SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Why Does UFT Solidarity Work With Anti-Black Lives, Pro-Trump, Tea Bagger and Pro Rudy Joe Concannon?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why Does UFT Solidarity Work With Anti-Black Lives, Pro-Trump, Tea Bagger and Pro Rudy Joe Concannon?

Black lives matter!

For those who like to claim that BLM is racist, or not caring of other lives, that's bullshit. If we say, "Save the Whales," does this mean that all other sea creatures do not matter? Does promoting breast cancer awareness mean that other cancer do not matter? Of courts not!

Better, where and how does wanting to save black lives, lives that are disproportionately being  snuffed out, be anti-cop? When too many black citizens are being shot and killed for driving while black, for walking while black, or just being black, what should a people do?

I am not anti-cop, anti-law enforcement, etc... There are just some f***** things happening of late. Can one be pro- cop and pro-black. It's simple.

But I won't paint all cops with one broad brush. As teachers we must not. We hate it when we are painted with that broad brush and to do so to any other profession is just morally wrong. The vast, vast majority of cops are good, are hard working, and are there to serve honorably. They don't deserve to be lumped in with the shoot first mentality of those cops that are besmirching the profession.

Say what you will about MORE, but you can know without any shadow of a doubt that MORE is aware that it not only serves it's members but the communities in which we teach in. Both go hand in hand. I differ on some of the tactics, some of the time spent on some of the social issue causes but at not time would I ever doubt anybody at MORE in what they feel in their heart about doing the right thing.

On the other hand we are still stuck with UFT Solidarity "caucus" and it's tone deafness to reality. You see, UFT Solidarity has a new patrón, NYC Council failedf candidate from Queens for the 23rd district, Joe Concannon.

From: Bozo T Clown
Date: July 12, 2016 at 9:12:14 AM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: [DTOE] Send school corruption issues to Joe Concannon
Joe Concannon, who is running for City Council in Queens, is collecting school corruption stories. You will remain anonymous and he will take the info to try and remedy from the political angle. See message below.

Just who, or what, is Joe Concannon?  Let's find out

Joe Concannon, a failed Republican State Senate candidate and current president of the Tea Party-aligned Queens Village Republican Club, is the main organizer of the burgeoning anti-de Blasio protest effort. The retired NYPD captain and former Giuliani advisor is a close ally of Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch. Lynch generated national headlines — and cheers from rank and file cops — when he claimed that de Blasio “has blood on [his] hands” just hours after Ismaaiyl Brinsley murdered Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

Joe is a Tea Bagger? While the murders of Ramos and Liu were horrific and reprehensible, let's be clear, Concannon is blowing the dog whistle. 

Ah, another dog whistle from Joe....

Wow Joe, you take hte word of Jeanine Piro, former Westchester County District Attorney that covered up a homicide because here kid was at a party (Full disclosure. I am childhood friends with the aunt of the boy that was killed)?

By the way, Joe is a retired NYPD captain, and who was the Deputy Director for Public Safety under Mayor Rudy Giuliani. One can be certain that not only must Joe agree with Rudy on issues but that one must suck up to Rudy to have such a position ***Cough*** Bernie Kerik ***Cough***.

What does Rudy think of black lives? Joe is this cool with you?

And who else does Joe have a man crush on?

Way to go Joe!

So why then would a "caucus" that supposedly wants to represent a union that has scores and scores of immigrants and people of color get in bed with someone that purportedly sees #blacklivesmatter as racist and divisive? Why would a "caucus" that supposedly wants to change the lives of students of color with make up the vast majority of NYC public school students be in bed with such a person as Joe Concannon? Why would a caucus that was an afterthought shoot itself in the foot time after time with insensitivity to others?

Joe, let's let you in on a little secret....



Anonymous said...

You are blatantly subjective and biased ...laughably so. EVERYTHING a Repub. does, and ever has done is evil and wrong ? Hillary is going down...which will be good for u...u have four years ahead chock full of complaining and whining about Trump...u and your compatriots will be in your glory...enjoy

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Black Lives Matter continues to perpetuate the Michael Brown Hoax and further continues to say and do exactly what a racist organization would say and do. It is more the huckster image and false narrative posture than the real or apparent racism in its message that rational folks find off-putting.
I don't know if the misguided group has added the names of the Dallas and Baton Rouge murderers to its list of purportedly innocent young black men killed at the hands of (black, white, Hispanic, and Asian) police.
The misguided group keeps forgetting to remind young black men to obey the law and further to comply with the directives of police. Apparently breaking the law and refusing to comply are the surest way to get oneself into serious trouble. Who knew?
Of course, since far more young white men (inconveniently for the BLM group) are shot by police than young black men, this serious trouble is not confined to one race.

Pete Zucker said...

Shouldn't cops obey the law?

Anonymous said...

If you think Black Lives Matter is both fraudulent and racist you probably think the same of Reverend Al.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it was from the the people from the Black Lives Matter movement but that black behavioral therapist in Florida aced the test in keeping his hands up and complying with the police while black. But as we can see that did him little good. He still ended up getting shot by the cops.

ed notes online said...

I'll ask you my basic question. Would you change places with a millionaire black man? If you were walking down the street and a black man in a suit was walking down the street who is more likely to get stopped by police? If you can't recognize these fundamental truths take a good look at your own racism especially if you teach black kids. You may not think it shows but they know.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know if it was from the the people from the Black Lives Matter movement but that black behavioral therapist in Florida aced the test in keeping his hands up and complying with the police while black. But as we can see that did him little good. He still ended up getting shot by the cops."

Or you could find out the facts including that the cop fired one shot at someone whom he thought was armed (a mentally handicapped and non-complying adult with a toy metal truck) and missed, hitting the black gentleman lying beside him in the leg. The cop was attempting to save the black behavioral therapist. Nice try.

Easy to twist/invent facts ("Hands up Don't Shoot", etc).

And to answer Ed, I wouldn't trade places with anyone, including you or a white cop. Not sure that is the standard for just about anything.

ed notes online said...

Phew. He was only trying to kill an autistic guy playing with a truck but missed and hit the black guy whose life he was trying to save. Are you looking to buy a bridge? I know his gun was racist. Think he needs shooting lessons? As for changing places you avoid the question which says something about you. How about the walking down the street question? Try to tell us you would be stopped over the black guy and show us your reality distortion field. By the way do you teach black kids? Do you think there is sonething wrong in their "culture" about behavior and intelligence? Just a few key tests of racist tendencies.

ed notes online said...

One more thing. Because the cop said that what he was trying to do it becomes fact. When a black guy says sonething you must assume it is fiction.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I knew the 'Hands up Don't Shoot' Ferguson fraud was just that. Some of the self-guilt white libs still think it happened.

Good way to judge your common sense meter is to gauge how long you believed that 'gentle giant' crapola. BLM still marches chanting 'Hands up Don't Shoot' , And the oddest collection of misfits strike the pose. Next they'll be chanting 'Justice for Tawana Brawley' and the same sad sacks will buy it.

ed notes online said...

Why don't we start with you answering the basic questions I raised instead of the Tawana Bradley fraud. That alone proves you are a racist. Every case is referred to that. It would be like the deformers using the examples of acteachervwho molests children to taint all teachers. You must be Campbell brown.

Anonymous said...

So you admit the Michael Brown (Ferguson) case was a fraud? I assume you do know it brought BLM to prominence. And their 'hands up pose' dutifully performed by their snookered followers? Faux Ferguson also. Very relevant in response to a post regarding BLM. No wonder folks, Joe Concannon and otherwise, condemn BLM.

I remind you of the title of this post:

"Why Does UFT Solidarity Work With Anti-Black Lives, Pro-Trump, Tea Bagger and Pro Rudy Joe Concannon?"

Pete Zucker said...

Let's give you the benefit of the doubt about Michael Brown. Explain Eric Garner? Explain the other day in Miami. Explain Cincinnati. Explain Walter Scott. Explain Trayvon Martin. Explain Jordan Scott. Isn't enough enough?

By the way, show some balls. Stop hiding behind the cloak of Internet anonymity.

NYCDOEnuts said...

Here, here Norm.

ed notes online said...

I don't concede anything. Michael Brown case a fraud? Who ended up dead? Who almost always ends up dead? I notice how you keep avoiding the essential question. You walk down the street with a bazooka and a black man with a briefcase. Who is more likely to get stopped?
There is an old George Segal movie from the 70s - Where's Poppa? --where a guy in a gorilla suit and a black well dressed couple hail a cab and the cab picks up the gorilla. Why not touch base with your essential racism. It will make you feel better. You don't have to hide it. Your Trump has given you license to come out of the closet. Admit it that when you see a white kid and a black kid you expect less of the black kid - and you think you are able to hide it. you can't.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin was shot by a cop?

There is no doubt in the case of Michael Brown, don't take my word for it - here are the words of Jonathan Capehart in the Washington Post: "They have also forced me to deal with two uncomfortable truths: Brown never surrendered with his hands up, and Wilson was justified in shooting Brown."

The 'Campbell Browning' (to steal Norm's Phrase) of our black, white, Hispanic, and Asian police force has gone quite a bit overboard in my opinion. Obviously some folks agree and some disagree.

ed notes online said...

I don't believe in doing to police what is being done to teachers. Most cops I believe are like most teachers. They do a good honest job. In fact we both have some similarities in our jobs. They police the streets. We police the schools. Here's what bothers me. A kid doesn't respect a teacher does the teacher kick the shit out of the kid and get away with it? We have to develop thick skins. Cops need to do the same. There are too many reports of abuse for little reason. And nothing happens. Look at the record of the cop in the garner case. Imagine a teacher some of whom are rubber roomed for brushing up against a kid. Teachers are now over accountable. Cops are under accointable. And a teachers word is not believed while whatever a cop says is taken at face value. The case on Atlantic AV where the cop killed the guy he said punched him in the face. Only a video showed that wasn't exactly what happened. is there racism among both teachers and cops? There is and to claim it doesn't affect the jobs both do is a fantasy. Have black people come to expect unfair treatment and some walk around with a chip on their shoulder and even become anti white? What would you do if you were innocent as a young man but stopped repeatedly for walking down the street and feel your life was in as much danger from a cop as from a criminal? That is a reality for many and I know that directly from done if my former students. There are no easy answers which was why more in its statement on the garner March tried to be nuanced about working with police to figure out solutions. The left has savaged more over that even internally. I don't hold with teachers on the ultra left savaging police in general or Campbell browning them while they themselves are willing to play some policing role for society in the schools.

Pete Zucker said...

To the tough guy hiding behind the cloak of anonymity at 5:51 AM....

Did I say Trayvon Martin was killed my a cop? No, he was killed my a mentally unhinged wanna be cop who only had manhood because he was able to replace his penis with a gun. Zimmerman bought into the illogic of the cops (Not all cops!!!) who racially profile. Zimmerman was acting a a defacto cop

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman is a Hispanic civilian arrested by the cops for shooting a young black man (Trayvon Martin). He was ultimately acquitted at jury trial of second degree murder and manslaughter. He has been arrested several times by the cops since that time.

Although BLM frequently cites this case, the connection with purported police racism remains elusive.

ed notes online said...

Forget police racism in this case. Was it racism that caused Zimmermann to follow Martin. If Martin were white would this have happened. That is the essential issue here. You. Know the answer but will change the subject or throw another distraction on the table. Hispanics can be racists too.

Anonymous said...

When BLM constantly cites Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin as innocent victims of racist police it certainly undermines their credibility for those who know even a few actual facts about each case. And these are the two cases that brought BLM to prominence.

BLM screams 'racist' at those who disagree with their claims.

Since far more white young men than black young men die during encounters with our black, white, Hispanic and Asian police there may be more at work here than racism. The two largest explanations for young white men killed during confrontations with police are criminality and failure to comply. One suspects those two issues to be the two largest explanations for young men of all races. One would reasonably expect that teaching and reinforcing the self-destructive dangers of criminal behavior and failure to comply would yield the greatest gain in terms of black, white, Hispanic and Asian lives.

ed notes online said...

Blacks are at most 15% of the population so if you cite "facts" give us numbers - relative %. How many white cases can you cite of innocents for both races? For instance the numbers of arrest for marijuana use is much higher for blacks - if a cop stops a white they are much more likely to be let go. A guy driving a nice car -- white or black - who is more likely to get stopped? A minor issue like license plate light - the guy in Minneapolis vs a white guy with same car - who gets stopped more often?
Amadou Diallo and the 19 shots?
Note how you always duck the "walking down the street" question. Because you full well know the reality but keep throwing up smoke screens to hide from yourself your own racial attitudes. Let's apply these attitudes to your teaching black kids -- you are more likely to note and address certain behaviors from a black kid than a white kid.

Anonymous said...

As far as the BLM narrative that unarmed black men are shot by police at a far greater rate than unarmed white men, that is false too:

So, not only are more unarmed white men shot by police (unsurprising to some considering the larger white population), they are shot at a greater rate (nothing to do with relative population sizes).

The New York Times finds this absolute contradiction of specious BLM claims on police shootings to be scientifically accurate yet altogether 'surprising'.

ed notes online said...

Note how you ignore other proof of discrimination in the report. But I would be suspect of any report by Roland fryer who has used tainted research to support Ed deform and attack teachers.

Anonymous said...

Thus, false specific facts (Trayvon Martin killed by cops, Michael Brown the 'gentle giant' said and demonstrated "Hands up Don't Shoot", etc,) and a false conclusion ("Epidemic of unjustified and wholly disproportionate killing of young black men by racist cops") has led many folks to view BLM as a discredited and false organization.

Others, it is true, support BLM's facts and conclusions regarding the shooting of young black men for a number of reasons.