SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity: Francesco Portelos Trolls Nurses In Hospitals

Friday, January 8, 2016

UFT Solidarity: Francesco Portelos Trolls Nurses In Hospitals

The Crack Team has come across information concerning Francesco Portelos' forays into his attempts to corner the UFT nurses vote that is just so beneath contempt, but worse, could have put patient's lives in danger.

As was reported here on November 5th as well as on the Portelos blog Portelos ventured into a Staten Island hospital trolling for the nurses vote. Remember that one? The one in which Portelos blew the dog whistle in his own hyperbolic manner that he was to be drummed out of the UFT? From Portelos' blog in which he is being denounced at the UFT exec board meeting...


"…the phone calls to the nurses are monitored and recorded. They violated our contract and could now face disciplinary charges. A cease and desist should be ordered and a full investigation by the board!”

The Crack Team has learned more about that night.

Originally we had assumed that Portelos was either; a) having acquired cell phone numbers called the nurses on their cell phones, or b) called the nurses at their stations on the patient floors. We were wrong. It was worse.

Portelos, as always thinking about himself first, attempted to reach out to nurses by calling the Neo-Natal Unit, the ICU, and the Operating Room. Think about it. Two units where the most vulnerable patients in a hospital are were forced to take a back seat to Portelos' ego.

Think about it. Portelos by his actions put patients lives in jeopardy. Yes, only by the grace of God, there were no emergencies, but what could have happened in the few seconds that a nurse took the time to answer a useless phone call from Portelos if a patient flat lined in ICU? If a baby stopped breathing in Neo-Natal? If a nurse preparing to assist a surgeon on an operation was distracted enough to forget an instrument, an instruction, or some other matter of importance?

It would not matter to Portelos as long has he was the center of attention.

Which of course happened a few weeks later at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn.

This time Portelos was brave enough to show his face. Walking down the corridors on the patients floors, or as Portelos wrote in this piece a few weeks after the Staten Island affair;
"One of them directed me to the staffing room for the nurses. I assumed it was something similar to a teacher’s lounge. As a went back-and-forth across the lobby of Lutheran Medical Center, to find the staff lounge..."
But is this true? For what was Portelos actually doing on the patient floors? As Portelos shared;
"I went to visit my grandmother who was recuperating at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn."
The Crack Team has confirmed that there was no grandma at Lutheran that night. Now, grandma might have been across the street at the nursing home, but grandma at Lutheran came from someone's world of make believe.

Walking through patient floors where patients are being cared for put not only the nurses in a vulnerable position but the patients and their loved ones as well. He violated the privacy patients, their families, and their health care providers expect and demand.

But eventually it all came to an end for Portelos;
“Can I help you with something sir? Can we ask your business here?”

“I can’t believe she got security involved. I’m here visiting my grandmother who’s recuperating from hip surgery. I’m also running for president of the United Federation of Teachers. I thought to drop off some flyers since we represent nurses here.” I told them.

“Sir, if we see you here again we’re gonna have to remove you."
See right there you could tell grandma is all fictional.  Two things gave it away. If he was truly there for grandma, security would have asked him to cease and desist and stay with grandma. But there is something more telling. (Seriously, where is the line between fantasy and reality with him?)

Portelos who is so good at sharing every tidbit that he "believes" happened that night at Lutheran never said anything about having to leave grandma that evening. Never added something like, "I couldn't even say goodbye to grandma," or "I asked if I could at least say goodbye to grandma." Quite interesting.

What was the hospital supposed to do? To allow a stranger with no business in the hospital up on the patients floors? Be allowed to walk into private areas of the hospital? There are incidents all the time in hospitals. We live in an age in which hospitals are considered soft targets, baby abductors troll hospitals, crime happens in hospitals. You just can't leisurely walk around a hospital and troll nurses.

Portelos not only put patients lives and health at risk but the careers of nurses as well. The hospital on Staten Island and Lutheran are PRIVATE HOSPITALS and have different work rules ans free speech rules than public hospitals.

Nurses can be disciplined, nurses (As well as the union) can be seen as reckless if there are focusing on the inanity of Portelos instead of their patients.

There is no politicking at private hospital. Patients might be offended if they see a sign, leaflet, etc.., that goes against their belief system. But politicking is not permissible of a private hospital, especially during when nurses are on duty.

Which can make one wonder would Portelos walk into a classroom while a teacher is teaching to spew about himself? Would Portelos call a teacher while that teacher is teaching? Nope and nope.

But, he would call and harangue nurses and staff members to blabber about himself when these people are the ones that are at the front lines of patients lives. Nurses can't be distracted while they are on duty. Their only priority is their patients which of course Portelos fails to realize. 

More and more we see that Portelos has neither the maturity, temperament, nor the skills to be a leader. He chooses to lead by fear and intimidation which are not what anyone wants in a leader.

As you have just read, what is most important his himself and his vendetta against the UFT. Remember this, if Randi got him a gig at the UFT there is no UFT Solidarity.

No matter how it is sliced, Portelos put patients at risk and kept nurses from doing their duty. What more needs to be said. Except..

Portelos > Patients lives.


Anonymous said...

Portelos is a really sad man. I wonder what he is going to do when he loses the election?

Anonymous said...

Porty will run around in circles forever. That's his fate. Like a dog chasing his tail.

Francesco Portelos said...

One rule I live by is "It's not honorable to engage in battle with weaker opponents."

You're post, as well as all your many others, are filled with false statements and ideas you and MORE members have conjured up about me. Regardless, we have more than doubled in size since you began your defamatory crusade this past July.

How about this? Let's engage in meaningful mediation. I'll email and you do the same. Then they'll contact both of us for a professional sit down.

In Solidarity,

Just a dad from Staten Island

Anonymous said...

Since the dad from Staten Island left MORE has tripled in size. Since Zucker' s posts are helping you grow so much you should urge him to continue. You seem to be the only one who considers yourself honorable.

Zukemania said...

1. His grandmother was in the hospital.
2. Maybe he was on his way out from visiting his grandmother and already said his goodbye.
3. Come on, who's the storyteller? What did he do, call in and say, "Operating room #3, please." How ridiculous you sound.

You're telling lies because of your vendetta against Francesco. Your nonsense is losing votes for MORE. With so many honorable members in MORE/New Action, it's a shame that your voice is taking away from theirs.

Nancy Zazulka

Pete Zucker said...

Nancy let me say that I feel for what you've been through. It's unfair and should never have happened.

Having said that you are truly exhibiting characteristics of a cult member. You have been blinded to reality and see things only through Portelos colored glasses. But let me address your concerns.

1. Granny was not in the hospital. My sources as well as The Crack Teams are beyond reproach. Remember, this is the same person who for a year said Randi CALLED HIM. And as we learned that never happened. I can list other untruths claimed by your leader but only have access to my phone.

2. He was trolling and haranguing nurses when they were dealing with people's lives. It was completely inappropriate what he did. Worse, to call ICU and Neo Natal units with such frivolity when nurses must give their entire attention to these patients is abhorrent.

3. I don't tell lies. I deal with facts. I have no vendetta. If there's nothing to write about how can I then write about your leader?

Re-examine your ties to Solidarity. Understand, that Your Leader will never ever lead the UFT. You say there are lots of good people in MORE/NA so why not come join? Are have you been intimidated into staying?

You can break free. I believe you have it in you.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey. I don't think this is that big of a deal. He was soliciting votes from nurses. Bad taste? Yes, but not the most horrible act as you describe. His threats to sue fellow UFT members is way worse in my opinion. I too am torn between voting MORE or Solidarity. I like the Solidarity platform of militant power to bring back rights to our job. However, I don't think there is enough votes to get them elected. MORE has an actual shot at getting some high school seats. Guess, I gotta do some thinking.

Anonymous said...

Francesco Assholetelos isn't going to be UFT President....he needs to keep his ATR skates on and keep rolling.

Zukemania said...

Thanks, but no thanks to your condescension - "I believe you have it in you."

Cult member traits? Your buzz words work on your followers, not in the real world. While I appreciate any member trying to do what's best for our union, I personally don't like your tactics. There's no point in us going back and forth. Your #1 goal is to destroy Francesco. Our #1 goal is to make the union better.

Pete Zucker said...

My tactics? Again, take off the Portelos colored glasses and open your eyes when you complain about tactics. If you only knew.

My #1 goal is truth and nothing more nor less. Besides, Portelos is doing a pretty darn good job of destroying himself. Portelos' goal has nothing to do with making a stronger union, his only goal is promoting himself and power.

Zukemania said...

I read your "truth." You spin everything he says or does to promote your agenda of destroying him. Promoting himself? He's been protecting himself for years. He's told of his ordeals and is now helping others fight.
No cult here, no colored glasses either.
You attack him. He protects himself. You paint him as a bully.

Pete Zucker said...

He is a bully. I'm not the only on who has said so. You know it to be true, yet won't admit it to yourself.

Yes cult there. You have been drinking the Kool-Aid. So sad.

His ordeals? Boo-hoo. There have been worse stories than him.

Seek out Richard Candia and learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

Portelos was a bully from day one with Linda Hill. When he didn't get what "he wanted" he threaten her and turn her in on the DOE. I am not condoning Ms. Hill's actions but Portelos was well aware of what she was doing well before he turn crusader. When he didn't get his way he got a hissy fit and everything snow ball. People should look at how his job record was before joining the teacher reeks of being a bully. Once a bully always a bully.

Anonymous said...

They look like ordeals when he tells you only half the story. When you don't seek out the other half I call that drinking the cool aid.

Anonymous said...

Portelos was up Linda Hill's butt and was considered her snitch and expected to be rewarded and when he wasn't he turned on her. She was an awful principal but as long as he expected to be rewarded he didn't care. When he didn't get his cookie he turned on her and she retaliated. As he always does he made it all about him. Unlike most teachers who get screwed for doing nothing in his case he made his own bed.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Portelos had the nerve to sign his message just a dad. What about those poor mothers and fathers who had newborns in the hospital. I don't think they would think too highly of his fathering skills to interrupt nurses caring for the sick new borns. I am sure some of those fathers would like to wring his bald head and neck. Such a jerk!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the exposes of Portelos' asinineness, but this is pathetic. The UFT doesn't rep hospital nurses. School nurses.
You make yourself fall to his grave-low level.

ed notes online said...

Actually YOU have it wrong. The UFT is the bargaining agent for nurses in some hospitals - Lutheran is one. Portelos may be some things but is certainly not stupid and full well knows that. In fact the UFT may not even rep school nurses (how many are left?) who may be in another union. Maybe DC 37 Correct me if I am wrong. The UFT has a nurse functional chapter. If they hold meetings that are announced if someone wanted to reach some of them that might be a better bet than floating around hospital corridors.

Anonymous said...

OK then. Great that these are private hospitals, therefore we get a teeny inking of union democracy via Landrum-Griffin only applying to unions having some of their work with private enterprise entities.
Portelos, then, is showing the poorest of judgment for sending robo calls to nurses, as many nurses need to be on call, and his calls are plain nuisances.
He thinks that social media is a sufficient replacement for god ole organizing.

ed notes online said...

Peter's posts are having an interesting effect in that all sides are dropping by. So some thoughts on the bigger picture which I'll develop further on ed notes. Apparently throwing shit against a wall and hoping some of it sticks is the strategy - sometimes some of it does stick but you can never tell what will and what won't. I'm not against trying stuff - I've done it myself - as long as it is accompanied by some good ole organizing on a consistent basis. One of my disagreements with the guy was that I had learned a few things from the past and did not want to repeat stuff that didn't work and he thought he knew it all and brands my disagreement as obstruction to his brilliant ideas rather than trying to develop a broader strategy. My thinking on organizing has evolved. 12 years ago I felt we needed a new caucus after New Action took the Unity deal. My experience with ICE and its relationship with TJC - running in elections together as a coalition - we had similar arrangements in the 70s and 80s and even into the 90s - clearly was not working - which after a lot of tugging and pulling led to coming together in MORE - believe me not always an easy thing but given the alternatives the only thing to do. Now New Action has retreated from the Unity alliance and we formed what I am hoping is a temporary coalition between 2 separate groups for this election which makes things harder to do. The hope is that New Action people can start taking part in MORE decisions after the election and become more like ICE did -- keep its own identity but not be an electoral caucus. (TJC by the way decided not to do so and disbanded.)
There are groups like NYCORE and Teachers Unite active among NYC teachers but their people who want to do UFT directed work do so within MORE.
My guess is that after the election people on all sides will have learned a few things including my young colleagues in MORE. One of the reasons I urged people not to run was because I know the election causes divisions and actually impedes good ole organizing. After the election all groups will experience some erosion and a lack of enthusiasm for doing the work - I've seen it happen time and again. I Actually view the winning of the high school seats as a trap of sorts where the opposition focuses too much on the UFT exec bd - which is a vast Unity wasteland - instead of good ole organizing.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what I find really sad in all this mess that is Solidarity? Is that there are really decent people who want to change the UFT. They want better for themselves and others. They don't want bully principals and DOE nonsense. It is just sad that they are being led by a liar. Someone who believes his own grandness. Sadly these kind, decent and loyal people will be so disappointed when their leader moves on to something else. Perhaps Randi may offer him a job just to get him out of the way. Then they will see his true colors. Or maybe he will move back to Greece and run for President there!

ed notes online said...

I had a wonderful conversation with someone in solidarity the other day. So you are right. Nature will take its own course and things will shake out after the election. There is potential for people in solidarity and more to get disillusioned or encouraged after the election. No matter what there will not be a great impact on the uft. We'd have to see masses of people coming out of the woodwork against unity before we'll see that. Blog readers get distorted view of things and begin to think things are shaking while reports out of schools are that most people are clueless or disinterested.

Anonymous said...

Ed notes online... your reply is so true. The young teachers just don't have a clue. As a senior teacher with 30+ years I am just waiting to retire. The fight has gone out of me. Just praying I am not harassed for the next 2 years. So glad I am on my way out. Overall it is a sad reflection on the state of teaching and what it says about how our society views children.

Francesco Portelos said...

I don't know. Maybe I am a bully. When I ran into you across from the Bronx Solidarity Happy Hour, you went as far as you could from me Peter. I waited for you so we could cross the street together and talk. "I'm not walking with you." You stated as you went out of your way to cross the street on your own.

The nurse case was open and closed. If your readers want reality they can read what happened here:

The good news is we have nurse supporters working on the inside and no lives were in danger.

I emailed the mediation team. Ball is in your court.

Pete Zucker said...

To 1:10, 4:31, and Norm.

Yes there are some good people in Solidarity that I have spoken with as well. They can have seen the mess that has been created yet for some reason are to scared, intimidated, or confused to break away. These people though will see the bill of goods they've been sold after the election is over and leave Solidarity.

Sadly, as we saw earlier in the comments there will remain the hard core forever believers that will never see reality and keep on just as Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel have. Whilst on this subject one thing keeps gnawing at me. How many actual "members" of Solidarity are actually current UFT members? And how many of the non-UFT members are in decision making roles for Solidarity?

We will never know what is the truth with Solidarity. There is no reality, just created perception.

But the perception that younger teachers are apathetic and ignorant to the elections is reality. I've talked to some and they just don't get it nor want to get it. They feel that if there CL is good therefore the union leadership is good.

Anonymous said...

How's Porty's lawsuit coming along, SBT?

Pete Zucker said...

Dang! The lawsuit. Forgot all about it.

If there is a time of the year to visit White Plains, this is the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete the ball is your court now! Make it a grand slam!

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of mediation Porty should apologies for all the personal insults and allegations he sent your way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, can Southbronxschool and Portelos actually have a mediation and flush out this argument. As someone who knows and respects them both, this is getting very old FAST. Oh wow, another he said -he said article on either Zucker's or Portelos' blog. Lets just resolve this issue.

on another matter, can we have a Unity, New Action /MORE, Solidarity debate???