SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: MS 331 Bronx Watch Out For Citizen Schools New Campus Leader Ruben Brosbe

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MS 331 Bronx Watch Out For Citizen Schools New Campus Leader Ruben Brosbe

Yesterday I wrote about Ruben Brosbe while lamenting the fact that I might be beating a dead horse and not really wishing to for Ruben is a waste of time. I spoke, or rather wrote, too soon. Please accept my apologies.

After putting the blog post to bed, I felt pretty darn good that yet again Ruben, and all his minions, were exposed. I popped open my 10th Diet Coke of the evening and toasted to the good fortune of of being on the good side of goodness. But at this point, and sorry for reusing a previous phrase, I felt a deep disturbance in the force.

I looked at Ruben's Twitter page and noticed something that was not there before. Yes, the self serving fact that he is/was a student at Harvard Graduate School of Education, but something more sinister;
Campus Director at MS331 in the Bronx,

CSschools? What can that be, and how in God's name did Ruben become some director? What are you talking about, Willis?

According to their website, @CSchools is Citizens Schools;
Citizen Schools partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities across the country.
By drawing thousands more citizens into schools each year, we’re promoting student achievement, transforming schools, and re-imagining education in America.
Wow, so strangely self impressive for a bunch of (mostly) former TFA hacks to come into our schools with what they consider their knowledge to impart their values on our students.

And the new Citizen Schools campus leader at MS 331 in The Bronx is E4E Blog Monkey™ and Savant, Ruben Brosbe. Yes, that Ruben Brosbe. Ruben Brosbe formerly of PS 310 in District 10 in The Bronx that according to sources there shared with me how universally despised he was. The Ruben Brosbe of PS 310 in District 10 in The Bronx that was denied tenure, not once, but twice and either resigned or was terminated. The Ruben Brosbe of PS 310 in District 10 in The Bronx that ripped his fellow teachers apart in the New York Post? The Ruben Brosbe of PS 310 in District 10 in The Bronx that doesn't believe poverty affects a child's education? The Ruben Brosbe of PS 310 in District 10 in The Bronx that sticks his finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing?

So what is the failed teacher of 3rd grade students responsibilities as campus director for Citizen Schools at MS 331?
  • Be instructional leader, talent developer to 5-15 staff, 80-250 students
  • Partner with principal and staff to expand the learning day to improve student achievement
  • Cultivate relationships with community and families to deepen the impact of program on student achievement
  • Use data to make leadership decisions and leverage resources through successful human resource administration
Ruben doing this? Surely, Citizen Schools jests. 

How can a failed teacher such as Ruben Brosbe be an instructional leader? This is a man child that failed as a teacher, yet now he is a supervisor of not only adults, but of children as well? How soon will it be before some middle school student sees through Ruben's self aggrandizing bullshit?

I am reminded of a time 20 years ago when a friend and I went to IHOP for breakfast. He commented that IHOP must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for waitresses. Twenty years later, the IHOP effect is in full bloom with Citizen Schools. The bottom of the barrel has been scraped in hiring Ruben Brosbe. In fact I doubt highly that even IHOP would hire Ruben.

We here at SBSB contacted Citizen Schools NY chief of staff Alena Bloom and asked her to comment on why a failed teacher like Ruben would be put in such spot of responsibility and how does one justify putting the students needs first with Ruben as a supervisor. She refused to comment. A search of her education credentials turned up zilch, nada, bupkus. Same with Citizen Schools NY chief Nitzan Pelman. Just a lot of nothingness.

And that goes the same with Ruben Brosbe. A lot of nothingness there. A lot of no accomplishments there. We still wish to know how Ruben got into HGSE. Perhaps daddy paid off someone, or someone owed daddy a favor. But like most of the world's mysteries, we might never know. We do know that Ruben near education is a debacle awaiting whichever students are in his way.

As far as Citizen Schools, just another way for more rich, white, liberal do-gooders, who are former TFA hacks to make a buck on the back of students and at the expense of a good solid education.


NYCDOEnuts said...

Wait. Did he wash out of Harvarfd? How is he back in the city? Just for summer break? Answers SoBro! I need answers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment on Ruben's blog. However, I do not have a Google account. I wanted to ask him why he thinks attending Harvard will make him a better teacher. I also want to know why he believes that the ivory towers of Harvard are a better location to gain the knowledge necessary to teach in the South Bronx than by actually continuing to teach in the South Bronx. He is in for a wake up call if he gets his new position as there WILL be folks to expose not only his utter lack of experience as an educational leader but also his failure as a teacher and a sell out of his teaching colleagues. Ruben is like a bad migraine:
as soon as you think he is gone, he come back to haunt you again.

Pete Zucker said...

The botarded Brosbe made it through HGSE's one year program.

Anonymous said...

I know that I'm old fashioned but I always think of the Principal as the instructional leader of a school. I don't know anything about the Principal of MS331X, but if he or she is willing to turn over the role of instructional leader to someone with no permanent teaching certification and almost no teaching experience something is very wrong at the top of that school.

Anonymous said...

Todd Bloomer sounds like a pretty savvy guy. Perhaps Ruben can contact Todd for online assistance.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you have this much time to tear someone down who is at least trying his best to serve others. Perhaps you all can do the same rather than bully someone who is working and still learning on how to do this job better.

Anonymous said...

suck a dick brosbe ur a fucking jerk citizen schools is a joke