SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Gideon Stein Looks Down His Nose From His Balcony

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gideon Stein Looks Down His Nose From His Balcony

On March 12, I wrote about one of Eva Moskowitz's official henchman Gideon Stein. But calling Gideon Eva's henchman is not enough. I think, at least my opinion is Gideon is Eva's Little mouthpiece.

Now to remind you who Gideon is, he is a very rich white man whose mission in life is to correct the behavior, culture, and education of little black boys and girls of color. The way I see it is that Gideon feels that only through the paternalistic good will that only he believes he has, that all the little boys and girls of color will learn what it means to pull up dem boot straps, comb dey hair, pull up dos pants and be able to enter through the front door and be one of Gideon's house...., well figure out the rest. Let's just say the Big House is awaiting them, through the side entrance.

Gideon as previously mentioned is a board member, along with other rich white people of Success Academy Charter Networks. Gideon was on my pal TFT's Internet radio show last week. Gideon believes that systems are failing the students, the admins, the federal government, AND teachers who don't know how to fix a broken and failed system. But, of course it's not the kids. Who ever said it was the kids? Oh yes, only Gideon says not to blame the kids. But why then when the kids enter one of Eva's reeducation camps, er, I meant schools, are the kids marched and indoctrinated lock step into a well behaved drones?

Why? Simple. Who at one of Eva's death camps would want to deal with a student that has a mind of their own? A student who will question things when older, a students who will see through the BS and doubt what Sith Lord Eva wants? Of course, wringing his hands over all of this we will find Gideon lock step into Eva's way of thinking.

Now, I, and every teacher I know, want our students to behave properly, to have good character and comportment, but not at the price of removing whatever vestiges of independent thought. What Gideon and Eva want in my opinion is not only subservience now and in the future of boys and girls of color but worse, to create worker bees in the future, in which some will prosper by design, but most will be at the beck and call and service of their rich white benefactors. It's bait and switch.

Heck, but why not? Let's pay lip service to how much we care about those kids, but in the end, we will shaft them, their culture, and their future.

Later on Gideon dares to tell TFT that, "a lot of people tend to blame poverty." But in reinventing the wheel, Gideon proclaims that "all kids can learn." No duh Sherlock, how did Gideon figure that one out? Of course all kids can learn, but can all kids excel. NO! It is mathematically impossible. But, Gideon quickly backtracks and says, "virtually all kids can learn?" Gee, that is not what he told me.

But isn't it funny how Gideon, a person not only born with a golden spoon in his mouth but a golden spike up his ass has no clue as to poverty. Gideon at one time did share with me that he has walked the streets of the South Bronx alone and had no problem. But when asked to share some landmarks he saw in the South Bronx he had no clue.

But curiously, if Gideon had walked the streets of the South Bronx what did he do when he saw more than one person of color congregating on the corner wearing colors and flashing signs? Gideon signaled for the town car that was slowly pacing him from behind to catch up and he jumped in.

Just remember this, the name Gideon was a judge for the Hebrews. That is what Gideon does. He judges. He decides who is right and who is wrong. Everyone else is wrong, especially those of color, and everyone else is right in the method that Gideon deems to fix what his perception of what is wrong, that is if you agree with his method.

But there is more to this name, more that is so much appropriate. Gideon means "feller of trees," and destroyer. That is what Gideon is. To fell the neighborhoods and the educational system that has bound cultures, generations, communities, families all together and having a true common core, togetherness, a sense of family. This he wishes to destroy in my opinion.

Why? In my opinion it is simple. Gideon is at heart a real estate developer. Schools are taking up valuable real estate space that he doesn't own or has developed. Communities in the South Bronx are ripe to be gentrified, yet again resulting in a diaspora of the people of color. Let's turn all of NYC into a playground for those white rich people, a playground that will resemble the abomination that is now the Meatpacking District.

More on Gideon later on this week. There is such so much to be written about this guy there it just can't be gotten to tonight. The crack team will surely turn up much more.


Michael Fiorillo said...

And let's create that global playground for the rich (along with trust fund hipsters and TFA missionaries) by using charter schools and Bloomberg's private army, once known as the NYPD, to clear targeted neighborhoods of those pesky poor people of color, so Gideon's real estate empire can grow.

in a quandary said...

It's surprising how many "Gideons" have been known to comment in various blogs, and places like The Brooklyn Paper, Gotham Schools, whenever there is an article about "Success." Of course, even though he is Eva's champion, his defense of her empire, is really rather inept fortunately. Yes indeedy, it really is all about the real estate.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read on him I found his name in in something I was researching.
"Very rich white man" or a very rich jewish man, most Jewish people do not identify as "white" they s identify as jewish.
Just saying.