SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity Confuses Reality

Sunday, February 21, 2016

UFT Solidarity Confuses Reality

I'm really confused I don't know what to do.

I'm in a grumpy mood today. Vacation is over and I am hitting a new school tomorrow. I needed a pick me up, something to get me laughing.

I decided to head on over to the UFT Solidarity Facebook page for some humor and boy did I find it but it left me so confused.

UFT Solidarity was having a happy hour/recruitment drive for all it's followers and future devotees on February 12. But something strange occurred. Not many people showed up.

In fact by the looks of things Abe Vigoda and Bozo showed. Well, not really. There is a policy here not to show the faces of UFT members so we decided to redact those mugs with Mr Vigoda and Mr The Clown.

Notice anything strange? Other than Abe Vigoda's face and the fact that he can't possibly be in Brooklyn because he is dead?

Yeah, all of the pictured (See original) are UFT Solidarity members as well as the officers running and hoping (PRAYING?) to get on the ballot. As we can see with the looks on Abe Vigoda's face this was not a very happy hour.

We here at SBSB have heard that UFT Solidarity is growing exponentially through the roof that UFT members are clamoring across the city to get some of that UFT Solidarity action and mojo.

Could it be that we heard wrong? We are so confused. The number of parents opting out through UFT Solidarity are mind boggling!!!

Just a little over a week ago on the UFT Solidarity Facebook page this was posted;

Four hundred parents is quite a lot. But just three days later it was reported on the ICE blog by Francesco Portelos himself (In what many are calling a major meltdown) that 100 more (Pardon the pun!) parents have signed onto the UFT Solidarity Opt-Out Nebulizer special thingy thing (Click to enlarge).

WOW! A 25 percent increase in just 72 hours. Using that math as well as pattern, and I am no math major, in 9 days that would equate to over 200 more parents signing up on the Special Super Duper UFT Opt Out Thingy. Wouldn't it? Let's do the math. What are today's numbers? Should be over 700 hundred, no? Ringo, Drum roll please.......

Dang. Still 500 members. We will give Portelos some kudos to sticking to his new story, but demerits on the reality his story entails.

This is just par for the course with Portelos and UFT Solidarity ends. The creation of their own reality in which their truth differs what from is happening around them. Those affiliated with Portelos and UFT Solidarity, it is not too late to break free and open your eyes. Think it out. Where does truth and make believe become the same? We here at SBSB understand that you might be scared to leave seeing what Portelos has done to others who have dared to question him.

To those on the fence and thinking about following UFT Solidarity, be wary, keep your guard up. As you can see above not many people care, or in particular, know about UFT Solidarity. You need to not only do what is best for yourself but for that teacher coming in after you. UFT Solidarity is not the way.

It can't be the way when it relies on one person, one mind to lead it and to make decisions. It can't be the way when people are too frightened to speak up and it certainly can't be the way when their is misinformation and fuzzy math.

A UFT caucus should not be dependent on any one personality, it should be dependent on it's members, it's ideas, it's principles,  and it's humanity.

Sadly, UFT Solidarity comes up empty time and time again. 


Francesco Portelos said...

Peter, if you want to go out with me just ask. You don't have to throw pebbles at my window.

Surely the over 30 blog post you wrote about me and UFT Solidarity has to have taken a lot of time away from your family. I feel bad for them and you as well. Obsession is a very scary thing and hurts a lot of people.

I know you must be feeling very lonely. I want to help. Trust me. I'll take a little break from my campaign and my own family to meet with an old friend.

Anonymous said...

Pete he's sweating Porty is feeling the heat and getting mental of having to get 900 living UFT Members to sign his petitions with just 16 days to go. Then he'll be exposed in front of the 50 UFT Supporters with blaming is favorite MORE targets wothout seeing in the mirror what actually caused the downfall. Himself notice how Poty whines about you. Ask Porty about Richard Candia better I'll email you Candia's info anyone gets hold of candia Porty gets exposed

Anonymous said...

You mean the email between Candia and the principal he swiped and published anonymously for which he was found guilty?
Or the 25 web sites he paid for to disparage Candia?
Or calling up parents to tell them Candia's wife was not licensed to be their children's teacher?

Anonymous said...

Pebbles at the window? More like boulders. Coming here to leave a comment makes Porty pathetic. That he can't resist is another sign of his weakness. Is South Bronx writing this so he can capture Porty's attention so he will meet with him? No one wants to meet with Porty unless he is strip searched.

Pete Zucker said...

Again, you feel this need to bring my family into this. Why is that? Why is it that anyone who dares to cross you or contradict your reality you find the need to hit below the belt either by besmirching one's family, revealing private confidential information, bringing some out of context thing from years in the past, or some homoerotic fantasy.

As I've mentioned in the past this is our classic projecting. You are taking your own fears, your own anxiety and your low self esteem and projecting it upon others for this is the only method available to you to make you feel more important and/or make up for a serious Freudian physical shortcoming.

Yet 30 factual blog posts about you and your hijinks are nothing compared to your repeated texting and emailing of MORE Steering, Schirtzer ( I heard you nearly peed yourself at the DA), Mindy, and Jia. Not to mention those at 52 Broadway.

You want me to stop blogging about your hijinks, stop giving me material. I mean it's funnier than anything I've ever seen.

But the way you respond to me and others shows clearly are seriously unfit and emotionally immature you are to lead a union or even an after school finger painting class.

Soon, the mass exodus of Solidarity will commence and you will be looking to blame someone. Look in the mirror for that person.

Anonymous said...

Porty -Porty, please get off the Pity Potty. You are pathetic. Surprised that your wife still allows you to sleep in the same bed with her. One day when your kids are old enough to realize your behavior, they will be terribly ashamed of your antics.

Anonymous said...

Talk about away from family. Porty will show up anywhere, even hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Portelos was the first to respond to your blog? That in itself is telling of his failing campaign. That fact coupled with his continued need to insult, draw in innocent bystanders or the family of his rivals shows his continuation of an inability to develop and achieve a proactive vision but rather, regress to his hardened confrontational bullying self. He will never understand that he is a high conflict personality because he is blind to it. He will run out of negative advocates over time by either burning a bridge with them over a minor disagreement, not delivering on his grandiose promises or as people come to realize his misrepresentation of reality defeat the ability to be trusted or believed by any sane individual in a decision making capacity.

Mr. Portelos can not develop the capacity to build coalitions or maintain alliances overtime. He relies on adversarial relationships and triangulation. That serves only his self interest and defeats any possibility of lasting leadership.

I expect that his happy hours will become more lonely overtime.

Anonymous said...

Since you are so knowledgable about the ATR situation, I am trying to organize a lawsuit for any ATR that has received "U" ratings for 2/3 yrs in a row under the Teach for the 21stC guidelines/protocols. Should you know of anyone please have them contact These ATRs must have accurate supporting documentation in order to proceed with this "lawsuit". Have anyone who has been involved with this "abuse of contract violations" have them reach out to this email!!

Francesco Portelos said...

The heavy, heavy use of the "anonymous" alias on this and many other blogs is telling of a membership that not only fears the system in which they work in, but their own colleagues.

It's really a societal issue where one feels they are stronger online and behind a screen, but then put on the mask again in person.

For example Anonymous comment Feb 23 2:33pm. Why did they not leave their name? What was going through their mind? It's like those school yard fights where people from the crowd throw in cheap shots and then hide back in the crowd. They had some in depth analysis, why not put a name to it?

It's OK, because I still stand and we keep on moving, Solidarity grows and supports, and we will change this union.

Our next happy hour is March 4th at Studio Square in Queens. Join us, sign a petition or just write about us.

In the end it's very evident why MORE has you throwing jabs from the crowd.

Francesco Portelos

Anonymous said...

The truth is out. Portelos will try to sue you, defame you, disparage you, ruin your career, set up a variety of blogs to attack you.

Why would anybody put themselves in that position?

All Portelos has is the desire to escalate conflict.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Portelos.

Have you examined the heavy, heavy use of anonymous and/or fake names in your blogs? In fact you condone it!

It seems you only do not like it when it does not serve your purpose. That is the crux of what so many people dislike about you. You have two set of rules: The ones for how you treat others and the ones of how you think you should be treated.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the last comment. Why would someone subject themselves to Porty harassment? Notice how he can't stop himself from coming back to this site and making more of a joke of himself. There are stories that he used to call the teachers room in his school while he was in the rubber room and tell them he bugged the room and installed cameras to monitor what they were saying about him. They stopped going to eat lunch in the teacher room after that. Now that's Solidarity.

Anonymous said...

I do not think people fear their colleagues as much as people fear Francesco Portelos.

Francesco Portelos thrives on inducing fear. He is a one trick pony.

Anonymous said...

To Anno2/23@9:31

Why post that information as anonymous? Regardless that is the Portelos way. "Let's sue 'em!!" Meanwhile the litigation takes years, you have a very poor track record for winning even your own cases and you can lay the blame at someone else's feet if and when you lose but take credit if you win anything at all.

Jia Lee is proactively trying to solve the problems for everyone. Fransceo Portelos can't survive without someone to sue.

Anonymous said...

People who worked at Portelos school were deathly afraid to say no to him because they feared being on his enemy list and dragged into court for some bogus reason. In the UFT election see if anyone who worked at his school will run on his slate.

Anonymous said...

Portelos drop out of election or you will go down in history as a spoiler
Unity will win if other caucuses split the vote
Can't you see that?

Anonymous said...

You are wrong to call on Portelos to drop out. He has the right to run and should run even though I would never vote for him. Since MORE cannot win whether he runs or not why not run? The only thing he can spoil is stopping MORE from winning the high school executive board seats and then he would be responsible for making Unity even stronger which would only go to prove what people are saying. That he is a Randi operative and only criticizes the union to maintain some credibility but spends more time going after Jia Lee and MORE. He will have one big party if he can stop MORE and New Action from winning those seats. Maybe he will invite Randi and Mulgrew.

Anonymous said...

I do not think Francesco Portelos is an operative, he is in this for his own ego. It is always about his ego.

I think Francesco Portelos will be remembered as a small minded angry little man. No more, no less.

Pete Zucker said...

Portelos, I don't think the the anonymous commenters fear the "system" as much as they fear you. Your reputation of what you do to those who dare to cross you is legendary.

Yes, you do have a point how those who comment on the Internet are stronger online than in person. But that comes with a caveat.

Even though you post under your own name, and I do give you kudos for that, you still have what is known as "Internet muscles." Tough online, but when face to face or confronted, you fold like a suit off the rack from Sears.

Mindy Rosier, you send hateful, vile emails to, yet when you see her face to face you can't repeat what you write. Same with Schirtzer. You are tough on the Internet but when you are confronted you figuratively urinate on yourself and your Porty Babe Zazulka see the Leader is butt naked and realizes what Freud was talking about.

But in all honesty what you had been doing in your comment, and basically all your comments on any blog when you attack is attacking yourself. You project.

According to Freud, "that in projection thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings that cannot be accepted as one's own are dealt with by being placed in the outside world and attributed to someone else. What the ego repudiates is split off and placed in another."

One of the ways the projection manifests itself is through bullying, which we know is one of your specialties, "A bully may project his/her own feelings of vulnerability onto the target(s) of the bullying activity. Despite the fact that a bully's typically denigrating activities are aimed at the bully's targets, the true source of such negativity is ultimately almost always found in the bully's own sense of personal insecurity and/or vulnerability. Such aggressive projections of displaced negative emotions can occur anywhere from the micro-level of interpersonal relationships, all the way up through to the macro-level of international politics, or even international armed conflict."

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are you are brilliant. I'd be willing to pay you for time on your couch. You so get Portelos and what he is about. His followers think a bully is what is needed. When he focused his bullying on the DOE everyone cheered. Until he formed his caucus he didn't go after the UFT as much, probably hoping for that job. Then when he didn't get his way he bullied everyone including fellow UFT members. As people found out his full story his supporters, who were many, began to desert him in droves. At one point most of the bloggers were with him including this blog. Find one other than Chaz who supports him now and Chaz who supported him fully at one point is now somewhat neutral. Why?

Anonymous said...

It is re-assuring to see the analytical aspect of understanding Francesco Portelos.

It is through understanding that we can overcome fear. The more people stand up to Portelos the weaker he will become.