SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Bronxdale High School's John Chase Jr Discusses His Tallywhacker

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bronxdale High School's John Chase Jr Discusses His Tallywhacker

We here at SBSB wish to commend Principal John Chase Jr., of Bronxdale High School for having the know how to assure that he keeps his job in perpetuity as principal at Bronxdale High school.

Bronxdale High School Phys. Ed. Teacher Beulah Balbricker

How did he do this you may ask yourself. Simple. Principal Chase learned the super secret, never discussed method to being principal for life. Commit a criminal, unethical, or vile act and presto! The NYC DOE will look the other way and absolve you of any responsibility. In fact, I am sure that as of this posting the DOE is contemplating rewarding Principal Chase with a promotion and/or certificate of appreciation.

What criminal, unethical, or vile act did Principal Chase commit? According to yesterday's  New York Post Principal Chase has no qualms about talking about his penis and the places and inanimate objects that he enjoys sticking it. One would assume that rather than an inanimate object, Principal Chase would have preferred sticking it with a real life breathing person. However, we here at SBSB don't wish to judge one's own fetishes. We are cool with all types of fetishes here, rather we take umbrage at Principal Chase not only having the temerity to share to what, and not to whom, he likes to insert his penis, but also that whilst under investigation he has not been removed from his position.

It has been reported by The New York Post that Principal Chase has stuck his penis in a copying machine because it has a "hole that gives a great b*** j**." This was said to a staffer whose jaw is still on the floor.

Principal Chase also took a page out of the 1982 movie Porky's and allegedly celebrated;
a hole in the wall left behind by phone repairmen because he said it meant he could shove his member into it whenever he wanted.
At press time, Bronxdale phys ed. teacher Beulah Balbricker is currently searching for that penis and has enlisted the help of a police sketch artist. 

But the question begs. What is Principal Chase still in the building? What would have happened to him if he was a teacher? We all know. Uncle Mike and Sock Puppet Walcott would waste no time in not only holding a press conference denouncing the behavior of this teacher, but would try and convict the teacher in the press. There would be cries of tougher standards for teachers, tougher vetting of teachers, and the ubiquitous whining that teachers are scum of the earth, that teachers can't be trusted, and that we need to do away with tenure. But, we are just merely peons that higher ups need to blame for their misgivings and Freudian physical shortcomings.

Principal Chase has learned to game the system. He knows as an administrator he has carte blanche to do whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases, with whatever inanimate object he wishes to.

We here at SBSB want to wish Principal Chase and whatever inanimate object that becomes Mrs Chase a long and happy life. The future Mrs Chase will rest comfortably knowing that Principal Chase can not and will not lose his job.


Anonymous said...

The parents of kids at Bronxdale have called to transfer their children out. The DOE people actually told several that "They Cannot." Wait until you see the media frnzy about telling you can't transfer your kid out of a bldg where this principal exists!

Anonymous said...

"This prick was last seen hanging out in the boys locker room. Do not try to apprehend this prick as he is armed and dangerous".

zulma said...

It is ashame that a principal of the lowest form of life is allowed to stay in the building. The DoE does not care for the mental and physical wellness of the staff and the children in that school. Once again double standard prevails when a principal does something that vile. I am so fed up when a teacher or chapter leader is removed from his/her school until the investigation is completed, but the principal can stay in his school as predator. Shame again at the DoE.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that this adult male was merely joking with his adult peers??? Many people do make JOKES with other adults that have nothing to do with the job they hold. Once again people over react and point fingers. At no time do I read that this man had any inappropriate contact or discussion with children and yet some wingnut calls him a predator. Notice, too, that a post from a Bronx teacher may be a teacher who has been disciplined in some way by the principal and is now getting "revenge". Don't read too much into a few stupid remarks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that comment, Mr. time remember those teachers aren't your friends, they're your subordinates. Keep your pecker in your pants.


Anonymous said...

the only 'wingnut' here would be someone in an administrative position that thinks its okay to make sexual jokes with a new staff that works under you. it is the very definition of sexual harassment in the simplest form. This is like a text book example...'adult male was merely joking with his adult peers"?! are you kidding me?! that kind of crap has been outlawed in every state for all workplaces since the 1970's, especially a school! Someone who doesn't understand this does not have teaching children high on there list of priorities. No one in an position of power and administrative support would drop comments about his junk in any professional manner at anytime with his co-workers or subordinates, at work or outside of work. It sets such an uncomfortable tone and make a hostile work environment -this is like human resources 101 and would be upheld in any organization that wishes to not be liable. every worker in America knows this, how are you not getting this?! This is even too much for a plot on 'the office' with Michael Scott it's so ridiculous

Anonymous said...

this guy makes Ron Burgundy look like a saint

and how would anyone know 'Bronx teacher' wants revenge for disciplinary actions taken against them?! are you involved in this, do you work at Bronxdale HS?!! are you the principal?

you know its possible the sexual harassment first reported on Sept 19 may have come first before the 'disciplinary actions' -which would make it even more illegal. maybe this teacher did warrant disciplinary actions, but because Captain Chase and his parrot couldn't keep their beaks shut this teacher now figures to hell with it I was sexually harassed first. or just maybe this person stood up to J. Chase and told him he is inappropriate and she doesn't like comments about his d*ck -next thing you know she gets disciplined for it on some other issue unrelated. maybe hes the one out for revenge. This is why you DON'T make sexual JOKES in the in the first place, it blurs all the lines and shades of gray. what a tool. i hope all involved don't back down and get a good lawyer, this scumbag and the people defending him don't deserve the privilege of teaching our children or overseeing the educators who dedicate their lives. Capt Chase and his parrot should relocate to Vegas where they can dedicate their time to his true calling -fantasy porn movies

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

for example, these "jokes" would be considered sexual harassment:

What three words ruin J. Chase 's ego?
..."is it in?"

What does a Walrus and Capt. Chase have in common?
...they both like a tight SEAL

Question: Why don't women wear watches?
J. Chase: There's a clock on the stove!

What doesn't belong in this list: Meat, Eggs, Wife, Blowjob?

J. Chase: "Blowjob: You can beat your meat, eggs or wife, but you can't beat a blowjob."

Anonymous said...

wow this is crazy im actually a student of bronxdale and i don't believe none of this i know hes been charged for this, but all those quotes aren't real. last time i checked that phys. ed. teacher "beulah balbricker" doesnt even exist in our school. making up bs to show the public for satisfaction

Anonymous said...

100%, without a doubt, this sounds exactly like the Chase I know. Honestly, he was probably joking. However, "behind every joke is a bit of truth".

Not everyone is forgiving or understanding and accepting of others; especially in the workplace.

Hang in there! Or should I say "how's it hanging, to the left or to the right?" (Joke)

Anonymous said...

Someone from NY Mag Wrote:
@sammysammkk - and to think he was a 3rd grade teacher up in Oneonta, NY just a few years ago kinda makes you think ..... what happened up there? Hhmmmmmmm?????

Anonymous said...

one can only wonder...doesn't sound like this creep messes with kids but wouldnt be surprised if he made inappropriate remarks to teachers up there. I am disappointed his punishment is 'sensitivity training'. it must really suck for his staff to have to continue working with him, especially for the female staffers to have work under and with him. I would hope someone has the guts to file a lawsuit. Department of ED is a joke. if this isnt sexual harrassment i dont know what is

Anonymous said...

"City investigators have confirmed that a new Bronx high-school principal made bizarre sexual remarks to staffers that included X-rated cravings for inanimate objects, The Post has learned. But Department of Education officials said Bronxdale HS Principal John Chase Jr. will be disciplined with just a letter of reprimand and sensitivity training. The decision came after investigators in the DOE’s Office of Equal Opportunity substantiated that Chase had said that a female employee “wants to blow me.” As The Post reported last month, Chase also alluded to receiving sexual gratification from a copy machine by marveling that “it even has a hole in it where you can stick your d–k in and get a blow job.”

what an as*hole. and a liar. first it didnt happen, then its someone making it up out for revenge, now its the Department of Education filing a formal report that it did happen with him admitting someone wants to give him a blow job... SCUMBAG! get out of our schools! go cut wood upstate!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey John Chase Jr.! (aka J. Chase) What do think of this one?

"What did the left nut say to the right nut?

The guy in the middle thinks he is so hard"

Anonymous said...

How to you make a dish washer into a snow blower?

Give the bitch a shovel!

This one kind of crosses the line. It should probably say give the woman a shovel but I guess the word is substituted to add effect. Perhaps the sensitivity training Mr. J. Chase will undergo can help decipher what kind of jokes are 'merely adult humor' and which ones are unprofessional, hurtful, degrading and offensive.

Anonymous said...

by Lynne Winderbaum, retired ESL teacher, JFK HS, and former Bronx High School UFT District Rep

“I’m not going to remove him, but he knows he cannot have any similar type of comments. He is on a very strict line as far as his behavior,” said Walcott, who added that some school staffers want Chase to remain in his post.

Following the deplorable moral standards of his predecessors under Bloomberg, Dennis Walcott staunchly asserts that he will not remove principal John Chase from his leadership position at Bronxdale High School.

I have represented teachers for many years as a UFT chapter leader and district representative. Given the unique position of teachers, the role model status we have, and the damage we can do if we display immoral behavior in front of children, there has been no tolerance for remaining in a classroom under even an allegation of misconduct. Teachers are removed pending adjudication to err on the side of protection. The Department of Education does not see the equivalence in protecting staff and students from misbehaving principals however.

This article in yesterday’s Daily News focuses on his b— j– comment regarding the copy machine but omits his inappropriate comments made to female employees for which he has already been found guilty. Perhaps if his own wife were subjected to comments about her breasts by her boss Walcott might take it more seriously? But this is only a secretary and he doesn’t even know her. It is much more important to stand tough in protecting the job of a principal.

And as far as school staffers wanting him to remain in his post, his entire teaching staff consists of eight untenured teachers (another good argument for tenure). They can be fired for any reason at any time while on probation. So their position must be taken with a grain of salt until they can speak without fear of consequences. Teachers should stand against sexual harassment in the workplace even if the victims are secretaries or paraprofessionals–all union members and all human beings.

And since when do chancellors, including Walcott, care if staffers want accused workers to remain in their jobs? When 400 people marched outside Roosevelt High School in support of teacher Raqnel James, a respected and beloved tenured teacher, the Department of Education stood idly by as she was shipped to the rubber room and arrested. The principal, Iris Blige, created the charges to have her removed from the school after she took the principal’s friend to court for unpaid rent. It cost James three years of salary and legal battles until finally being found “not guilty” last month in a trial. Clearly, hundreds of staffers wanted this innocent teacher to remain in her job but the DOE was unmoved. And this is just an egregious example. There are many schools where good teachers face charges and the staff supports them. Suddenly, in this case of a foul-mouthed sexual harasser, who happens to be the school leader, Dennis Walcott feels that staff “support” should outweigh the finding of guilt and the suffering of his victims?

Anonymous said...

...(continued from Lynne Winderbaum, above)

Easy answer. Excusing principals’ bad behavior is policy. This is the Department of Education that ignored years of allegations of sexual misconduct by Richard Bost, former principal of Fordham Leadership Academy, who was also found guilty of abusing a secretary and guilty of giving $7000 of school money to his AP. Finally, after committing unwanted sexual advances against a parent, Sen. Jeffrey Klein’s office got involved and he was removed.

This is the Department of Education that supports Valerie Reidy after charges of supervisory harassment were upheld by an arbitrator, a well-documented mass-exodus of excellent teachers from Bronx High School of Science, and many demonstrations–the most recent on January 5–asked for her removal. This is the Department of Education that keeps Barbara Kirkweg, of Bronx Aerospace in place after several investigations into grade changing and loss of all Air Force funding due to a finding of misappropriation of their money. This is the Department of Education that failed to conclude investigations into Anthony Rotunno until the state comptroller found him guilty of misusing $90,000 of school money and then he resigned. This is the Department of Education that retains Iris Blige as principal of Fordham High School for the Arts despite the false charges against Raqnel James and the finding of guilt by the Office of Special Investigations into pre-determining the unsatisfactory ratings of teachers she did not like before she observed their teaching. She was fined a mere $7500 for abusing her authority and left in place. The protection of principals is paramount and appears to be the unwavering policy of the Department of Education. It is again time to fight back against this policy and demand the removal of John Chase

Anonymous said...

We were looking to get my daughters possibly enrolled here,

And now I've done enough research. Your article personally disgusts me as well. this isn't a good time for satire or sick humor, this is a serious issue for our schools and parents and their children of the Bronx and all NYC schools.

What about the children??
Who is looking out for the kids??
I can't knowingly send my kids to a place where the staff isn't even respected and had to face oral sex comments on three occasions !!

What is wrong with this picture? Everything! What is the Department of ED thinking?! They are backing this guy?? what if a teenager is subjected to harassment or abuse?? If adult teachers can't get protection and relief from this hostility how are my kids going to learn and be safe in this environment? We don't even know if anything has happened to any children. What if they were threatened to keep quiet? I can't stand this. Walcott, if Chase isn't called to go maybe you need to go. Is this your new policy for all future harassment? What kind of precedent is this??

I'm sick over this, sick and outraged and disgusted and very concerned for our schools and as a mother.

I'm at a loss of words.

Principal Chase, What if your kids grew up and faced this harassment from some man that's suppose to be their leader, someone who is suppose administer and manage actually turns out to be as a parent your biggest fear, some sicko making sexual jokes to your sons or daughters?? I do all I can to raise my kids right and keep them safe but now I feel safer with them around their friends then in school. I feel awful for these teachers. What if your daughter grew up with ideals to teach our kids and her boss was making jokes to try to get her to have oral sex!? Any stranger talked like that to my kids I raised them to punch them and run and now we have not a stranger off the street to worry about but the head of the school pulling this and nothing's done about it ?! Would you want your daughter's boss to get a second chance or warning about something this disgusting? Maybe you don't have kids maybe that's why you'd pull something so sick and stupid.

Get a grip and get out. I am beyond angry

Anonymous said...

Some people just don't get it..and they never will. Protect your children and those that grow up to be young teachers

Request to Remove Principal J. Chase Jr. from our community and schools. There's no place for this kind of behavior and character. Protect our Kids.

Anonymous said...

City investigators have confirmed that a new Bronx high school principal made bizarre sexual remarks to staffers that included x-rated cravings for inanimate objects.

But Department of Education officials said Bronxdale HS Principal John Chase Jr. , who made at least three remarks about oral sex to female staffers, will be disciplined with just a letter of reprimand and sensitivity training.

The decision came after investigators in the DOE’s Office of Equal Opportunity substantiated that Chase had said that a female employee who dropped something off for him “wants to blow me, but I don’t s--t where I eat,” according to a redacted report on the probe.
John Chase, Jr.

As The Post reported last month, Chase also alluded to receiving sexual gratification from a full-service copy machine by marveling that “it even has a hole in it where you can stick your d--k in and get a blow job.”

He told another staffer who inquired what a server is, “This part is for storage. This part is for filing. Oh, and this part is where I stick my d--k and get a blow job,” the report said.

In fact the heavy use of the BJ term throughout the report prompted a footnote on page 2 that reads, “A ‘blow job’ is oral sex performed on a man.”

Although Office of Equal Opportunity investigators confirmed that Chase made the orally-fixated statements, they characterized them as inappropriate sexual comments rather than as sexually harassing.

But a source on the Bronxdale campus said the “outrageous” ruling amounted to a slap on the wrist for someone who’s supposed to serve as a role model for teenagers

“You can say whatever you want — now we’re going to send you to sensitivity training? You’ve got to be kidding me,” the source said. “This could only happen in the New York City Department of Education, because if it happened anywhere else that person would have been fired.”

Chase, who earns $132,633, did not respond to an email seeking comment.

He denied the allegations when questioned by investigators, telling them “he never talked about blow jobs in the work place,” the report reads

Read more:

Anonymous said...

To the mother asking what about the kids, whose looking out for them? -Good Question because, apparently, no one is...they have to look out for themselves

"Now a freshman at the school has leveled a new complaint against the principal, the Post found. Chase allegedly told the girl that she was "special" and that he was "watching" her, and told her to report to him instead of her guidance counselor. The student was uncomfortable, and reported the issue to another school employee. The department of education is now investigating Chase again."

Anonymous said...

"When a principal in the Bronx made remarks to female staffers about getting oral sex from a copy machine and other office goods, he got a letter of reprimand and sensitivity training. Then a 15-year-old female student claimed that he made comments that made her uncomfortable too, reports the New York Post. Now the New York City Department of Education and the principal reportedly came to a "mutual decision" that he'll move to another school, where he'll be an assistant principal.

It was John Chase Jr.'s first year as principal at the new Bronxdale High School, when the department of education investigated him, and confirmed in November that he had made lewd comments to female subordinates.
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According to the report, in one instance he said a new copy machine was so fancy, "it even has a hole in it where you can stick your d*** and get a b*** j**."

The department found, however, that allegations of sexual harassment were unsubstantiated. Chase was punished with a reprimand and training. Staffers and women's activists were outraged. "You have to have a basic standard," said Sonia Ossorio, the director of the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women, "and there's no reason why this guy should be keeping his job."

In January around 200 concerned community members, teachers, students and local politicians took part in a rally against the principal, who was "allowed to stay on as principal in lieu of the outrage of female staffers and the danger to the inanimate objects of Bronxdale High."

"Never in my 23 years in the school have I encountered something so horrible," said Cathy DeLuca, the secretary of Columbus High School, which shares a campus with Bronxdale. She said every woman in the building feels uncomfortable around Chase, reports the Bronx Times.

"We're going to make sure he goes for the appropriate training but at the same time we have an investment to make as far as leadership is concerned," New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said in January.

Now a freshman at the school has leveled a new complaint against the principal, the Post found. Chase allegedly told the girl that she was "special" and that he was "watching" her, and told her to report to him instead of her guidance counselor. The student was uncomfortable, and reported the issue to another school employee. The department of education is now investigating Chase again.

Walcott claims that Chase's reassignment to another school has nothing to do with the allegations of misconduct. "Just because an accusation is made doesn't mean a person is guilty," he told the Post. Administrators were simply concerned about upcoming state tests, he said, and they thought a new principal would be a stronger choice at that time.

It hasn't been announced what school Chase will transfer to, or how much a dent the demotion will have on his $132,633 a year salary."

Anonymous said...

ummmmmm last time i checked our phys ed teacher wasnt named that & that pur locker room looks nothing like this