SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: BREAKING E4E NEWS!!!! E4E Hires New Executive Director!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BREAKING E4E NEWS!!!! E4E Hires New Executive Director!

We here at SBSB wish to give a hardy and snarky welcome to new Educators4Excellence Executive Director Jonathan Schleifer. Yes, the news came to a shock to us here in the SBSB newsroom. Are Little Evan and Princess Sydney no longer with E4E? No. They are now concentrating on bringing their cult to other cities across this great nation of ours to bring the conversation of deform to those lackies and rubes which clamor for their leadership.

We applaud that Jonathan had taught (At CIS 303 in The Bronx), but saddened that  Jonathan is part of the TFA elitist mentality and hails from some of the elite universities of this country. Just once we here at SBSB would like to see a TFA member that had graduated from Mercy College or Monroe College. When that happens we will know that TFA is open to all.

We are also curious that at one time, from 2007 to 2008, Jonathan was senior policy adviser for former US Congressman, and amateur photographer, Anthony Weiner. Many questions can be asked of the time Jonathan spent with Weiner, and whether or not he knew of Weiner's proclivities. Was Weiner sharing his weiner then, and if so, did Jonathan know? But, that is not really important. Stat tuned.

Jonathan's last position was as chief policy officer with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Though at press time the Crack Team has yet to have any definitive information on Jonathan's exact role and the source of funding for IAVA, as well what IAVA stands for, we commend him for such a noble role in helping our veterans, some of whom truly need the advocacy of such a group. But, we have several questions of some issues that bother us.

In coming to an organization that is advocating changes to pay, advancement, work rules, pensions, etc... one might ask how this jibes not only with the veterans that Jonathan gave a voice to, but the those still in the military.

We know that E4E wishes to do away with the current pay structure of teachers that goes in step by step increments till you reach a maximum, but the military has a pay scale as well that somewhat looks like the DOE's. Did Jonathan have issues with this?

E4E'ers and Little Evan and Princess Sydney believe that one can become a teacher after only 50 hours of training. Surely, being TFA and now in the employ of E4E Jonathan must feel the same way. Did he share the same sort of attitudes as an advocate for veterans? Did he at any time share with them that that they can become a soldier, airman, sailor, or Marine with only 50 hours of training?

Does Jonathan believe that experience truly does not matter? That younger soldiers are better equipped, more energetic than veteran soldiers? Should special units such as Seal Team 6 have newbies on its squad?

I wonder if Jonathan believes in perhaps judging soldiers using some sort of convoluted VMA. How would he rate whether or not a soldier is qualified or not? What would he base it on?

Finally, now that he is the executive director of E4E will he show the same verve that he did in advocating for veteran's rights and transfer that skill and dedication into protecting teacher's rights? I am sure if you draw a string, their are many common denominators for both the rights of veteran's and the rights of teachers.

The devil is in the details. Will Jonathan be truly independent, or just Little Evan's puppet? The bet is on the latter. Doubt Jonathan will treat educators with the same respect he treated the vets.


Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

As a U.S. Navy Veteran myself I'm saddened that other veterans would support the corporate takeover of pubic education in any form.

Fun fact: just the first school that aspiring SEAL Team members have go through - B.U.D.S. - is 4.8 times longer than Teach for America's "training."

They're not educators for excellence, they're poverty pimps for profits.

David Greene said...

Not disagreeing here, just pointing out you should be more accurate so detractors don't have fodder.

"Just once we here at SBSB would like to see a TFA member that had graduated from Mercy College or Monroe College. When that happens we will know that TFA is open to all.'
Perhaps not either of those I have worked with TFA Cms from Rutgers, Univ of Fla, Oregon, and other non elite or state Universities.

Pete Zucker said...

To paraphrase Judge Smails, those schools are no slouches themselves. Maybe not elite, but darn diddly darn good schools.

But why can't TFA have a presence at Mercy College? At Monroe? Or even NYIT? Or even Pace in Pleasantville?