SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Teachers are Lucky to Have Betsy Combier

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Teachers are Lucky to Have Betsy Combier

I first met Betsy Combier almost 10 years ago during my time in the RR during the time of Numb Nuts. I remember her showing up every now and then, placing her stuff down on a desk, sitting down, and watching a line form to see her as if people were lining up to get Mickey Mantle's autograph.

Betsy at the time was working for the UFT. She was the liaison, or something like that, for the people of the Rubber Room to the outside world. She was the friendly face, or more importantly, she was the only face that seemed to care.

With the changing of the guard at the UFT, soon Betsy was not employed by them. She was now a free agent. In my opinion this was a blessing for Betsy and the teachers she sought to help. Betsy was now a free agent. There was no stopping her now.

Betsy along with her blogs, NYC Rubber Room Reporter, and Parent Advocates, has been att the forefront of removing the sheath back over the mess that the NYCDOE has created over the years. Betsy has been, and still is, the leader in assuring those damaged by the NYCDOE that they will be heard and that their rights will not be trampled on.

I recall back in the summer of 2013 when I and several teachers in my school had our careers trampled on. I contacted Betsy to meet with us and without hesitation she did. We met at a diner on 2nd Ave and spent a couple of hours not only soaking in her knowledge of what we can do, but more importantly, having that sympathetic ear that we were missing for so long. This is what Betsy is about.

Betsy is about someone who will be with you and advocate for you from the very beginning to the very end. Betsy is about once her work is done with you will be a friend for life. Someone that you can call day or night when you have that feeling of helplessness and need someone that you can be assured will be there for you.

Betsy fights for you. She fights for us. Betsy is persistent, never gives up. When her path forward in fighting for a teacher is blocked that does not stop her at all. She dusts herself off, rolls her he sleeves and finds a new path to go down. Ceaselessly fighting and advocating until she gets the results that she wants, or better, demands.

There are many times that I called Betsy, especially in the last 3 years, in which I was in a panic or needed to here her knowledge about something. At no time had she ever turned me away, not returned a phone call, or was unable to help me.

I consider Betsy a true friend, a trusted friend. I'm not the only one that does. There are many she as helped. Many she has rescued from the abyss.

Betsy is a lifeline. When you are sinking, when you feel desperate, when you feel alone in your fight there is no one better than Betsy to have on your side.

Betsy has been there for many teachers and I hope she will continue to be there for us for many years to come. You can't go wrong with Betsy.


Chaz said...

I have always been a strong supporter of Betsy and she gives the teacher a different perspective of what the union will tell them. She was at my open and public 3020-a hearing and her advise helped me convince the arbitrator that the DOE case against me was without merit.

I might not always agree with Betsy Combier but I consider her a good and trusted friend who's advise is well received by me and should be by others.

LadyJustice said...

Betsy is a wealth of knowledge and always was able to help me and definitely consider her a trusted friend.

Anonymous said...

How do you contact her if you have a question. Can't trust our own Union but she seems to be an Atrs only hope for honest advice.

Anonymous said...

I was in the RR but I don't remember you. There was never a line to see Betsy and as I remember it, there was a big distrust of Betsy.

The only people that looked for Betsy's help were the people guilty and I remember them complaining about Betsy.

I wish I would have found your blog sooner