SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Another Awesome Example of Children First

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Awesome Example of Children First

This past Monday, February 23, the students of mine and yours favorite second grade CTT (Collaborative Team Teaching) class lost their teacher. Their teacher, their surrogate mother, was transferred to a fifth grade 12:1 class. And this is nothing against the teacher who remains. The teacher who remained is an excellent teacher, a teacher that cares. And so is the teacher that was removed. But what is troubling is why this teacher was removed.

The teacher was removed because the students in the 12:1 were roaming the halls every single day, just about all day long. Instead of disciplining the students like a competent administrator, Dear Principal John Deacon is dealing with a problem the best way it could by closing its eyes and wishing really, super duper hard the problem will go away. But it gets even better.

As I mentioned in the past this class had been out of compliance. This class had 22 students. Thirteen general ed. students, and nine special ed. students. Remember, the ratio is supposed to be 60/40 general ed. But another second grade class was collapsed, and this CTT class received six students from this class. Now there are twenty-eight students all together in this class. So the ratio is a tad off kilter still. Now nineteen general ed. students, and nine special ed. I am not a mathematician, but this not not seem to make that magic 60/40 split. However, I can be wrong. But wait!!

The class limit for 2nd grade is twenty-five. But, you ask, a class size grievance can be filed. Oh no, not just yet. That is because these six new students have not been officially added to the class roster. Funny stuff is being done with ATS. Tsk tsk. But, Dear Principal John Deacon's main sycophant, the person with the most access to ATS, has yet to make the change. Is this person just following orders as the Nazis claimed at Nuremberg? Could be. But I am sure this sycophant is getting something in return; such as a close family member being taken care of in a certain way. **Cough** indirect pay-off **Cough** (I will have more on this tomorrow!)

Here is a question I am throwing out to the reading public. District superintendent and BFF Yolanda Torres is very much aware of what is going on in this school. I wonder how Ms Torres feels what is transpiring with this second grade class is an example of Children First. I think it is time that BFF has an intervention with her BFF and tell her the jig is up.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Ms. Torres probably does not live in the Bronx and if she does you can bet she making plans to leave and cash in on her retirement as soon as she can.

She probably comes from a certain mentality that ethnic and racial
groups have towards each other and the last arrived immigrant groups.
That philosophy goes something like this: "I have been pissed on and now it is my turn to piss on others.".

If you want to test the validity of my belief on intra-ethnic self hate just ask the kids how the feel about the newly arrived Mexicans to the school.

I can think of no other reason that Ms. Torres allows children of the probably look like her children if she has any to be abused and miseducated. Can you?

Anonymous said...

I kind of skimmed through your blogpost, not really sure what it's about.... but you kind of seem like a whiny ass douchebag. The amount of time you spend writing these posts is time you could have spent planning a different career. Just my 2 cents