SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Evaluation Of Ruben Brosbe

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Evaluation Of Ruben Brosbe

Yesterday, Educators4Excellencehad its debutante ball. This was Evan Stone's big coming out party, and from what was reported it didn't turn out to well. E4E apparently wrote a paper on how teachers should be evaluated. I guess after their loss at trying to end seniority rights they needed something to keep themselves occupied.

The crack team perused the paper with a fine tooth comb saw that E4E blog monkey™, Ruben Brosbe,a was on the policy team that authored the paper. We had to send one member of the crack staff to the ER for his spleen had burst  from laughing so hard. We hear at SBSB send along our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery to Bob.

One thing did catch the crack team's eye. It is Bright Idea #7; "Student Survey Data." Basically, the crew at E4E is proposing that;
The presence of effective teachers and supportive classroom environments can be determined, in part, by the perceptions of the students that interact with them, and student survey data should be included in evaluations.
We here at SBSB could not agree more. What better way, even if it is 10% of the evaluation, to have the students that we deal with everyday to grade us. But, there must be some kind of experiment, some teacher to be the guinea pig to see if this can truly work.

We decided that guinea pig was to be none other than Ruben Brosbe, Who better? It was time for us to put his money where his mouth is. The crack team put word out through intermediaries to the families and students. What kind of evaluation would they give Ruben? We immediately got a 100% response. But one student's evaluation of Ruben really got us, really was thought provoking about Ruben. Here now, exclusive to SBSB is a student's evaluation of Ruben Brosbe.

Mr Brosbe is OK, but. He always seems to talk about himself. He always tells us how rich he is, how is mommy and daddy give him lots of money all the time. 

Mr Brosbe has no classroom management. We are always the worst class walking through the halls. the worst class in the cafeteria.

We really haven't learned much. We have learned what it is like to be a rich, spoiled white liberal.

Sometimes we talk about Mr Brosbe in Spanish. We make fun of him. Behind his back. Good thing he doesn't speak Spanish!

We want to learn, but Mr Brosbe keeps us from learning. All it is in the class is about the test. He tells us if we fail it would make him look bad. We don't like that.

Mr Brosbe talks to us like we are idots. He is very condescending and patronizing. he thinks because we are poor and Hispanic that he thinks we are better than us. Mommy says that Mr Brosbe is a culo.

Hopefully next year in 4th grade we will learn. Hopefully next year in 4th grade we will have a teacher that cares about us, and not a teacher that is self centered and self absorbed.

Well, there you have it. Deduct 10% from Ruben's evaluation.

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