SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mr Spock Opines On Princess Sydney Morris

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr Spock Opines On Princess Sydney Morris

Tonight's blog welcomes a special guest blogger. We would like to welcome Mr Spock, science officer and first officer aboard the USS Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets. Mr Spock is actually not present, but rather on patrol along the Neutral Zone. We have been able to communicate through a temporal rift in the space time continuum. Mr Spock was gracious enough to put aside playing three dimensional chess and share is opinion on the upcoming symposium, "On Education," later next week. We turn the blog over to Mr Spock.

Thank you. Live long and prosper Bronx Teacher and the crack team at SBSB.

I must say that the exclusion of Julie Cavanagh from the symposium is quite illogical. If we were to use logic, logic would dictate that Julie Cavanagh should be on the panel and not Sydney Morris. One only needs to look at Ms Cavanagh's accomplishments;
a special education teacher for more than ten years in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Julie currently serves children with intellectual disabilities in grades first through third and previously served children with learning differences in grades four and five. Julie received her BS in special education from Indiana University, her MS in curriculum and teaching from Fordham University, where she was an Ennis Cosby Scholar, and her advanced degree in administration and supervision from Brooklyn College. She is a member of Grassroots Education Movement; advocating for equity and real reform in our public education system. Julie is also the co-producer of the documentary The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman.
Now, we shall look at Sydney Morris accomplishments as an educator;
Graduated Tulane University and joined TFA.
When we compare both Ms Cavanagh's and Sydney's accomplishments we see that Sydney has not been a factor in education. At Star Fleet Academy, Sydney would be known as "Captain Dunzel."

Before I go, I must warn all that are reading this. I, and the crew of the Enterprise have faced the Romulans and the Klingons countless times. I must warn the people of NYC that Educators4Excellence is a much more conniving, insidious adversary than the Klingons or Romulans ever were. Remember this about E4E, "Without followers, evil cannot spread." I said that after our encounter on planet Triacus.

Live long and prosper readers of SBSB, and all NYC teachers.

There you have it. We would like to thank Dennis of the crack team in locating the temporal rift and initiating first contact (pardon the pun) with Mr Spock.


Chaz said...

E4E is really the borg. A collective of naive teachers and Ed Deformers who's only purpose is to assimilate the Public School system.

Their motto is "resistance is futile".

Pete Zucker said...

HAHA! So is Sydney the Borg queen or 7 of 9?

Anonymous said...

Definitely not 7 of 9, she looks like Corky.