SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: William F Higgins South Bronx Classical Charter School Trustee Mocks Reality, Football, and the FBI

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

William F Higgins South Bronx Classical Charter School Trustee Mocks Reality, Football, and the FBI

As readers of this blog are aware of we broke the news that South Bronx Classical Charter School II was to be co-located in the friendly confines of PS 154. The last sentence of Monday's blog was;
What is more disturbing is what will be gracing these pages concerning Bronx Classical in the days to come. 
Little did we know here at SBSB just how much more disturbing information was to be found.

You know the old saying, "Stop the presses!"? The presses were just stopped. In researching, editing, and writing an introduction, well wishes, and hidey ho to the trustees of South Bronx Classical, The Crack Team came across some disturbing truths and untruths about South Bronx Classical Board Member William F Higgins.

Not only does Mr, or should we say, Captain Higgins biographies differ here on the South Bronx Classical page and the New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs page (is there really such an organization in NYS? I mean officially?), but apparently Citizen Higgins played a game of not telling the whole truth.

On the South Bronx Classical bio for Higgins it lists him as a former FBI special agent, while the DMNA page has no mention of him as an FBI  agent. This raised the eyebrows of The Crack Team. Surely, we thought to ourselves, being an FBI special agent one would want to share it with everyone/

The reason Citizen Higgins did not wish to share it on the DMNA website is because in 1973 Citizen Higgins was terminated as an FBI agent. No wonder he did not share this on a "quasi-government" website.

Of course putting down that he is a former FBI agent lends him some much needed "panache." But it makes one wonder if he wished he were part of a union when he was with the FBI.

Another curious tall tale that Citizen Higgins shared only on his DMNA page, and not on the South Bronx Classical page nor even here,  is.... Oh, let's use the words from DMNA, OK?
...played on the 1963 NAVY football team that was ranked the #2 team in the nation, and went to the Cotton Bowl with Roger Staubach.
Wow! That was one hell of a football team back then. The 1964 Cotton Bowl was the de facto national title game. Texas trounced the Middies 28-6.

Thinking what I am thinking? Yeah, liar, liar pants on fire Citizen Higgins. Extensive research has yet to show any record of Citizen Higgins being on the 1963 Navy team that was led to the Cotton Bowl by future Cowboys great quarterback and Hall of Famer Roger Staubach.

One more thing. After Roger Staubach graduated the Naval Academy, he could have done his tour in the States, yet he volunteered to go to Viet Nam for a year. Citizen Higgins on the other hand...
....first tour of active duty was at the U. S. Naval Academy, 1966-67
We hear at SBSB smell a fish and it is really stinky. Even though all of us here at SBSB are Football Giants fans, we respect and like Roger Staubach we don't like Citizen Higgins.

We also question Lester Long's (This is such a great porno name!!!) judgement. How is it possible that Citizen Higgins fell through the vetting process at South Bronx Classical? What does this say about Lester Long's priorities? What about Citizen Higgins? Does he care about his image or the student's educations? How has he been able to bogart his way into so many prominent positions?

We here at SBSB demand answers from Lester Long and Citizen Higgins immediately. If Lester can be this careless about a trustee he can be this careless about the children of the South Bronx.

We are not done here at SBSB with Citizen Higgins inconsistencies. Stay tuned for more.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for some great research. Many of us think that the charter movement is full of carpetbaggers and scalawags but we need that kind of in-depth work to be sure.

Which brings me to a question that has bothered me for years. Who scores tests for charter schools? With pathoogical liars on their Boards of Directors (and perhaps in other places), if these guys
score their own tests there could be massive fraud happening.