SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: How Low Will New York State Senator Jeff Klein Go For $5,000?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

How Low Will New York State Senator Jeff Klein Go For $5,000?

Last night during the storm I emailed the person who handles my booking for my radio show. I basically sent him a wish list of who I would like to appear. One of those people I wish to have as a guest is my local New York State senator and current deputy minority leader, Jeffrey Klein (D).

I came across Sen. Klein about a year ago at a local street fair. He was quite courteous to me, and I asked him several questions about education and mayoral control and he answered as weirdly as he could. I subsequently wrote about my brush with greatness and had been in contact with his office about appearing.

Alas, his appearance never materialized. Not that I didn't try. In fact, before the vote on LIFO back the end of February, there was another attempt to have him appear, but again the stars weren't aligned.

So in emailing my booker, I sent him links to all the wonderful people I wish to have. Yes, one of those links was to Sen. Klein's website. I clicked on it to make sure it was the right one and much to my surprise I came across this photo of Sen. Klein supporting striking Verizon workers. What was even more strange, or at least a coincidence is where that photo was taken. The Verizon store on East Fordham Rd in the Bronx, in the former Alexander's building, the same place as I had been at supporting the strikers and a friend.

What I nice senator I thought to myself. Klein went out and bought these guys pizza and water and showed how he supports the labor movement. This is someone who should be on the teachers, the UFT's side. Should be, but won't be, will never be.

You see, Senator Klein was one of two Democrats in the State Senate to vote for changing the LIFO, or, seniority laws in NYC. But, is he not a friend of labor? Why would he put the screws to the UFT and teachers, yet he is out there on Fordham Rd getting all buddy buddy with Verizon workers? More on that in a bit.

Verizon adheres to seniority rights for its unionized employees. Is this not something that Sen. Klein derides? Also, with Sen. Klein's attempts at repealing seniority rights for teachers, this would have the affect of the most senior and valued teachers losing their jobs to low paid newbie teachers. But isn't that part of why the Verizon workers went on strike? To forestall Verizon to continue hiring more low paid new workers? Sen. Klein, you are confusing me!!!

So it got me to thinking. Really thinking. Perhaps Sen Klein truly, in his heart of hearts, believes in the repeal of seniority rights? Nah, too simplistic for a politician. Perhaps Sen. Klein hates teachers and loves Verizon workers? Perhaps, but not quite. Perhaps Sen. Klein gets a lot of money from organizations that wish to deprive teachers of their seniority rights? BINGO!!!!!!

According to DFER Watch, Senator Jeffrey Klein, or New Yorkers for Klein, Democrat from The Bronx, NY received $2,000 from Democrats for Education Reform between 2006 and 2010. But wait. There is more!!!

Yes, DFER Watch was correct. But DFER Watch missed that on July 1, 2006, Sen. Klein and Friends of Klein received $4,000. All donations, were from DFER's Washington DC PAC offices, except a May 7, 2010 payout which came from its New York City Offices.

But it does not stop there!! For the following piece of information I suggest that you sit down.

Just two weeks after Sen. Klein cast his vote to repeal seniority rights for NYC teachers, on March 15, 2011, Education Reform Now, which has the same address as DFER in NYC and both which Whitney Tilson is a shill for, gives Sen. Klein $5,000. Coincidence? I think not.

What is, or was, behind the donation? What promises were made? Will Sen. Klein, Joe Williams and Whitney Tilson come clean? Why would Sen. Klein support Verizon workers, but not the teachers of NYC?

Apparently, since 2005 Sen. Klein has received only $500 from Verizon and that was on June 8, 2005. Obviously Sen. Klein owes no allegiance to Verizon. But, since 2005 Sen. Klein has received $6,500 from AT&T. Hmmm, so that is it. You give Sen. Klein money and he supports you, don't give him money and he doesn't care.

The crack team calls on Sen. Klein to answer his gift from both DFER and ERN immediately! There are many questions to be answered, especially the $5,000 that was given to him so soon after the seniority vote.

Senator Klein, teachers like pizza and water. It really does not take much with us.


Anonymous said...

For sure this seems like a quid pro quo. Time to investigate Klein, the deformers, and all politicians. Like Deep Throat said, "Follow the money."

Paul Hogan said...

A local media campaign by teachers and their supporters should get Klein's attention.

Anyone interested in coordinating efforts?