is also the wife of former UFT Manhattan Representative Jerry Goldman and mother of UFT political guru Jason Goldman (next to Paul Egan of course).

So what does it matter about her family? Why must her family be involved?  What purpose does this serve? 

But don't be fooled by the radio/The TV or the magazines

I was driving home from school one day and stopped at a red light. My phone always sits on my dashboard, within arms reach, and I often use voice activation to call or text.

Impressive. I keep my phone between my legs when I drive. Who cares where you keep your phone or that you use voice activation. Why? Because it is all "look at me! I use technology!"

A message reminder I had set popped up stating “Call Nurses.” Before the light changed I had quickly navigated to the UFT Nurses Chapter page.

Hmm, it's starting to get interesting. Hold on everyone. Amazing how one can do this and drive at the same time. 

 They'll show you photographs of how your life should be/But they're just someone else's fantasies

The nurses page had links to every private hospital that employees UFT nurses. Each of those pages had the names and phone numbers of the representatives and what times they were available to be reached. By the next red light I started calling and quickly found out that the information was outdated both in phone numbers and in times of availability. “XXXX XXX-XXXX? No she works during the morning.” “XXXX? Oh you mean XXXX? He’s not here now.” “____? She retired.”

Let's disect this. What gives Portelos the right to call people, nurses, at work, to discuss union business? Were these nurses working at the time? Were they attending to sick patients? 

Now, The Crack Team has heard that these were delegates and surely they must be used to getting phone calls during their shifts, but phone calls that are pertinent to the union, i.e. a member needs help, etc... Not from someone who stands behind a podium and plays pretend as a union president while having his photo taken. Yeah, the phone calls might have been permissible, but they were ethically wrong. Again, this is the same old "me first" story that we see time and time again. 

What's worse is that a nurses full name was published. Again, what gives Portelos the right to do that?

Apparently, as we expected, Anne Goldman found out about our calls, and maybe even some flyers others put up at the hospitals and online.


Now I truly believe most people in that room had no idea what she was talking about. I did though and I began to smirk as she glanced over at me and says …AND I AM TALKING ABOUT MR. PORTELOS …AND I ASK THAT IS LEADERSHIP ORDER A CEASE AND DESIST, INVESTIGATE AND REPRIMAND THIS MEMBER.

She's right. Maybe her tone was wrong, but she is right. But again, Portelos is all about himself. 

So if you think your life is complete confusion/'Cause you never win the game/Just remember that it's a grand illusion

I raise my hand to speak and respond, but UFT Secretary Emil Pietromonaco nodded no. Then another gentleman from the Executive Board, representing the nurses, gets on another microphone and adds something about “…the phone calls to the nurses are monitored and recorded. They violated our contract and could now face disciplinary charges. A cease and desist should be ordered and a full investigation by the board!

As we have seen with the continued unsolicited emailing of teachers principals we see it again here. Not caring whether or not he puts someone's job and career in jeopardy Portelos does what he wants, when he wants, for himself.  The same script, only different victims. 

So a bunch of people are pissed at Portelos, and rightly so. But instead of possibly for the first time ever seeing the error in his ways, Portelos of course turns this to all about himself. 

This is what it really comes down to…what their fear and desperation is leading them to do. 

NO, NOT FEAR AND DESPERATION!! Just fed up with the pattern we have seen all over. Harassing women over Facebook who decide to speak up for James Eterno. Taunting emails to female members of MORE. Taunting texts to other members of MORE. The bullying on Facebook and on this blog. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be Portelos. 

So if you think your life is complete confusion/Because your neighbor's got it made/Just remember that it's a grand illusion

But here comes the martyrdom....

Portelos wonders what the UFT can do. From the UFT Constitution he mentions Article 3 Section 6 that a member can be expelled, and Article 4, Section 5, that a member in good standing can't run in UFT election and then claims.....

Desperate move, but it appears that a rigged panel will set up a rigged special review board to expel me and make me ineligible to run.

But where is he getting this? According to our sources at the exec board meeting nothing of the sort was broached nor even thought of.  It won't happen, and sources tell us they won't support it. There are better ways. As one source shared; "But that makes him stupid, not guilty of a breach"

But shouldn't Portelos be more concerned about Victor Jordan who has not been a member of the UFT since Clinton was president. 

One method is shunning as the Amish do. The other method of discipline, if there is any, is something that has been suggested by The Crack Team. 

The Crack Team calls for Portelos' super magic UFT Junior decoder ring to be confiscated as well as his UFT Junior  coloring book along with the UFT Junior realistic grievance book used by grown ups.  Oh yeah, and the whistle too.

So let's do the math. One hundred members of Solidarity, plus let's say...10 nurses, not bad. Though not even enough to get on the ballot.


Anonymous said...

I think people are starting to realize how truly sick this man is.... so many people have placed in harm's way because of his warp thinking. I think he is truly hoping the UFT blocks his election campaign so he can say "Johnny I coulda been a contender, I coulda been somebody." Truly he can't play with the big boys.

Francisco Portabella said...

Who is this clown and why is he using a variation of my name?

Anonymous said...

You gotta love it. Don't you wish you could put on a show like Portelos? He made some phone calls during work hours. so?
What's with all that psychological investment in this man? Will you ever really question your own life and how you find yourself at the keyboard fixating. again.

Pete Zucker said...

Put on a show like Portelos? Sure, I've always wanted to join the circus.

Fixated at the keyboard? Hmmm. I got home from work at 6. Went gravity shopping. Got home at 7:30. Was on phone with a dear friend who was viciously attacked on Facebook until 8. Watched Big Bang Theory. Ate dinner at 8:30. Watched old reruns of Hill Street Blues until 10. Then I blogged.

But if fixated you mean sending taunting and harassing texts and emails to members of MORE incessantly, going places where I am unwelcomed, harassing women who disagree with me, then no, I'm not fixated.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, fixated you say? Why are so interested in what South Bronx Teacher writes about Portelos? Come on now... it is amusing to say the least that he is that desperate he is reaching out to the UFT nurses. I have a ill family member in the hospital now. I would be pissed if that moron was calling the nurses on the floor where my loved one was.... he needs to get a grip on reality. You need to stop defending the undefendable ....

Anonymous said...

What did he do to piss off Betsy Combier??? She referred to Solidarity as a mob in one her latest posts. This asshat thinks he really is going change things because he is bitter?????

Anonymous said...

Did you see how Portelos took a photo behind caution tape at UFT headquarters stating they wouldn't let him in? Such a drama queen!!! It was all for a photo stunt and poor Porty! He looks like an expelled clown from the circus!

Pete Zucker said...

Speaking of stunts and drama I failed to mention the headline, "UFT LEADERSHIP TAKES STEPS TO EXPEL CHALLENGER..."

Nothing can be further from reality. Sad how Portrelos is attempting his own Gulf of Tonkin.

Anonymous said...

The Photo was a pathetic and he should take it down. It makes him look so bad. Mildew and Company are probably begging the DOE to send him to the worst of the worst as a ATR. I doubt he will make it to the next term without having been written up.

Anonymous said...

Cleary, whatever it is that is against or biased about PORTELOS, at least he is running for SOMETHING that matters to ALL UFTers. If you think y'all can do better, think better, act better, then put on your performance for those of us, UFTers can see rather than hide behind blogs and posting criticisms that really only create more backdraft MULGREW and if that's a legacy you want to continue with then sorry asses deserves the miserable treatment they get. So while the UFT kept him from "speaking his truth", funny, all of you should stop and think, 'WHAT DOES THE UNITY CAUCUS HAVE TO HIDE THAT THEY DON'T WANT TO BE REVEALED BY HIM??" This is where you need to investigate facts and stop alleging of his "misgivings" or "misguided information". Thus, if your criticisms are more than platitudes, then take it public and really cause the necessary action needed to turn around the UFT and its ever decreasing meaning to be unionized!!
WATCH FOR THE CHICAGO UNION WORKERS and their potential layoffs in JANUARY 2016!! This is serious and sends messages to ALL UNIONS that we all need to be on watch...
Instead of picking on potential rivals COME UP WITH SOLUTIONS FOR THE LUDICROUS ACTIONS by the UNITY CAUCUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a bigger issue...
If JIA LEE is supposedly/considered the "breath of fresh air" for UFT, then lets see her in action!!!

Hopefully, she is NOT just another "FACE" for elections and turns into a RANDY/HILLARY for political correctness, then what's the point and the difference of her being just another FEMALE "MULGREW". With More/New Action joining alliances and with others who have just as much experience i.e. Eterno and newly deputized Portelos, ALL OF YOU NEED TO COLLABORATE AND REALLY ROCK MULGREW's WORLD.

ALL OF YOU are saying the same thing just different "elaborate platitudes" yet wanting to accomplish the same overall purpose - RID THE UFT OF MULGREW!!

PLEASE DON'T LET MULGREW GET RE-ELECTED because WE, UFTers, cannot see the writing on the wall because these FRACTIONS of UFT cannot "collaborate/communicate/eradicate" this demoralizing system in place.

JUST CONCENTRATE ON WHAT "THE DEVIL IN THE DETAILS" is leading UFTers toward and how bad policies, bad administrators (CSA) and bad advocacy is corrupting this system to the point where teaching is no longer a career but a detriment to our health and our students!!!

Anonymous said...

If the only option was to keep Mulgrew or elect Portelos, I would gladly keep Mulgrew.

Anonymous said...

Any vote for Francisco Portelos is at best a wasted vote since he is unable to gather the momentum to win any election. There is however, a worse case scenario for casting any vote his way. Portelos has demonstrated an inability to provide a vision other than one rooted in anger and confrontation. He draws support and resonates with some of the most disgruntled and psychologically unbalanced individuals. As these people serve his ego of being their champion he has created dissonance with those you do not support him through internet attacks of defamation and disparagement laying a large swath of collateral damage. In fact, I would argue that the individuals damaged by his tactics represent a larger population than those he served. Furthermore, Portelos has alienated parents, administrators, and moderate educators with his tweets,blogs and verbalizations. He is the perfect fodder for the growing antiunion sentiment that exists today. He will create a self destructive energy that is counter productive to any sustainable UFT message.

Think of Portelos this way. He is blinded by his anger and ego like a raging bull. And as he charges the red cape in all his fury he has failed to see the sword in the Matadors other hand.