SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Marsha Elliott Forgets What Christianity Is All About

Monday, June 4, 2012

Marsha Elliott Forgets What Christianity Is All About

More to come as promised. Still on the subject of Marsha Elliott, my former principal at PS 154. Today we will learn just how low a principal will sink and lie to get their way.

As a dean and SAVE room coordinator at my school it is very hard work though there are some who think it is easy. Back in December of this school year we had a 4th grade student who was assigned to me for several days and basically a terror. She refused to stay in the room and was more apt to be wondering around the school than being where she should be.

So one day, Marsha Elliott decided that her mother was to accompany her to the SAVE room and stay there. Not for a few minutes, not for an hour, but for the whole day and this was without any input from me.

The mother was quite paranoid and in the past several years had accused teachers of plotting against her daughter, she believed that her daughter was a perfect child, caused no problems, etc... Even Marsha Elliott knew that this mother was full of shit, yet, she put the mother in the SAVE room alone, with me, and another student in there as well.

Well, it didn't take long for this mother to accuse me of conspiring against her daughter every time I said good morning to a teacher. Worse, she started yelling and physically threatened the 4th grade boy I had there as  well. Soon enough, the boy and the girl got into a fight and I needed to call the for Marsha Elliott.

Soon enough Elliott came with the sycophantic parent coordinator. Soon the mother accused me of calling the daughter crazy and that I said she needed medication. The mother named to wonderful teachers and the sycophantic parent coordinator as hearing me say that. Both wonderful teachers gave a statement saying nothing was said, the sycophantic parent coordinator claimed I said the girl was psychological.Now mind you, the mother at no time ever made a formal complaint, worse, well for me at least, she never gave a statement.

It was never said. The letter I received never had the date of the incident memorialized. We went to a Step II grievance and lost. Right now, we are in the process of hopefully taking it to arbitration. But there is one thing that bothers me in the letter. It was stated that I did not
"provide any reason why sycophantic parent coordinator would lie." 
But this, sadly in retrospect is how Marsha Elliott operates. This is a woman who said to me,
"I want you out of this school."
"You don't want to be in a classroom so there is no reason for you to be here."

After I bust my ass getting  Reso A funding and upon finding out that after a former principal accused me of having porn on a computer and being completely cleared by SCI, claimed not only that
"XXXXXXXXX said you can't be the computer coordinator" A blatant lie
But worse said,
"even though they didn't find anything and cleared you doesn't mean it never happened."

Now, if she said that, and of course she will deny this to her last breath, but I never play with my money, I always play with house money, and boy do I have an ace up my sleeve, she will create and fabricate any allegation she will or can get away with. But not this time. The proof I have would spin Judge Sirica in the grave. I have everything other than a 18 minute gap. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Hey, maybe if I took Jeebus as my lord and savior and didn't belong to a tribe that has been accused of killing the big guy I would be treated differently. But this is what Marsha Elliott is. The worse kind of believer. Just another lying piece of DOE garbage.

Religion, which should be her armor to protect her against what the world has to offer and to use it to protect those, instead has become her sharp and angry sword to swath those with her religious beliefs, sitting in what she believes is her gilded tower judging us all.

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