SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: ATR Information for 2019-2020

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

ATR Information for 2019-2020

It's time to clear out rumors and whatnot about ATRs this year. A small little man with a Napoleon complex has been feeding upon fears and anxiety to blurt out his alternative facts.

The Crack Team has reached out to grown ups for the facts.

Instead of waiting until October 15 to fill a vacancy you can now fill a vacancy on the first day of school. We knew that. Fact is a fact jack.

Yes, SESIS is a good indicator of where you will wind up but it is prone to inaccuracies. Remember your email is what is official.

NOTHING has been changed where ATRs can be placed. The DOE can always place you in a permanent position you in district. But they have yet to do so. Which renders the following statement moot (As well as disinformation, null and void, capricious and arbitrary and just plain dumb assery)...
 He just informed me that ATRs are being permanently placed so I am permanently placed as a science teacher in his school...
We can't confirm, but Central has told principals that if they want someone specific, they must hire that person. 

Rotations are still possible. You can be at your school a week, a month, several months, or the year. 

No field supervisors. Principals will rate you.

You will be rated under S/U unless you are in an official position for 6+ months.

The 100% subsidies are for special situations, like obscure licenses. If there is a steno teacher, or a Merengue teacher, or something like that who won't or can't get a permanent position then the DOE will pay for those people. 

Please remember to always consider the source when you read anything about ATRs. Unscrupulous people tend to project their Freudian shortcomings and fears on others to make themselves feel less afraid.

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Anonymous said...

QUESTION: What if an ATR teacher has two licenses? For example, an art license and a common branch license. Would the teacher be placed according to the last license that she was appointed and working under? This is a big question.