SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: OSI Rent-a-Cop Comes Calling on a Teacher

Thursday, September 4, 2014

OSI Rent-a-Cop Comes Calling on a Teacher

I have been transferred.

For those that recall, last year I spent my Rubber Room time at 4360 Broadway. Worse, I was held captive alone for over 6 months until I was allowed compatriots. I shared with the readers of this blog my captivity, my friends, and how I acclimated myself to the whims of my captors.

I am now at 1230 Zerega Ave in the Bronx where there not only 3 district offices but about a gazillion networks and other support staff as well. Better, I am no longer imprisoned alone. But the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

There are about a dozen or so prisoners there and each and everyone one of us are above 40 years of age. Most are male as well as people of color. What does this tell you? A lot!

Today was a normal day as usual in the Rubber Room. People were counting the hairs on their arms, counting the ceiling tiles, and other assorted time wasting activities when a network HR director came into the cell block with a nerdy looking white guy no older than 27 years old.

They were both standing in the door jam when they motioned for Colonel Hogan. Tito looking confused got up out of his seat and walked towards them.

Looking at the nerdy white guy, I notice something out of place. Well, yes...besides the fact he was nerdy.

He was wearing a dress shirt and tie, but more intriguing was the stenographers note pad and pen he was carrying in his right hand. I smelled the stench of OSI (Office of Special Investigation) and bolted up from my seat.

I whisked myself out of my chair and went out into the hallway where Tito was being led away as a death row prisoner was being led to the execution chamber. My spider sense tingled.

I called out to Tito not to answer any questions from this Nerdy Guy, that he had a right to having someone represent him.

Nerdy Guy, told me several times to mind my business. I told Nerdy Guy that Colonel Hogan had a right to be represented either my a union rep or anyone else with the union. Nerdy Guy was having none of this.

He demanded to know who I am and I introduced myself. He told me his name was Eric Black, OSI operative.

Eric said that he was not going to be asking Tito any questions but again implored that I mind my own business. I again told Eric aka Nerdy Guy that Tito had rights. Besides I thought to myself, if he wasn't planning on asking him any questions, why then was he carrying that notebook and pen?

Eric aka Nerdy Guy won out and Tito went into a room alone with him. Luckily it was over in less than a minute.

All Eric aka Nerdy Guy did was hand Colonel Hogan a letter. Oh, and chastise me by pointing his notebook several times in my face and screaming, "It's your fault this became a bigger deal than it had to."

Who know what could have happened? If no one spoke up to remind Colonel Hogan of his rights or reminded Eric aka Nerdy Guy of Colonel Hogan's rights perhaps there might have been questioning and Tito could have been a witness against himself.

Worse, why would Eric aka Nerdy Guy not only not allow Colonel Hogan his full rights but feel the need to deride anyone who wishes to advocate for Tito?

Perhaps he is making up for some serious Freudian physical shortcoming and the only way he can counter that is by making himself seem like a tough guy by bullying and intimidating others.

We suggest that Eric aka Nerdy Guy treat teachers he deals with in the future with respect. If he is unable to do that The Crack Team suggests he returns his associates degree from the community college from which it was earned post haste as well as returning the magic decoder ring he got in his Cocoa Puffs to the good folks at General Mills in the same speedy fashion.


Polo Colon said...

I'll be surprised if you get any comments on this by working teachers due to the intimidation and fear of consequences. But when I was in a similar situation, some OSI ruffians in suits demanded to know who I was for standing up for some hapless teachers. I told them my name and one of them told me that he understands how I feel because he's from the hood so he knows where I'm coming from. I threw the challenge right back at him and told him, "Oh, yeah? Well, I got you beat because I'm from Bushwick!".

You are right, they scare the victim teachers, male and female, into totally cooperating with them and giving up their rights. And again you are right about the demographics. Many were black and latino males and over 40. You are also right that it seems things have not changed very much. I used to call them "rats" in human clothing"....the description is still apropos. OSI, SCI, OEO, ATU.... are all administrative terrorists doing the bidding of an icompetent, vicious, malicious and capricious arbitrary system designed to "gotcha" any teacher who steps out of line to challenge them for their corruption, ineptitude and failure! Administrators gone wild engaged in pernicious pedagogicide! Note that my comments are not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Letter deliveries are typically handled by couriers NOT OSI. Also, investigators will ONLY carry note taking equipment if they will be taking notes...which can only be taken by asking questions.

He didn't win. You did. Your informing him of his collective bargaining rights saved him from incriminating himself. Great job.

Also be on the lookout for investigators posing as union reps. I had one come to a member and when I asked him for UFT ID, he got nasty and left (but he still left).

You done good! Keep at it.

Unknown said...

OMG i think we must be kindred spirits. My perspective and approach to teacher jail was very similar. I think the isolation is a tactic in psychological war fare changed me. I hated being among the sad sacks in the cubicles and the suits whi referred to us as criminals and gave tours like the housed teachers were monkeys in a zoo. At least they can throw poop on the lookie lous.

Bravo. I put it up as a life preserver for others set out at sea . Too many are being pulled under . I am writing a memoir on teacher jail, kinda like a gonzo foray into public education reform and examination of neo fascism from the wring side out, But i assume it will, get published in France --/you oughta consider this.

Anonymous said...

Polo Colon is a stand up guy! I had the pleasure of working with him and seeing how he treated kids and his colleagues. A gentleman and hard working teacher. I had read of his struggles and admired him before getting to know him. I admire his backbone.
Name withheld only because I still work in the system.

Francesco Portelos said...

Well done Peter!