SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Has DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal Mismanaged $250,000 Worth of Computers?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Has DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal Mismanaged $250,000 Worth of Computers?

So does DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal of PS 154 put students first or her needs and her nihilistic, win and always be right attitude come first? This question was put to the readers of this blog on July 31, 2013. Tonight, we ask that question again along with a new question. Does DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal have it out for me and has she conspired to ruin my career?

As several times on these pages, I (And keep in mind I am not boasting, but rather stating fact) was responsible for the generosity of Councilwoman Maria Arroyo's gift through Reso A of $250,000. In 2011, we had asked for $90,000, but on the strength of my presentation, she single handidly decided to up the gift. With my background, I was involved in putting the computer lab together and the plan was for me to run it.

Anyway, in comes DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal as principal. She is under the assumption that a $250K computer lab with brand new iMacs, printer, etc... can be run without any supervision. Yeah, there will be supervision, the teachers will bring the students to the lab, but really, they don't have the wherewithal nor the fortitude to know how to run a lab.

Now of course, since DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal needs to control and micro manage everything, the keys to the lab are with her at all times except when the lab is being used. DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal believes this will keep the lab running perfectly, everything will stay in place. Wrong. Without the proper supervision and knowledge I can virtually guarantee these computers will start being destroyed within 6 months. I am sure Councilwoman Arroyo will be pleased.

But what DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal fails to understand is that even with what she believes is proper supervision, maybe nothing will happen to the computers, or like the hardware. What about the innards, the software? With one mouse click, a student, or a teacher can inadvertently trash an app, trash files, wreak havoc with the OS, etc... But since DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal believes that she is the smartest person in the world and that she "has a plan" none of this will happen.

It will and it has. Evidence the two rolling carts of iBooks PS 154 used to have. Approximately, 50 laptops, brand spanking new, that through sheer neglect and ignorance were on the way to decimation within 6 months of their survival. As of June of 2013, only a handful of these iBooks were truly functioning 100%.

Worse, this lab will be used for two things. RazKids and ST Math. While both are fine programs, do these programs justify the waste of misuse of a $250k computer lab? Of course not and this alone shows that the $250k is being thrown down the drain, for Councilwoman Arroyo could have kept that money and 154 could have used the few dozen laptops in a makeshift lab.

There should be a qualified computer coordinator in that lab. Plain and simple. I have the qualifications, DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal does not want me there for two reasons. She doesn't want me to succeed and her inability to acknowledge that someone knows more than her.

What makes me believe, other than what I have posted here and felt all year, that she does not want me to succeed? I'll tell you.

DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal in the weekly announcements, gives praise (And I think this is a great idea!) to staff members that go above and beyond for the school. Some teachers seem to get more praise than others. Such teachers seem to be lauded for buying a box of rubber bands for the school, or smiling nicely in the morning, or they crossed at the green, not in between.

When the lab was completed in April or so, I asked DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal if she will praise me in the weekly announcements for getting the funding for the lab, designing the lab, etc... Her words were, "No, I wasn't the principal when this was put together." I was shocked. She couldn't praise me? Thank me? Oh but she did say, "If you want to email the staff and praise yourself, you can."

What a joke, yet what insight into her mind and the truth. I still believe that the truth is out there that DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal conspired to ruin my career and others in my school.

What matters to DR Alison Coviello; PhD and Principal is not the students, not the community, not the staff, not families, but PRIDE. FALSE PRIDE. NIHILISTIC PRIDE. 

But in the meantime, if I were Councilwoman Arroyo, I would wonder why is my gift not being properly attended to.

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