SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Whitney Tilson Makes a Fool Of Himself Yet Again

Monday, June 11, 2012

Whitney Tilson Makes a Fool Of Himself Yet Again

I'm late to the game and didn't catch all of what Alexander Russo wrote about Violet Nichols, but I sure read what Whitney Tilson had written in response. As usual Whitney, the Harvard grad has no idea how to write or think critically.

I feel like I am chasing a windmill every time I write about this asinine hedge fund manager that is Whitney. He is just so in love with his voice and his perturbed thoughts through his mangles thought process that I don;t know whether to laugh, cry or be angry. I know somewhere I read that DFER wished he could shut up for ten minutes.

Am I wrong for exposing Whitney's lack of higher order thinking skills and his inability to be empathetic to others? Or am I wrong to continually to go after him for it is so easy to show how warped and cursed his mind is. It's like me challenging a 2 year old to a 100 meter race. It's just not fair.

But anyway, all must be constant in the Universe and Whitney must yet be defiled and degraded again. Why? Because just like those nuts who must slow down every morning their is an accident on the Deegan, you just can't help it.

Whitney commenced his mental blabbering thusly; Ending LIFO is a critical first step to getting to what’s really necessary: that every principal has the full power to hire and fire every adult (not just teachers) in the school and he/she sees fit, just as managers in 99% of all businesses/organizations in America do (of course with protections for age, race, gender, etc. discrimination), including KIPP and most other successful schools I’ve seen.

Yeah. Every principal has the right to hire and fire whom they want. Sometimes its their best friend that can't manage a classroom. Sometimes it someone who has the correct, or rather, a more agreeable religion, skin color, sex, person who performs sex, kiss ass, etc... Get off your freaking high horse Whitney. A principal has the power. They just choose not to use it or use it properly. 

But education is not a business. Education is, well it is education. We're not selling widgets. I put this to Whitney Tilson, and I have asked this of your disciple Larry Sands countless times, do you support the end of LIFO for cops, firefighters, paramedics, sanitation workers, Post Office Employees, air traffic controllers? Oh the list can go on. But the reason there is LIFO is we take less pay for more job security.

Oh, and please do not bring KIPP up. The shit I heard and will expose in the coming weeks about the KIPP Academy in Concourse Village in The Bronx will not look good. 

Violet Nichols’ case highlights the Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter’s Tea party nature of the current system, in which all teachers (after 98% get tenure after 2-3 years) have a guaranteed job for life unless they convicted (not just indicted) for a major felony. In Nichols’s case, you seem to buy into the unwritten assumption that in order to let her go, there has to be an airtight, extremely well documented case against her – in other words, the burden of proof is on the principal/district to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s grossly incompetent.

So Violet Nichols never should have received tenure? Is this what Whitney is saying? Tenure is nothing but the right to due process. The above mentioned jobs have due process, they just don't call it tenure. I think Whitney might have some credibility if he walked up to a cop, or the next time his chauffeur got pulled over, and said to that cop, "LIFO for NYPD officers must end." Then, and only then will Whitney be allowed into the "Men With Testes Club."

Whitney, though a Harvard grad has yet to master the United States Constitution. THE GOVERNMENT, must prove its case against those charged. As American's we do not have to prove our innocence, the government must prove our guilt. Dang, I graduated from a SUNY school and know more than Harvard boy Whitney.

Ironic that Whitney is being investigated by the SEC and hopefully the US Attorney's office. One might wonder if Whitney is hiding behind a cadre of lawyers and those inconvenient rights that he deems not worthy of working class people like teachers.

This is ridiculous. It’s a privilege, not a right, to work in a school and teach children. If you want to guarantee mediocrity (or worse) across any organization, then set up a system in which everybody keeps their jobs, year in and year out, despite being mediocre (or worse). The key, of course, is to make sure that at the same time you give principals greater power to hire and fire, you also have to hold THEM accountable. I’m fully aware of how terrible some principals are and how some might abuse this new power, but it’s hard to see how a tyrannical principal who unfairly drives out great teachers, plays favorites, hires buddies and family members, etc. could ever have a successful school – so if you have a good system of accountability for the principals, then bad principals can be identified and removed, just like teachers.

It's a privilege?  What a condescending, patronizing, rich white boy, bullshitter turd blossom Whitney is. You sound worse than your BFF, or whatever weird pathological identifier you have for each other, Gideon Stein. Is it a privilege to have a 3rd grader throw a chair at your head? Is it a privilege to have a 14 year old threaten to shoot you after school? Or better yet, is it a privilege for others to entrust their life savings to Whitney and watch him piss it all away?

The problem is Principals, and those that are above them, do not get fired, they get promoted when they fuck up. Teachers are ostracized when we make a mistake. Dang, teachers are the waiters. The principals and administrators are the chefs who are putting the meal together. Whitney, when you truffles and caviar come out a tad askew do you blame the waiter or the chef?

You also seem to be buying into the unwritten assumption that schools exist primarily to create good middle-class jobs for adults when you write “No one wants to see middle-aged teachers moving in with their 20-something children, or going on welfare.” If your point is that we have to be cognizant that these issues are important from a public opinion and political standpoint, then I agree with you, but I’d hope we can agree that we should be hiring, evaluating, promoting, and, if necessary, firing teachers based on their performance, not how tough their life might be if they lose their job.

This will be a simple response. If you are going to fuck up someone's life you better do it for good reasons and not petty bullshit.  You better be damn right and have done everything in your power as a principal to have forestalled any termination. OK, 'nough said. 

The people who work for me understand that their continued employment depends on me being happy with them. If they fail to add value, have a bad attitude, aren’t team players, or just irritate me, then I can let them go AT ANY TIME AT MY DISCRETION. This may sound like a harsh system and I acknowledge that some employees are treated very poorly by tyrannical bosses, but that’s the way it is in the U.S. job market. If you are squeamish about it, consider the alternative: the sclerotic labor markets in Europe…

The people who work for you think you are a dick. OK? The Crack Team knows this. But it is your company, and more importantly, IT IS A BUSINESS!!! We are talking apples and oranges.  But T2 keeps on going down the toilet, when will Whitney do the honorable thing? As for the "sclerotic" labor market in Europe it is because of the Whitney's of the world have manipulated the financial markets. We have Whitney Tilson to thank.

I know Whitney is just a symptom of the deform pooh pooh heads. But I am done. There must be some kind of show to expose Whitney. There needs to be an organized march at his  5th Ave home to let his neighbors and everyone see what a truly mean, nasty, megalomaniac person Whitney is.

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Anonymous said...

This guys textbooks are very old and his statistics are a complete fiction. Has he ever been in a public school while it was in session, or just for orchestrated events he funds. He is from Wall Street and he wants to tell us how to run schools? Hitler, Hirohito and the Soviet autocracy couldn't destroy this country, but the Wall Street profiteers did it almost singlehandedly in 2008. They will continue to pursue profits without consideration of who or what it destroys. The most dangerous terrorists in America are the monied fascists who want to impose their valueless management on the world.