SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Conspiracy at PS 154 in the Bronx

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Conspiracy at PS 154 in the Bronx

I never got around to saying thank you for all the support that was shown to me for my blog post of August 7, 2014 in which I shared how my principal, DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D of PS 154 in the Bronx conspired to ensure that I would be found incompetent.

As a reminder, let us delve into the past and see what DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D wrote to BFF AP Jessica Cruz on August 24, 2012;
“Hey, I revised Zucker’s job description  so that it is focused more on literacy. This way, (It was)explained, we’ll have a surer chance of winning a case when our observations detail incompetence.”
Now, hold on just a sec. Bear with me. OK?

It seems that with as with a good cliffhanger, I left some people hanging, and for that I apologize. 

When I was in Chicago last month at a White Sox game, during batting practice SBSB fan and honorary member of The Crack Team Paul Konerko asked me; 
 "Hey, what's up with that blog post of August 7 and the email from DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D? Did not her BFF AP Jessica Cruz respond to it? 
Yes Paul, there was a reply; 
--> Hey Alison,     

In Montreal for my mini vacation :-)  Got to say though, Canada is a little "tight or rather uptight"... hopefully things will lighten up today.       

Anyway, here are my suggestions for Zucker's job description.  I think this way (you'll see) lays out the expectation clearly and will support us more in the write-ups.  Basically I'm recommending we take out the word should since it implies "it is suggested that"....             


Notice anything amiss? I mean besides calling Canada "tight or rather uptight"? Seriously, how can you call Canadians uptight? The most polite country on this planet. The country that has given the world, Rush, Poutine, Labatt's Blue, Tim Horton's Donuts, hockey, SCTV, back bacon, that great accent, Neil Young, the Kids in the Hall, and the Trailer Park Boys.

But I have digressed. I love Canadian culture.

So already, just over a week before the 2012-2013 school year started not only has it been deemed that I will be found incompetent but the write ups for my observations  have been manipulated as well as they both plan to write me up for my file and conspired on best practice on how to do everything.

This is beyond reproach what both of them did. Instead of supporting me, instead of of assisting me, instead of acting as educators both Coviello and Cruz are playing the roles of Nixon and Haldeman in conspiring against me. PS 154 has turned into nothing more than the Nixon White House. 

Since Coviello's reign has began upwards of 20 staff members have been either forced to resign, brought up on 3020-a charges, left the school under pressure, or have retired. Is it not safe to assume that it is possible that these staff members were dealt with in the same underhanded conspiratorial manner? Heck, who is on the "hit list" for this year?

Worse, is it also safe to assume that parents and students have been dealt with untruthfully by both Coviello and Cruz? Are there favored parents and favored students? Are students that are displeasing to Coviello and Cruz expeditiously shipped off to District 75?

Of course in a school with an average of 90% of students not being able to read or do math at grade level in grades 3-5 Coviello and Cruz have decided that it is best to act in an immoral and unethical manner. That instead of being leaders, of facilitating best teaching practices, of having an atmosphere of camaraderie and teamwork, they would rather spend time conspiring how to hurt staff members and instilling fear in the rest of a compliant staff as well as the parents who dare stick up for the rights of their children.

Where are the priorities? Where are the morals? Where are the ethics?


Anonymous said...

I am confused. What is your certification? How would a focus on Literacy be potentially detrimental? I am in a situation where I am being forced to teach out of my certification.

Anonymous said...


Literacy=Lucy Calkins,TC, Reading and Writing Workshop. The #1 way to get teachers.

Do you read? Did you click on the link to August 7? Did you see how Pete's principal PRE-DETERMINED that he was to be found incompetent?

Anonymous said...

Here is an excerpt from the New York City Charter that should be useful to you:

§ 1116. Fraud; neglect of duty; willful violation of law relative to
office. a. Any council member or other officer or employee of the city
who shall wilfully violate or evade any provision of law relating to
such officer's office or employment, or commit any fraud upon the city,
or convert any of the public property to such officer's own use, or
knowingly permit any other person so to convert it or by gross or
culpable neglect of duty allow the same to be lost to the city, shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and in addition to the penalties imposed
by law and on conviction shall forfeit such office or employment, and be
excluded forever after from receiving or holding any office or
employment under the city government.

b. Any officer or employee of the city or of any city agency who shall
knowingly make a false or deceptive report or statement in the course of
duty shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, forfeit such
office or employment.