SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Truth Is Out There

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Truth Is Out There

In the last two years I have been to too many funerals of friends and family. Enough is enough. I refuse to allow Stu Schmelz's death be in vain.

I can't get into the cause, the circumstances, or the details of this great man's untimely demise. But what I can share, what I will share, what I do know is who is responsible for his death. Names, I am sure, will be named. The onus of his death shall be on the people who are responsible. But right now the above triumvirate are the main enablers.

Uncle Mike is partly responsible. This little nebbish, dweeb, pathetic being has so perverted the educational process for his own self serving needs that if a grand jury were to hear what he has done, surely he would be indicted. He is a man that only cares about himself and his friends. He clearly showed this when he selected cocktail buddy Cathie Black to be the Chancellor. But worse, he has lied, has refused responsibility for the total destruction that has befallen the school system here in NYC. What is most sad is I believe now in my heart of hearts that this destruction of the NYC schools is deliberate.

Joel Klein is responsible. His tentacles are still sliming the world of education. Along with Uncle Mike, Uncle Joel planned for the destruction of the public schools. What's worse is his complete lack of morals in doing so. He decided that teachers were to be sent to the Rubber Room for farting in the incorrect NYC DOE manner. He closed school without trepidation, not to save the students, but rather to be rid of veteran, "overpaid" teachers. He allowed unqualified, incompetent administrators not only to stay in their jobs, but to flourish and grow within the safety of the DOE. A man like Stu Schmelz was too good, had too much integrity in one hair follicle than the ugly, bald man had in his entire body.

These two con artists are joined by Michelle Rhee and all the supposed "grass roots" education organizations that worship her as some type of deity. The mindless, spineless, and clueless follow her, without a breath of independent thought who pray daily at the promise of false hope and false truths that she propagates.

But, there are more, and the truth always has a way of showing itself.

I will miss not seeing my friend's name on my cell phone when he calls. Stu will never see his grand kids, never enjoy the fruits of a well deserved retirement, never see the Jets win a Super Bowl because of these three evil carbon life forms.


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry for your loss. It sounds like Stu was a great man, and his type are nearly extinct in the DOE.

Anonymous said...

You should add IS 162 principal Marilyn Manzallilo to the list.

Anonymous said...

she sure should be added to the list..