SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: ...But What About the ATRs?

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

...But What About the ATRs?

The heavens opened up yesterday and Governor Andy proclaimed, or signed something,
that teachers and principals will have their evaluations waived for this school year. Oh, and teachers will still be able to be tenured if everything is copacetic.

According to Chalkbeat....
State law mandates school and district leaders assess teachers and principals using the so-called Annual Professional Performance Reviews, or APPR. The evaluations, which include classroom observations and student performance data, can influence tenure decisions and trigger firings.
OK. Good. This year has been unlike others. 

So no evaluations is a good thing? Yes. But...

State according to state law evaluations are based on APPR which includes MOTP and MOSL. ATRs are still evaluated under Teaching in the 21st Century using the old S/U system. If we go strictly by the law, it is possible that ATRs are not included in in Governor Andy's proclamation.

Yes, I know, I am overthinking this. But, ATRs are still the overlooked step-children of the DOE. We are the crazy uncle that you keep in the attic when company arrives. There should be some clarification and certainty.

There has been too many stories of ATRs getting ONE letter to file and are given a U rating for the year. Too many ATRs have had the rug pulled out from under them in JUNE with unfavorable observations that lead to a U rating for the year.

I have reached out and have either not gotten an answer or the answer was not clear and concise. I know the UFT can and will come through with further clarification. The DOE is not to be trusted. Just look how they have twisted and turned taking away seven vacation days from us and told us to take it or leave it four additional days added to our CAR. Bupkus. Big whoop.

Remember the Sunday morning TV show on Channel 5, Wonderama? Bob McAllister sang "Kids Are People Too"at the end of every show? ATRs are teachers too, and we're people. We fall through the cracks at time. Forgotten about. Looking at the inside from the outside. Feel like we're shunned. Sometimes it is real, sometimes it's our perception. But perception is reality. We just want communication. And clarity.


John Elfrank-Dana said...

Thanks for asking Peter. Amy Arundell has no response?

Anonymous said...

The UFT treats ATRs as non- entities. Amy moved on years ago, after she awoke from a ten year nap as ATR rep, and was replaced with a frightened teenager, Mike Sill. Just thinking about them makes me want to opt out of the UFT all over again.

Pete Zucker said...

@7:46 Both Amy and Mike have been invaluable to many teachers. They’re honest and straight forward and sometimes they give the answer you don’t want to hear, but it’s honest.

Go ahead opt out and then you’ll have nothing.

Anonymous said...

Honest? 😂🤣 I opted out in 2019 and have never regretted it. It had nothing to do with money - the UFT should be designated a terrorist organization. It’s brainwashing techniques are superb.