SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: SBSB Calls for Campbell Brown to Advocate for the Arrest, Prosecution, and Conviction of Husband Dan Senor

Saturday, August 24, 2013

SBSB Calls for Campbell Brown to Advocate for the Arrest, Prosecution, and Conviction of Husband Dan Senor

It was good to see Mike Mulgrew totally p3wn Campbell the other day. Sadly, this is the one true time that I actually wither saw Mike truly outraged. Who knows how things would be if he actually acted like this other times. But enough about Mike.

So Campbell (should I just refer to her as the "Shicksa From The Bayou"?) is outraged that out of 128 school employees over the last year that were accused of sexual dalliances with students, only 33 were fired. To Campbell Brown, all 128 should have been fired even if the charges against them were, how shall we say, false.

She did ask Mike to make a pledge to her that he will seek to fire all teachers that engage in sexual misconduct. Mike p3wned her again by telling her that he will not make any pledges to her at all. That the system in place works, and that is the system that we will live by.

What Campbell fails to realize is we live in a country of laws and one of the laws of the land are due process. That whether or not you are a private citizen or a government employee, you are entitled to due process when an accusation is made against you. As a government employee you are entitled to a hearing by an impartial arbitrator, which both the DOE and the UFT have agreed upon. The arbitrator makes the decision on culpability, not the UFT. Just because you don't like the verdict, does not mean that you can reverse it.

We don't see Campbell down in Sanford, FL trying to change the verdict, we don't see her attempting to complain about Jerry Remy's son. But just teachers, why?

Could it be that her husband, the man she converted to my religion for, Dan Senor is on the board of MichelleRheeFirst NY? I guess the woman's auxiliary section of MRFNY needs something or someone to rail against.

But come to think about it, I think Campbell might be right. She has a very good point. I will appoint myself a proxy for Mike Mulgrew and I will make that pledge to her that was offered.

But under several conditions.

One, Campbell must advocate for the arrest, prosecution and conviction of her husband Dan Senor for war crimes. Not for all the things that he screwed up (And boy did he!), but for the sexual misconduct of prisoners he allowed in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

What's that you say Campbell, Danny had nothing to do with it? Yes, we know that it was not Dan that was pointing at prisoner's naughty bits and humiliating them with insertions of foreign objects. But Danny did work for the Coalition Provisional Authority, was a Senior Advisor to Pro-Consul Paul Bremer, and.....adviser to the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance. Dan was able to fit all this into his life from the invasion, March 2003, to the summer of 2004.

Wait, what is that Campbell? You are now saying that Danny was not a prison guard at Abu Ghraib? Maybe not, but Danny at the very least was part of what created the atmosphere which enabled such behavior at the prison. Did Danny at anytime try to stop it? Did he arrest anyone before it leaked on 60 minutes? What is that you say, Danny did not know? Ignorance is not an excuse.

Dan Senor was wrong, he was culpable, he was part of the problem and not the solution.

Another condition Campbell is to come out and in the same voice of consternation come out against the pervy administrators that the DOE continually looks the other way from.

DR Mychael Willon who was arrested in the 90's for masturbating in a Wichita KS bookstore, John Chase JR who shared with teachers where he wished to stick he hoo-ha, and Quinton Cedeno amongst others. Do it, I dare you.

One last condition. I truly dare Campbell to put her money where her mouth is. Come up to the South Bronx and truly advocate for the women who are raped, sexually abused and physically abused. Not just by strangers, but by family members. Come fight for these women when they show the courage to take their rapists and abusers to court (criminal or civil) and the justice system truly fails these women.

Come advocate for the children that are raped and abused by family members as well and the justice system fails these children.

Campbell is kvetching (Campbell, you're Jewish now, you should know what this means) about 128 teachers, trust me, there are more on the street of the South Bronx preying over the women and the children of not only the South Bronx, but of all of New York.

But it looks cooler for the Campbell Browns of the world to crap on teachers rather than to roll up their sleeves and  solve the real problems of society.


Unknown said...

As always there's another standard in place for these cretinous elites when their own misdeeds are somehow dragged into the light.

Pete Zucker said...

Cretinous. Common Core word of the day. ;)

Anonymous said...

As a Yiddeshe Madele I love it!

Francesco Portelos said...

I hope after you wrote this you found a mic and dropped it! I read this out and translated this post to family here in Greece who started following the mess that is our education system.

Anonymous said...

I like to add-- that she promise to kick ass principals who cover up for teachers who are sexually abusing children just to save their own skins and reputations. This is exactly what happen at PS/MS 306 when a Miss Cynthia G. Riley was in charge. Mr. Tulsie Singh was found guilty and eventually fired from the DOE for sexually abusing young boys. It took many years for the DOE to finally remove him. After many complaints to everyone but the administrations in that building covered up his evil deeds just so they wouldn't look bad. I hope Campbell Brown checks into that story as well. It was briefly in the newspapers. On the first day he was arrested at 306, Miss Riley arranged for him to be led out the back way so no one could see or know about. It took about 10 years to finally get him away from children.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Wealthy white Campbell Brown doesn't consider the perversions and rapes her husband and his ilk commitment overseas to be sexual abuse since it happened to brown people. For the power elite like Campbell Brown, brown folk don't really count and besides the branches of the DOD aren't unionized.