SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Evan Stone Is The New Moe Howard

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evan Stone Is The New Moe Howard

If I said that Little Evan Stone is smart is that akin to me saying that Moe was the smartest of the 3 Stooges?

I am coming out and saying this, and I just don't care. Monday, I listed those responsible for the death of one of the greatest educators of our time. But after reading what I read in the Daily News today, the day my friend was buried, I am adding more people to that list. Little Evan Stone, and his partner, Princess Sydney Morris.

Why? Their involvement in this education deform movement. God, do these two ever miss a moment not to keep their big mouths shut? The more they talk, the more people see through their ruse. At what point are both of them going to release their TDR? At what point are both of these blowhards going to release whether or not they were tenured? At what point will they release all sources of monies that E4E has received? At what point will they release their salaries?

The dinguses blabbered in the Daily News today;

Educators, like all professionals, want to know their strengths and weaknesses and have opportunities to do a better job. But the current rating system is based on a single subjective observation by a principal - which, for obvious reasons, differs from one school to the next.

Yeah, I know my strengths and weaknesses. I better. I also know my strength and weaknesses as a father, a husband, a baseball coach, a blogger, a typist. This comes from self-reflection, from being able to have knowledge about ones self. But I digress, right little Evan?

And since when does a principal only come around once? Yes, formally, it is one time. But a principal, or an assistant principal can come around whenever they want. It is up to them to visit the class room, it is up to them not to play "gotcha!", it is up to the administrators to provide guidance and constructive criticism for all teachers to succeed.

You know, teachers, and I will say 99.5%, have pride in what they do. They work hard. They work their butts off. Want to really see a teacher go through a brick wall for an administrator. The answer is simple. A pat on the back will go a long way. A discussion, without putting a teacher on the defensive on how to improve will go a long way as well. But neither Little Evan nor Princess Sydney have the cognitive ability to see this nor think for themselves regarding this matter.

Up to 40% of teachers' ratings could be based on how much progress their students are making on state standardized tests.

Do these two have any idea how wrought with problems this will be? Do you actually think anyone would want to be a classroom teacher, let alone a teacher in a testing grade? I predict that there is going to be an overwhelming amount of people getting physical education licenses. If you are a teacher knowing that 40% of your evaluation will be tied to scores the cheating that will prevail will be astronomical. Will this benefit the students? With the tests now in May this also means that from September to May there will be teaching to the test, everything about the test. I see it first hand. Not just in my school, but my son as well. It is unconscionable that a 4th grader has to go through all this pressure to satisfy politicians who are making up for a major physical shortcoming. Oh, and Little Evan Stone as well.

While we understand concerns about the emphasis on test results, they are unwarranted.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my God, do you two really believe this? Are is this what you are told to believe?

Of course, the Devil is in the details.

Yes, and the Devil comes from PS 86 by way of Yale and Tulane.

For example, the framework only requires "multiple" classroom observations - which could mean two per year or 10 per year. For the record, we favor five. We'd also like some of the observations to be unannounced, to ensure teachers get honest information on their everyday teaching.

They do come unannounced! Can you two promise there won't be any "gotchas!?"

Furthermore, a full 20% of the framework was left undefined by the regents.

Yes, 20% is undefined. I suggest that whichever teacher can personally ridicule Little Evan and Princess Sydney in five minutes will successfully receive that 20%.

Gov. Cuomo is offering $500 million in incentive grants to districts that can put a system in place by the start of the school year.

No different than Little Evan going down, or up, to Hunts Point late at night and waving a $5 bill. The only difference is that with Evan will at least receive a reach around.

It also provides little time for meaningful input from real classroom teachers, which is essential to this system's success.

You mean real classroom teachers, or "real" classroom teachers like you two and your stooge, E4E blog monkey Ruben Brosbe?

Too often, we're setting up teachers for failure by placing them in classrooms without the necessary support system to which to turn for help.

So the teachers will get supplies, a actual real curriculum, smaller classes, less paperwork, disruptive students permanently removed from not only the class but the school as well?

We know, and research shows, that teachers are the key to improving student outcomes.

No, the parents are. What research? Cite it!

God, you two keep sinking to a new low each and every time. You two are what is wrong with education. Stop being part of the problem, and be part of the solution. Go away, very far away.


Anonymous said...

I have emailed this E4E group twice regarding how, as well as who "supports them"-no response. They are too inexperienced to realize what is really going on. If they really do get it, then they are opportunists. -Good post-thank you

Sweet Girl Tracie said...

Have those 2 ever put together a rich curriculum on their own time and scavenge for resources and materials to do the best for their children? I wonder what they would do if they would NOT given a curriculum, what would they do to make a curriculum work for their students?
I had no curriculum and I jumped over hurdles and hoops just to make sure I did the best for job for my children. I was given no support by anyone and I made it work. My curriculum was NOT based on test scores but on actually authentic experiences as well as some project based learning (to appease the administration for being too stupid to run a school and only wanting to see craft).

Anonymous said...

Once again, another outstanding blog. You claim that you predict an overwhelming amount of teachers will go get a PE license due to the 40% testing evaluation. Well, as a licensed PE teacher myself, I know that the state WILL be making a "test" for my elementary PE students and that test will count for 40% of my yearly evaluations. (The state will be creating tests for EVERY subject including art, dance, theater, sewing, etc) This is all a part of a plan to make teaching so undesirable that nobody will ever want to make a career out of teaching in New York. The state/city seeks a cheap, revolving door of teachers come through every few years without ever becoming vested for a pension. Lastly, I wish to God that E$E will just quit now while they are behind in the educational debate.
PS-R.I.P. Stu. You was a great mentor to me a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Evan Stone a male porn star?

a said...

Interesting. BTW, as much as I enjoy listening to your radio show, it might help to eat & drink before the show, rather than during. :)

Anonymous said...


abused teacher said...

Ok, how about we start by closing the achievement gap between administrators and teachers. Then we start asking teachers to keep a portfolio of the work that they do for each child, it can include all the bullshit, like formative and summative assessments, and differentiation, etc.. and then the mayor and all these "I got out of the classroom to influence an even greater number of children"jerk-offs can wipe their ass with all the data. How about we ask the kids, are you learning? What are you learning? What has your teacher taught you? Let the teachers teach. I agree the observations are way to subjective and often used as a basis to punish teachers or quell union activities. Get real! How mant people out there could actually stand the fact that at least 100 people a day will ask you to go to the bathroom, call their mother, give you a story about why their work is not here, and then listen to some moron who has not written and executed a lesson that was "effective, engaging, student-centered, and standards based" drone on about how we have to prepare for the quality review. Get real!!!!!

Dave said...

Actually, Moe *was* the smartest of the Stooges.