SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Who is Qualified to be UFT President?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Who is Qualified to be UFT President?

Interesting read today on the ICE blog by James Eterno. James lays the case out very well and makes some very salient points. Most of the comments on the blog supported James as well as some who threw hissy fits.

But James got me thinking. Who else is there--other than any presently declared candidate(s)--that can do the job of UFT president, do it well, do it for the rank and file and not for glory, have the EQ for the job, and truly be able to influence and play nice with those in power?

Actually to tell you the truth I had been asked this last week by a wayward ATR who has been buying packets of Kool-Aid for when the Big Day comes. It was a pleasant enough conversation though the ATR was shocked that on July 1, 2015 (Nine months before the election) there were no other candidates.

So The Crack Team assembled and came up with a list of capable UFT members who can do the job of UFT President better than whom is in office or a candidate for office. Oh, and someone who is not afraid to walk into a school uninvited o stick up for a teacher.

It was a long and arduous 10 minutes for The Crack Team but they decided just in time to be able this afternoon's Judge Faith.

So in no particular order and not saying anyone is better than anyone else here is a list of possible.

Patrick Walsh  Calm and well spoken but won't be afraid to ride his bike up the steps of a school and stick up for a teacher. Besides, old school Irish. We know he will fight the good fight.

Chaz The Blogger Very, very knowledgeable  and knows a lot of people. Speaks to people at the UFT without having to intimidate them.

Norm Scott Uncle Normy. Need anymore be said?

Peter Lamphere NOW, this is someone I know will know will not be one iota hesitant to walk into a school. This is all you need to know about Peter. In my RR this year there was an extreme Right-Wing ideologue who told me that of all the people in the NYCDOE if he was ever in trouble again the one person he would want at his side would be Peter.

Mike Schirtzer Yeah, Mike. I have had differences of opinion but I see things differently. I was so so wrong. 

Julie Cavanagh If you don't know why it is sad.

Arthur Goldstein Very well know. Very well spoken. Many of a lot of respect for him. Has been on the big stage writing guest columns for the Daily News. He is out there. Leads a school of about 2000 teachers. Dislikes Ruben Brosbe.

James Eterno Has run before know how to go about it. Thinks the problems through. Is not rash in decisions.

Camille Eterno I want to apologize for sitting in front of your club sandwich at the diner. I just had a brain fart. But I think you would make a great UFT president.

Mindy Rosier I have never seen someone fight for so many at so many different places. How the heck does she do it? 

Carmine Ragguzi The retired phys ed. teacher from my school. We need a paisan as a union leader.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard No, not really him but the teacher at the last DTOE meeting I had attended that showed up dressed as Picard and had the odor of a Klingon. Hey, this guy can win if he keeps thinking he is Picard.

Fredo Corleone He's smart. He's not dumb like some people say. He just wants something for himself.

Sparkles My cat

My Rubber Room Anyone there would qualify. 

Bruce Springsteen Now there is a true boss. Even though I think he is overrated.

So what we got? 15 names or so? And let's not forget about 79,884 other UFT members out there.


Anonymous said...

How about yourself, Peter?

Mary said...

Peter, I was going to say the same thing as anonymous above. I think you're afraid Sparkles will give you a run for your money but I think you can over take her. And; you're right about Springsteen ...

Carmine said...

It's Ragguzzi--two z's.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I have never been called "wayward" before, I have NOT been buying packets of Kool-Aid for when the Big Day comes, and I am glad you enjoyed our conversation. I do not believe it is too early to start planning for the election. I believe we need to change the paradigm if we expect to change the outcome. I do believe if all of the caucuses do not come together and put up one slate, we can expect another 3 years of Mulgrew and all that comes with it. We need to do whatever we can to join forces against this evil. Infighting, sarcasm, and name-calling will not win against Unity. Each of us needs to keep an open mind when examining the potential candidates.

NYCDOEnuts said...

No love for the doenuts? I'll remember you when I achieve my goal of world domination.

Mindy Rosier said...

I would vote for you NYCDOEnuts!!!

Anonymous said...

I will vote for anyone but Portelos or Mulgrew!

Anonymous said...

How about Philip Nobile for UFT President?